Chapter 73.2
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“No! Really! Don’t joke around anymore!”

‘Do you really think I am joking because I throw it out unseriously every time? Or do you not want to go beyond this relationship?’

“If you don’t like the sound of that, then why don’t we date for just one day?”

“Just one day?”

“Yes. Just for the duration of this date. Then, won’t we be able to hang a lock as well? Don’t you want to try it? Honestly, putting a lock on the Namsan roof terrace sounds fun.”


Lee Yu-na put her finger on her chin and weighed the desire to recreate the scene she saw in the drama to be in a temporary relationship.

‘Wouldn’t it be okay if we just did it for a day? It’s not that I don’t like Lee Hyun-woo. I just hate being confessed to as a joke. Maybe if Lee Hyeon-woo confesses to me seriously and there’s a good mood present, I’ll accept it...’

“Woah! Not that, ever!”

“Uh? Is that a no? Should we drop the drive to Namsan then?”

“Huh? No! That’s not it. No, I want to go! Lover for a day! I like that. Only a day!”

“Ha ha, yes. So, are we lovers from now on?” 

“Ah, yes, yes...”


It was a word with a strange feeling of fullness in the mouth when saying it.

Although there was a condition placed wherein the relationship would only be temporary, did she not think that such a relationship did not have the power to make her heart beat faster?

Because of Lee Hyunwoo’s interest and support, Lee Yu-na’s heart skipped a beat.

Her heart moved in a different rhythm than before. 

It was sort of like it was beating softer and there was a melody created with each beat.

She felt a sudden rush of excitement.

For some reason, her breathing became a little quicker.

A blush formed on her face.

Even though it was somewhat embarrassing, she felt good.

It was a strange feeling.


“Huh? Yes?”

“Haha, what are you so surprised about? Isn’t it natural for lovers to refer to each other using pet names?”

“Ha, but it’s only for one day...”

“But a lover is still a lover. Aren’t we in love with each other? Wouldn’t it be weird to call me by my first name or title? Anything is fine. Darling, baby, honey. What do you want to call me?”


“If it’s too hard, you can take it slowly. I don’t plan to force it. Shall we put on a padlock and face the night sky and then eat some pork cutlet? Namsan pork cutlet is famous.”

The black sports car drove effortlessly around the Namsan Mountain.

And on the drive…

There was a thrilling and pleasant atmosphere that had settled in the car.

Eventually, they arrived at the Namsan parking lot.

He had to finally let go of the hand that he had been holding on to for a while as he got out of the car.

Lee Hyeon-woo, who got out of the car first, came up to Yu-na and grabbed her hand again.

“Aren’t there quite a few people here?”

“It’s probably because this is a famous date spot. Even though there are a lot of people, I’m sure it’ll be fun.”

It appeared that she had gotten used to holding hands while on the drive.

The reason he could tell that was because she was not as shy as before to do so, and managed to articulate her words better.

However, her stiff arms, back and red cheeks let him know that she was still feeling excited and nervous.

“That is probably right…”

“They’re selling locks over there. Let’s go.”

*Tap Tap*

The heels of her shoes rang as they smacked against the stone floor.

And she could hear Hyunwoo Lee’s footsteps too.

The sounds from the two walking intertwined.

Soon, the conversation exchange between the two came to a lull.

Hyunwoo Lee was the one who had been initiating the conversations.

But he stopped because of the lively atmosphere.

The surroundings were noisy, but neither of them could hear the noise that the other people were making.

The uphill road to the Namsan Tower, nor the night view of Seoul, which was right next to them, appeared in her field of view…

And this was because she was feeling conscious of the person next to her, who was holding her hand and walking with her.

“Should we hang it here?”

At the Namsan Tower roof terrace which was full of locks, Lee Hyun-woo, who hadn’t spoken while they were coming up here, spoke first.

Only then did Lee Yu-na’s closed mouth part.

She shyly nodded her head.


‘Weird. Why is my heart beating so fast? This is just fake. It’s just a play, a date for a day, and a one-day lover. But as if this was real love, my heart is beating like crazy.’

“I hope our love will last forever with this.” 


‘Are you messing with me again?’

Lee Yu-na looked at Lee Hyun-woo with her surprised gaze.

However, Lee Hyun-woo’s expression was very serious.

It was a completely different expression from when he was joking around.

And he was indeed being serious here.

It was true that, at first, he was just attracted to her out of curiosity and because she had good looks.

And then he continued his sponsorship plans with a cashback contract while also having some unconventional fun building her streaming career.

But as he got to know her more and more, he became more and more attracted to her innocent and lively appearance.

“Hey, Yuna. Let’s date. I’m being serious here.” 

“Huh? Huuh...?”

Lee Yu-na became flustered and felt as if an unstoppable stone struck her as her eyes shook.

If she had had dating experience or some experience with men, she wouldn’t have been this flustered.

She realised he must have noticed right away what was on her mind.

She clearly had a crush on Lee Hyeon-woo, and she would probably not have put up much resistance to dating him.

But this was her first for everything.

It was the first time she had held hands with a man.

It was also the first time she visited the Namsan Tower. 

And being confessed to like this....

It wasn’t her first time, honestly, but it was the first time her heart had been rattled as much as this confession did.

So she was confused.

‘The feelings I’m feeling right now… Are they good?

Am I happy? I don’t know. I feel burdened. I am confused.’

“Now, just wait a minute. Can you give me a little time to think about it?”

“Sure. It’s fine if you want to think about it.”

“No, no, it’s not that I plan to just think about it now. I want to think about it slowly over the date. To be honest, I am feeling a bit embarrassed right now. No, I’m not saying I hate your confession. I guess it is just that I’m not ready because I didn’t know the president would make a confession like this?”

Lee Hyun-woo laughed at Lee Yu-na’s appearance as she spat out words like a quick-fire rap.

He was also nervous because it was a confession full of his sincerity.

However, she appeared even more nervous and embarrassed than him. 

Looking at her like that, his tense feelings were abated.

“Okay. Think over it slowly. I’ll be waiting for you.”

— — — — — —

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