Chapter 73.1
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-You did well today.

The stream had just ended.

Lee Hyeon-woo rarely engaged in post-stream management with any of the streamers he sponsored.

-Thank you!

-Chairman also worked hard!


–I only watched you stream, no?

–You dealt with that guy.

-You don’t know how annoying he was right from the start.

-He was a really strange person.

-Do this, do that, tell me this etc.

-He shot 30,000 coins, but all he did was treat me like a slave at that time.

-He even asked for my phone number and asked if I could provide a wake-up call service.

-Wait, what, did that really happen?

Hyeon-Woo Lee wondered if he had been misled about the true nature of the Chu Chu Chump, originally thinking he was a decent dude for giving 30,000.

But Lee Yu-na kept pouring out her anger and frustration through the text messages.

-Don’t worry about it anymore since we’ve already finished refunding all his money.

–What are you planning to do now?

-You’re right!

–I think I’ll just be lazy while watching New Tube after eating.

-Then, do you want to go for a drive? Just like the last time we went.


-Yes. Now.

–You said you are going to school next week, no? Then there won’t be any more time to have fun on weeknights.

-Ah... That’s right.

–We can go out and eat while driving, and enjoy looking at the scenery. Let’s spend some time together.

-I searched all over the place for a driving route in Seoul to go with you.

-Don’t you want to go?

–Oh no! It isn’t that I don’t like the sound of that. It’s just because of the stream, I am a little drained.

-But I’ll be ready quickly.

–When are you coming?

– I’ll be there in about 20 minutes.

Although it was a sudden invitation to go on a drive, Lee Yu-na accepted without any hesitation. 

Hyunwoo Lee got up and headed outside.

And then, a black sports car drove down the road at night.

“Oh, Jihoon-ah. It’s good to see you again. I’m going to go for a drive with your sister today.”

“Ah... Yes, Hyung.”

He was in front of Lee Yu-na’s house, which he had arrived at in 20 minutes.

Like the other day, he was going out with Jihoon’s older sister.

However, unlike that day, Lee Ji-hoon’s reaction to being told they were going out was mild.

Lee Hyun-woo pulled out a 50,000 won bill from his wallet for him.

“Sorry for leaving you alone since there are only two seats in the car. If I buy a cl bigger car sometime soon, how about we all go for a drive together?”

“No. The two of you are dating, so why would I interrupt you? Thank you. I’ll order something delicious to eat.”

Lee Ji-hoon bowed his head and thanked him for the cash.

Until now, he had lived his life without having to worry about paying for anything.

However, it was only when he got back to Korea that he realised that it was thanks to his parents’ support that he had been able to live such a lifestyle.

Without parents, he was just a high school student who couldn’t do anything for himself.

His time back in Korea, which was only a month, was the time in which he finally comprehended the value of money. 

And he was currently going without enjoying his hobbies.

The pair were just eating, sleeping, and streaming, and that cost them nearly two million won a month in living expenses.

But weren’t Lee Yu-na and Lee Ji-hoon just high school students who were in the midst of their education? 

If they had any plans to engage in a hobby, the money they would spend would double.

And while that was going on, Lee Hyeon-woo appeared, and the pair of siblings found their hope and light in him.

How would they truly be living without him?

It was a really dark time when they had nearly used up all the money their mother had left them.

At that time, the 300,000 won that Lee Hyun-woo had given, and the cash-back deal alongside the profits from the coins he sponsored were very helpful.

That’s why Lee Ji-hoon reacted as he did just now.

In order for the siblings to live comfortably, Lee Hyun-woo’s presence was vital.

“Hey! A date?! Who’s going on a date?! It’s just a drive.”

At the mention of a date, Lee Yu-na burst into an angry tirade.

Her face became slightly red, and she was embarrassed by the awkwardness she was feeling.

“Uh... Aren’t you guys dating?”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a date or a drive. We’ll be going anyway. Jihoon-ah, take care of the house. Yuna, get on quickly.”

“Yes. Let’s go.”

Lee Yu-na climbed into the passenger seat. 

Hyunwoo Lee naturally reached out and grabbed her hand from where he was sitting.


‘Doing that as soon as we meet up?’

She was thoroughly embarrassed, but she didn’t take her hand out of his.

She was shy and she claimed that she wasn’t dating, but she was already on the second date with him.

They had even hugged.

‘And hasn’t Lee Hyun-woo been confessing every day without getting bored of doing so?’

She rejected him every day since she felt like he was only being playful while asking her out.

“Since we went to the Han River Park the other day, should we go to Namsan today?”


Uncharacteristic of her, who always maintained a lively personality, she had her head slightly bowed.

She reacted like this because of their hand-holding. [T/N: Lewd~~]

‘So cute.’

“Hey, Yuna. I’m guessing you’ve never been to Namsan.”

“Huh? Ah! Right. It’s because I’ve only travelling around Korea a few times. Every time we came back, we were busy visiting our relatives and then had to go back.”

“Then, I have to tell you, the night view from Namsan is very beautiful. And did you know that there is a culture in Namsan where lovers place locks?”

“Yes. I know. I saw it in a drama. You put a padlock on the Namsan roof terrace and hope that your love will never go away. I think it’s pretty romantic.”

“Then, shall we also put a padlock today?” 

“Eh...? No, but it’s just for lovers... ?”

Lee Yu-na, who had been answering him with a lot of energy, suddenly adopted a quiet tone.

And the grasped hand of hers also wiggled.

‘Cute. So cute.’

This was a very different reaction from the other female streamers he had met so far.

Lee Hyun-woo’s heart was also pounding.

‘Doesn’t it feel like I have gone back to my high school days?’

A fluttering feeling, like that of which one would feel during their first love, settled in his heart.

“Then… you just have to do one thing.” 


“Accept my feelings. I confess nearly every day. Wouldn’t it be alright so long as you accept my confession then?”

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