Chapter 74.1
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Having returned to her house, Lee Yu-na sighed.

After Lee Hyun-woo’s confession, she could barely remember the remainder of their date.


She had been thinking that something like this might have happened after a bit of time.

But the timing had come much sooner than she expected.

“Hm? What’s up with your expression? What happened?”

As she walked into the house with her heavy steps, her little brother ran up to her, startling her.

On the table in the living room was a pizza box and a portable game console that he had begged her to buy when she first got paid.

Judging by the box of the game console and its contents being scattered on the floor, it appeared that he had gone to a large mart and bought it while she was out.

“Nope. Nothing happened.”

“What do you mean nothing happened? Why? Did you have a fight with Hyung?”


Lee Yu-na looked at Lee Ji-hoon.

‘How many times has he even seen that guy to be so chummy? Does he have a crush on Lee Hyeon-woo or something?’

“What would we be fighting about? Why am I suddenly having a fight with the president?”

“Then what is it? Is it not because something happened while you were out…?”


Yu-na pondered for a moment.

If they were in the United States, there would have been someone who she could have confided in.

But this was Korea.

All her connections and friends were in the United States.

In Korea, she didn’t even have friends yet.

That was why Lee Ji-hoon was the only person she could confide her complicated feelings to.

But could she trust this little brother of hers?

She was not worried about him spreading rumours.

She just genuinely doubted whether her younger brother would be able to serve as a counsellor for her troubles.


However, even though she was worried, the fact that her only option was her younger brother did not change.

Eventually, Lee Yu-na’s mouth opened.

“What? Did the chairman confess to you?!”

“Mh. So I’m worried about what to do.”

“Why are you worrying about that? Isn't it good that you have been confessed to? Honestly, unemployed Hyung seems to have a lot of money. I think it’s more than even our dad. Aside from you Noona, there are five other streamers that the president is sponsoring. He sponsors around 200,000 to 300,000 coins a day.”

“Are you just thinking about the money?? Ugh. What kind of counselling did I expect from this kid?”

“Money is such an important factor. Honestly, if it wasn’t for unemployed Hyung, we would have had to live a hard life while working part-time jobs until my mom and dad came. And what... I don’t think Baeksu-hyung is a strange person, no?”

“That’s right. He is a good person.”

“Then why hesitate? You’re not even getting married. You’re just going to be dating.”

“You say that as if you have ever been in a relationship!”

There were many reasons she was hesitating.

First, she was a girl who had never been in love before.

Another thing was that their age difference was quite large.

The timing was also quite fast and so on.

Sure, none of these would have mattered if she just loved him.

But it wasn’t exactly like she loved him just yet which was why she was hesitating.

“Isn’t it just because you are a Mosol?” [T/N: a person who has never had a romantic partner.]

“What? Huh? Hey! Jihoon Lee!!!”

“Noona! Why again?! Hey! Hey! Don’t tear my hair out! Ah! Sister!”

Like any other pair of siblings, Lee Yoo-na and Lee Ji-hoon soon got into a fight over a trivial thing.

The rather serious counselling session ended with the brother and sister’s hand-to-hand combat ‘training’.


Wednesday morning…

Hyunwoo Lee arrived at the gym without fail.

‘What a stupid choice I am making. All I get here is pain and suffering. Why do I make the same choices every morning?’

“Good morning, member.”

“I am having a bad morning.”

The devil had also arrived based on Lee Hyeon-woo’s commute time.

His timing was impeccable, to the point where anyone would have noticed that he had been waiting to appear like the demon he was.

“Ahaha. You’re being like that again. Let’s work hard today!”

The devil shouted ‘fighting’ [T/N: Motivation] endlessly and tried to motivate him.

But it was a trap to feel motivated when he heard that voice.

‘What can I do? Since he is the demon I chose for myself, I have no choice but to endure this evil being’s torment.’

“Welcome. Oh, senior. Hello.”

Thinking so, he climbed the stairs of the gym. 

There was an angel at the info desk.

She smiled and greeted him.

‘Is she a new trainer?’

Her figure from behind the counter appeared natural.

She wore leggings that revealed the shape of her body.

Being the first to greet the members as they walked in, he was able to infer that she was a trainer since she had called the devil her senior.


“Hey. Good morning. Didn’t you come to work early?”

“Yes. He asked me to change the time to morning, so I can’t be late.”

“Are you a trainer too? If I had known there was a person like you here, I would have received personal training from you instead.”

The angel smiled brightly at Lee Hyun-woo’s joke. 

Her smile was very pretty.

“Uh, member. If you keep doing that, I’d feel sorry for you. How much better could I be?”

“Wouldn’t you be much better? If you don’t take me away from him now, I might really die.”

“No, no. In order to hit your goal in 3 months' time, I have had to increase the intensity of your exercise more and more. Stopping here will take longer.”

The female trainer laughed as if she enjoyed the unserious conversation between the two.

And then the training began.

It wasn’t uncommon for them to chat while exercising. 

Small talk played a big role in fostering intimacy between people.

Plus, the demon trainer was a very talkative person.

The topic of conversation changed depending on the timing and specific exercise.

Today, it was obvious that the conversation would gravitate towards the topic of the female trainer who had arrived at work early in the morning.

“She is my junior from college. Her name is Jeon Min-ji. When she was in school, she was famously known for being a fitness goddess. She has a pretty face and is good at sports. So there were a lot of men who confessed to her. They were all rejected, though. She has a long-term boyfriend. So she is probably not open to dating anyone.”

“Is that so?”

‘So she has a boyfriend…?’

He suddenly lost interest in her.

If it was a female streamer, whether or not they had a boyfriend, he could just push them for sex with coins.

But wouldn’t that be difficult to do with ordinary people?

To have to push them with cash…

Lee Hyun-woo’s cash reserves were insufficient.

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