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Lee Hyun-woo lifted Park Ha-neul’s skirt.

He could see her beautiful ass cheeks and her moist, wet pussy.

His heart began to beat faster.

He wanted to get rid of his boiling sexual desires. 

Lee Hyun-woo did not hesitate and plunged his cock right into her pussy.


His raw shaft thrust deep into her pussy.

‘Ah, this feeling…’

No matter how thin a condom was, and no matter how expensive the condom was, Lee Hyunwoo couldn’t resist the feeling of putting it in raw.

The feeling of the folds of her pussy brushed against the skin of his cock.

The wetness from her love juices…

The warmth inside her vagina…

And the elastic muscle tone…

All of these came together, on top of the tight feeling brought about by her lower hole attempting to extract the semen from his cock.

“Ugh, Oppa! Oppa’s cock is too big! I’m soorrry.”

Lee Hyeon-woo pulled up Park Ha-neul’s clothes so he could hold on to her waist.

He rolled up her miniskirt to the hem of her hips and bunched it together.

Then, he pulled out her t-shirt which had been tucked into her waistband and pushed it up her back.

She had a large tattoo on her back. 

It was a pink cherry blossom that was in full bloom. 

Below that, there was a tattoo of a red carp swimming.

To be honest, Hyunwoo Lee’s thoughts on tattoos in general were not that good.

But he didn’t know why, they made her body look so much sexier when he was having sex.

‘Does she really need tattoos to have this effect?’

“Ah, ah! Brother!”

He had been excited ever since the gym, so the sensation of bursting from within came quickly.

His cock throbbed, as if about to retch into her cavity.

And with her as his partner, Lee Hyeon-woo did not have to hold back his ejaculation.

This was because he had called Park Ha-neul explicitly for the purpose of discharging his baby batter.


Lee Hyeon-woo hurriedly pulled out his cock from within her her pussy.

“Turn your face around and open your mouth!”

“Ngh, huh? Yes! Ah…”

He quickly blocked the semen that was about to burst out of his shaft by wrapping his fingers around his circumference.

Meanwhile, Park Ha-neul turned her body around and sat on her knees.

Then, she opened her mouth and waited for his cock to spew out its contents.

*Gulluck, Gulluck, Gulluck*


White semen spurted into Park Ha-neul’s mouth and overflowed.

The pleasures of ejaculation shot throughout Lee Hyeon-woo’s body like a shock wave.

But this was still not enough for him.

“This is a great sight. How does semen taste? Instead of swallowing it, move your tongue and roll it around your mouth.”

“Um... The smell is very strong. The taste is bitter too.”

Park Ha-neul replied with her mouth full of semen.

Her delivery was a bit off because of the contents in her oral cavity.

But he could still completely understand what she meant.

“Great. Savour it with your tongue and mouth as it is.”


Park Ha-neul rolled the semen in her mouth as if she were testing the taste of an expensive wine.

The gooey, fishy scent lingered in her mouth. 

She was the type who didn’t like cum, nor did she enjoy putting it in her mouth.

But since Lee Hyeon-woo, the one who had came, was asking for it, she did her best to entertain his eccentricities.

‘It’s become like jelly... Tasteless jelly.’

Had she ever held semen in her mouth for so long?

Gradually, she got used to the bitter taste and fishy smell of the semen.

Then, she found herself in a position to properly analyse the texture of the semen.

The seminal fluids were liquid, but they felt like a gloopy solid.

It had the same consistency as jelly that had sat out in the sun too long.


She had been rolling the semen around her mouth for a while, so she couldn’t m help but let out a nasal sound.

One could only hear the sound of her breathing through the nose.

‘Does he really need me to keep mixing it up like this?’

She didn’t know what was up with him.

The taste and smell of the semen was so intense that she wondered if she had got high off the liquids.

“Do you like my semen that much? Haha, good, good. You can swallow it now.”

“Sigh, gulp...”

Lee Hyun-woo’s orders came in.

Park Ha-neul activated her swallowing reflex without hesitation.

The sticky, fishy semen passed from her mouth and down her throat.

“Well done. Open your mouth.”

Hyunwoo Lee stroked her hair and praised her.

At that, she became a little happy.

For her, the feat of earning praise was directly proportional to the money that would end up in her bank account.

“Ah, yes. Ha...” 

“Open wider.” 

“Yes! Eww! Ugh!”

Lee Hyeon-woo’s fingers went into Park Ha-neul’s mouth.

His thumb and forefinger forcibly gripped her tongue and wiggled it around.

Even then, Park Ha-neul did not resist. 

Rather, she relaxed her tongue and entrusted her muscle to his fingers.

“Did you swallow it all? Great. Then, should I receive some service from your mouth?”

“Yes, I will lick your cock clean.”

“No. You have to smell it properly before that.”

Lee Hyeon-woo grabbed the back of Park Ha-neul’s head.

His hands pulled her head and placed it against his groin, and rubbed it on his cock that had just finished ejaculating.

Her secreted love juices were all over his glans and the shaft.

At the entrance of his urethra, the semen that had not been let out formed little white droplets.

The mixture of bodily fluids was rubbed against Park Ha-neul’s nose and face.


“The first thing you should do is to enjoy the smell of my dick properly. This is all from your body and mine.”

“Yeah... Ha...”

This was more than just rude on his part.

This was downright violent treatment. 

However, Park Ha-neul calmly accepted it.

This honestly, wasn’t much.

Honestly, it was kind of cute compared to how real Jin-sang’s treated her. [T/N: a distasteful, rude, or unseemly person.]

“Haaa, Oppa. Let me suck your cock now.”

She spat out phrases that she knew would arouse Lee Hyun-woo’s excitement.

And she hit the mark.

“Haha. Do you want to suck my cock that badly?”

“Yes. I want to suck my Oppa’s big dick. I want to make it big again.”

“Good. Good. Then you have to lick it clean. Suck it.” 


As expected, Lee Hyun-woo was very happy with her words.

Some strength returned to his cock which had lost its erection due to having ejaculated.

Park Ha-neul relished the soft penis in her mouth and sucked on it.

“Great. Your suction is really good. And the way your tongue moves is also good. I like the way your lips feel over my cock. Indeed, your years spent at those establishments were useful for something.”

“Haeup, haaaaa.”

— — — — — —

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