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Inside Park Ha-neul’s mouth, his cock grew bigger and bigger.

Evidently, Lee Hyeon-woo was starting to get excited again.

He kept his excitement high by uttering filthy descriptions.

“Shouldn’t you clean my balls too? Oh good. There. Softly. It’s better when you only use your tongue.”

“Haah, yes. Phew, haop! Chug.”

Before long, his cock had fully regained its strength. 

Her cunt was also sloppy because, during their intercourse earlier, Hyunwoo Lee had ejaculated too quickly. 

But it had moistened even further because she was excited by the promise of another fucking.

“Oppa. Will you fuck me now?”

Park Ha-neul stroked his cock with her hand while saying so.

Unlike before, she was being sincere now.

She wanted to feel good with Hyunwoo Lee’s cock thrusting into her.

At her remark, the corner of Lee Hyeon-woo’s mouth slightly rose.

“Do you like my cock that much?”

“Yes. It’s so good. I want to feel good with oppa inside me too. So please fuck my needy pussy.”

“Haha. Great. I’ll put it in then. Lie down and spread your legs.”


Park Ha-neul spread her legs on the bed.

Her love juices flowed out even more with her legs and lower lips spread apart. 

Hyunwoo Lee settled down between her legs and aimed his cock.

Then, he thrust into her cunt vigorously and with gusto.


Her body bowed upwards as his huge cock penetrated her depths in one fell swoop.

Their sex session overflowed with their boiling desires and only finished when Lee Hyeon-woo was fully satisfied.


After having sex...

Park Ha-neul let out a sigh of satisfaction from within.

Her pussy, which had been ravaged by his thick cock, was still tingling.

But it felt so good.

‘Wasn’t it like a paradise of pain?’

Such was always the case with Lee Hyun-woo.

Although money was the biggest factor in her offering up her body to him, being good at sex was also a very important reason why she was very submissive to him.


Park Ha-neul called out to Lee Hyun-woo, who was touching her breasts, in a sleepy voice.

As many calories had been burned during sex, fatigue was setting in. 

And she would have to stream until dawn in such a tired state if she didn’t get some rest.


“Can I sleep here? I’m so sleepy. I think it will be too difficult to return home like this.”

“I don’t mind. You will be alone here since I have to leave in a while. Is that ok?”

“Yes... When I wake up, I’ll wash up and go home. I’m a bit sleepy... so I’m sorry. I’ll be… sleepin-…”

While Park Ha-neul spoke, she actually fell asleep. 

‘She must have been quite tired.’

Lee Hyun-woo took his hands off of her sleeping body and then picked up his smartphone.

———————— [Yuna]

-Good morning, President.

-Can you give me a little more time to think about a response to your confession from yesterday?

-I’m sorry for delaying my response and being a clutz. I just wanted to think about it seriously.


Even today, Kakaotalk messages from the female streamers he sponsored had piled up in his chat log.

Lee Hyun-woo clicked on his chat with Lee Yu-na first.

‘Do I need to be worried about her refusing my confession? Is she picking the right words to tell me that she refuses because she can’t cut me off with harsh words due to my patronage? I don’t know.’

Like Yuna, Lee Hyun-woo was also overthinking the confession.

‘Did I confess too playfully? Or was the timing of the confession too soon?’

He had thought that the atmosphere was good.

With his heart racing at the Namsan Tower, he’d thought that Yuna felt the same way.

So he gave her a serious confession.

‘I really don’t know…’

One had to have been in a serious relationship before to come to conclusions.

‘Let’s just start by replying to her texts.’


-It’s okay. You can take your time with your answer. I’ll be waiting for you.

-Oh, by the way, I won't be able to join your stream today.

Had she been waiting for Lee Hyun-woo’s reply? 

Lee Yu-na replied within just a moment.


-What are you up to today?

–Or maybe… is it because I’m taking too long to answer…?

-No, lol.

–I have an appointment tonight.

– No matter how much of an unemployed bum I am, I might not be able to join your stream once in a while because of some real-world promises I made, haha.

-Ah, hehe.

-I’m sorry.

-Then, today’s stream will go ahead without your presence, chairman.

-BTW, my new tube has already reached 500 subscribers!

–My younger brother says that was too quick, but I think it’s all thanks to you, president.

–Oh, that’s good, lol.

–Hurry up and get a thousand subscribers.

-When that happens, I will give you lots of congratulatory coins.


Lee Hyun-woo opened another Kakao Talk chat as he finished up his conversation with Lee Yu-na.

———————— [Jung So-rim]

-Hyunwoo-nim. I’ll be leaving my hometown now.

-I think I will arrive at Seoul Station at around two o’clock this afternoon.

-I’ll meet up with you at Seoul Station then.

-Please send me another text just before you arrive.

-Thank you. I will contact you before my arrival.


His promised appointment was with Jung So-rim.

He would have her from evening until tomorrow morning.

He had wanted to stay with her for 2 days and 1 night, but her boyfriend knew she was coming tomorrow. 

He could never have imagined Jung So-rim would be laying and staying up all night with Lee Hyun-woo.

At the thought of meeting her, the thought of her seemed to have already brought power back to Lee Hyeon-woo’s lower body.

Apparently, he hadn’t had enough sex with Park Ha-neul just now.

Hyunwoo Lee looked to the side.

He saw Park Ha-neul sleeping soundly, unable to overcome the fatigue that had washed over her.

And under the blanket was her naked body that had been fucked until just earlier.

‘I can't wake her up again, can I?’

No matter how harshly he would usually treat Park Ha-neul, waking up a sleeping person to have sex after just doing so while they were tired was a bit much.

Instead of waking her up, Hyunwoo Lee just contented himself with touching her body.

He massaged her titties and ass.

He put his cock in between her thighs and wiggled it around a little.

Compared to actual sex, this act fell far short, but it was enough to moderately satisfy his growing erection.

— — — — — —

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