Chapter 72.2
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[Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu gifts 282 coins!]

-It can’t be helped if it’s your room’s rule. Then, if I were to become the president, would you only focus on me?

‘Is this fucker…? I can’t stand it any longer.’

Lee Hyeon-woo immediately dropped the 50,000 bomb.

[Baeksu King gifts 50,000 coins!]

–Summer? Aren’t you still not going to welcome me?

“Thank you for supporting me with a pretty dog... Aaaaa! The president just sponsored 50,000 coins! Thank you! Greetings! I have to do it right away! Everyone, at attention! Loyalty! Uhwo Woo Woong!” [T/N: Excited noises.]

The salute was louder than usual, perhaps because 50,000 coins were used to ask for the reaction.

Now that Lee Hyeon-woo was greeted, it would have been the turn of the chu-chu chump to sponsor her.

However, Lee Hyun-woo had no intention of going by the rules since his enemy had crossed the line first.

[Baeksu King gifts 1,000 coins!] 

-Loyalty. Let’s go through the missions.

“Huh? Ah yes. Okay. I’ll start by going through them.”

Spring and Summer intended to answer the vice president’s chu-chu chump’s question after the greeting.

However, Lee Hyun-woo’s sponsorship had her looking from side to side.

‘What should I do?’

Her troubles were short-lived, however.

She was a person who understood how to repay favours.

Besides, even at this point in time, her biggest supporter was Baek Soo-king.

“Going over the newly-cleared missions list...”

[Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu gifts 282 coins!]

-What is it, summer? Didn’t you say you were going to answer my question?

“So I’ve done…? Ah, Vice President, that’s... Uh...”

Spring and Summer had decided to be loyal to Baeksu King.

However, she was lost on how to deal with the chu-chu chump who decided to stick around even after being brushed aside.

Such a problem was too hard to deal with for a girl such as herself.

She was only 20 [T/N: In the west, she is actually 19 years old], and still in high school.

Besides, her stream career had only just started.

She didn’t know what to do in this situation where Baeksu King and Chu Chu Train were competing by shooting coins at her.


-Chairman Hyung vs. Vice-Chairman???

-This is a gem!!

-ᄆᄏ Are they competing with money?

-It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this!

The viewers of Spring and Summer’s room also noticed the atmosphere that was present.

But since it was not their money involved in the sponsorship war, they would just eat popcorn and enjoy whatever happened.

-But even if he fights with his finances, he won’t beat Baeksu Hyung anyway, haha.

-ᄏᄏᄏᄏ [T/N: Laughing] He seems to have some money, but does he think our unemployed hyung doesn’t have it too?

-Baeksoo Hyung-nim, our chairman, is sponsoring 7 different girls!

The support of the viewers was in landslide favour of Baek Soo-king.

And Lee Hyun-woo’s thoughts were the same since he had infinite coins.

As long as the Internet was the stage, there was no case where he would lose in a financial war.

[Baeksu King gifts 10,000 coins!]

–Summer. Don’t make things too hard for yourself. You know what I mean? Just look at how many 0s there are and judge based on that.

The number one spot in the sponsorship ranking had already been recaptured.

His opponent had only the power to shoot 30,000 coins.

Since earlier, he had only ever been shooting 200 coin jabs.

On the other hand, Lee Hyeon-woo was a strong boxer who only gifted amounts with at least three zeros at a time.

-Wow, shit.

-I want to try using that line one day too. 

-Hyung, I only have 10,000won TvT

“Ah, yes! President! Then let’s just get on with things.”

The choice spring and summer made was quick. 

It was the expected outcome.

Unlike the chu-chu chump whom she had met for the first time today, the bond she had built with Lee Hyun-woo was solid.

Moreover, the number of coins Lee Hyun-woo shot was much higher.

The Chu-chu train had only had a strong hand for the first 10 minutes. 

But now, wasn’t he just shooting a few hundred coins at a time and just chilling?

Besides, what could she even say?

Should she take this matter a bit more seriously?

Hyunwoo Lee always sponsored her to help with her stream.

But the new guy gave off the feeling that he was sponsoring to satisfy his own desires and wishes.

Of course, there was nothing wrong with that since that’s how things worked.

But from the recipient’s point of view, a sponsor with Lee Hyun-woo’s style resonated with them much more.

[Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu gifts 1,000 Coins!]

-Ah, summer. So aren’t you going to answer my question? Are you ignoring me?

The Chu Chu train finally found it within his big heart (and shallow pockets) and donated 1,000 coins.

‘Is that the amount you scraped together and sent?’

Lee Hyeon-woo leisurely shot some coins one more time.

[Baeksu King gifts 2,000 coins!] 

–Lol. It’s okay. You should just carry on.

[Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu gifts 2,000 coins!]

– No, don’t. What are you doing Summer? Why don’t you answer me?

His opponent increased the amount of coins he donated.

Lee Hyunwoo wondered if the guy was overdoing it too much right now. 

But at the end of the day, Lee Hyeon-woo had nothing to do with the guy’s troubles. 

Lee Hyun-woo just doubled the coins he sponsored.

[Baeksu King gifts 4,000 coins!] 

–Why are you begging her like that?

[Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu gifts 100 coins!]

-Begging? Ha, don’t let me see you in real life. Or I’ll make you regret saying that.

The Chu Chu chump shot only one hundred coins this time as if his coins had run out.

From this point onwards, it was pretty clear that this was Lee Hyun-woo’s landslide victory.

However, Chu Chu Chump was a sore loser and couldn’t take the loss.

[Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu gifts 100 coins!] 

-I’m done. Isn’t streaming supposed to be a service job? Then why do you expect me to feel bad about sponsoring you with my money? I will request a refund from you Spring summer, so you better refund everything I shot today. I’ll leave my account details in the manager chat.

“Huh? Woah, a refund?”

That stung.

He pretended to spend a lot of money and enjoyed as much as he did in the first half-hour, only to shamefully ask for a refund because he felt wrong afterwards.

Instead of allowing Spring Summer to panic, Lee Hyun-woo went straight ahead and shot exactly twice as many coins as the Chump had just shot.

[Baeksu King gofts 200 coins!]

–Summer. Send me your account details. I’ll give you the amount instead so don’t you worry.

The downcast expression on spring and summer’s face was wiped away in an instant.

Since she was not yet properly attuned to the life and daily income of a streamer, losing a large amount like 3 million won would pose a burden to her heart.

When Lee Hyun-woo said he would replace the loss, the burdensome feelings were swept away at once.

“Yes! President! I’ll do that. And vice-president... No, not that anymore. I’ll give you a refund, so please send me your account details in the chat. And from now on, you’re banned from my stream. Goodbye. Actually, I won’t say goodbye.”


-Victory unemployed hyung!


–How much money does Baek Soo-hyung have? 

-Yes, haha! I watched the whole showdown.

-Today’s stream was legendary.

–If you upload this as a video, Spring Summer would dominate New Tube too, haha!

— — — — — —

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