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“Thank you for your hard work. Finish up your stretches and then you can go.”

He had gotten through hell once again today.

Lee Hyun-woo fidgeted with his smartphone while doing the finishing stretches.

At that time, Jeon Min-ji passed by Hyeon-woo Lee. 

Looking at her again, her body was undoubtedly great.

Most of the female streamers he sponsored had story dietary and looks management plans.

Since they had chosen jobs where they would have to be looked at by others, they paid great attention to their looks and bodies.

However, compared to trainers who worked out professionally, the firmness of their bodies would inevitably be lacking.

Even if they had huge, natural chests or hips. 

The appearance of the leggings wrapped around her toned ass, made it so that in the body department, it was a landslide victory for Jeon Min-ji.

Even if he couldn’t have a taste because she was a normal person, he was free to observe.

Lee Hyeon-woo fully enjoyed Jeon Min-ji’s backside as she was organising things in the stretching zone. 

As a result, his sexual desires ran rampant.

‘Is there anyone I can call right now...?’

Looking at his smartphone screen, he recalled who he could call right now.

There were four people who would always come when called.

Bread, Yeojjing, Darling, and Park Ha-neul.

And the other two—

Jung So-rim was returning from her hometown this evening.

He hadn’t even heard the response to his confession yet, so he couldn’t expect any sexual relief from Lee Yuna.

Regarding Bread, it was too early in the morning to call her over. 

Looking at the KakaoTalk she had sent before she went to bed, it appeared that she would not wake up for a long while still. 

His libido would subside as he waited for her just to wake up and get ready.

And Yeojjing was naturally excluded.

If he called, the fox would be the fastest to come. 

But now she was on her period.

He had no intentions of staining the bed sheets in the hotel with blood, so he would wait for her period to end.

Darling was the next choice, but…

He got tired just thinking about it.

It was enough to administer her ‘dose of his presence’ once every 3 or 4 days. 


So by the process of elimination, only Park Ha-neul remained.

While it was early in the morning, Park Ha-neul, who always streamed until dawn, would probably be awake at this time.

And as expected, Park Ha-neul responded to his Kakao Talk texts right away.

–Right now?

-Yes. It’ll take 15 minutes for me to get back to the hotel. Be on time.

-Oppa. It will take at least 30 minutes to get to the Namsan Hotel.

-That much time is fine.

-And I also haven’t got on any makeup. Are you fine with my natural face?

–I don’t mind. Or, while you’re riding the taxi, just put on some makeup. Anyway, all that matters is you come quickly.

-I’ll put it in as soon as you arrive, so warm up your pussy if you can.

-Yep. All right. I’ll see you later.

This was who Park Ha-Neul was.

While she was not exactly desperate, she would not reject him should he order something be done.

Lee Hyeon-woo, who had already left the gym, took off all of his clothes as soon as he returned to his hotel room.

He didn’t need to take a shower, because he had already done it there.

He just lay naked on the bed.

Imagining Jeon Min-ji’s ass, he wiggled his cock. 

‘How would it feel if I fucked that ass in doggy?’

He wanted to slap her voluptuous ass with his palms and fuck her like a dog.

The fantasies created by his imagination and the stimulation from his hand made his cock grow stiff.

When his pre-cum had already begun oozing out to an extent, a quiet knock could be heard.

It was Park Ha-neul. 

“Come in.”

The unlocked door opened gently.

A look of surprise appeared on her face- which had some plastic surgery done to it.

What Park Ha-neul saw as soon as she entered the room was his large cock.

Seeing Lee Hyeon-woo lying naked on the bed, she gulped.

But her bewilderment did not last long. 

At the end of the day, she had come here to do this.

“Come on up to bed. Did you get your pussy wet?” 

“No. I’m sorry. I came by taxi...”

“Is that so? Then you should start fingering yourself.”

Lee Hyun-woo called Park Ha-neul over to the bed. 

She took off her shoes and climbed onto the bed. 

Park Ha-neul liked to wear clothes that exposed a lot of her skin even when not on stream.

Thanks to that, it was very easy to take off her panties.

“Lift your ass up.” 


Lee Hyeon-woo, who laid her down on the bed, flipped her mini skirt over her.

He spotted a black thong under it.

The front her the panties was made of mesh-like material, so her pubic hair was visible as well. 

Hooking his fingers through the thong, he pulled off her panties in one go.

“Spread your legs. I will finger you.” 

“Yes Yes.”

Her thighs, which were kept shut, opened wide with his single command.

Hyunwoo Lee used his fingers to caress the clitoris and pussy in front of him.

Park Ha-neul’s pussy got very wet by the enthusiastic movement of his fingers.

The moment he thought she was ready, Lee Hyun-woo gave an order once again.

“Get on your knees. I’ll fuck you from behind.” 

“What about a condom.... Or are you doing it like this?”

“Okay. Ah, fuck. I feel like I’m dying. I’m in a hurry. Huh? I’m out of condoms.”

Lee Hyeon-woo, who made Park Ha-neul lie face down, searched in the drawer next to the bed. 

Unfortunately, the condoms had run out.

‘Should I just fuck her raw?’

While he was thinking that, his eyes met Park Ha-neul’s. 

“You can do it raw as long as you finish outside.” 

“Good. Great. Okay. I’ll finish outside.”

“And Oppa. Would you like me to take the birth control pill? If oppa takes care of me a little more, I’m willing to take birth control pills.”

In this situation, Park Ha-neul came up with an idea.

It was not a bad proposal for Lee Hyun-woo. 

He had infinite coins anyway.

And 1 million per month was just an arbitrary limit set by Lee Hyun-woo.

Even Darling had already been promised 1.2 million per month.

“Cool. I’ll take care of you with another 200,000 more a month. Is that all right?”

“Yes! Great! Oppa! I’ll take the birth control pill right away from today. Oh, but it’s still not safe until my next period. You can’t ask for too much today, okay?”

“Okay. Okay. I got it. I’m putting it in now.”

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