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Jung So-rim, realising that she could not stop Lee Hyeon-woo, shut her mouth.

The arm she used to resist his advances lost its strength.

Lee Hyeon-woo then found it much easier to indulge in her bombshell of a body.

She had colossal breasts and a soft, willowy abdomen that could not be handled with just one hand.

And just like her breasts, there was no part of her body that was not soft or had a lot of fat.

And just as much as Lee Hyeon-woo enjoyed touching her assets, Jung So-rim also felt the thrill brought about by his fondling.

‘How the hell can he make me feel like this?’

She didn’t know why she got so excited at just being touched by him.

“Huh! Sorry!”

“That’s not good. Keep your mouth shut like you just did.”

In the end, Lee Hyeon-woo even took off her underwear.

At that, Jeong So-rim exclaimed urgently.

“Hyunwoo-nim! Are you really planning to do it here?” 

“It’s fine, no? I doubt we’ll have any problems here.” 

“But even then... Haaang!”

Lee Hyun-woo spread her legs wide.

And then his lips touched her vaginal folds.


Jeong So-rim shuddered as if she had been electrocuted by a million volts.

It was truly an inhuman thrill.

The moment his lips and tongue touched her skin, a pleasure that could not be described in words spread throughout her body.

“Oops! Sorry!”

She, once again, covered her mouth with both of her hands.

If she didn’t do that, she felt like her moaning would escape from her mouth on reflex like back in the hotel room that night.

However, despite such pressure being placed on her upper orifice, her body, which was losing all its sense of being, continued to experience bouts of pleasure, causing faint moans to continue to leak from between her fingers.

“*Chu-eup, hu-huh.* Even if you say you don’t like what I’m doing, your body says otherwise, isn’t it?”

“Mff! Hmm! Hey, let’s go… to the hotel... Fhooh!”

“Look! Your skin has already turned pink. You obviously have white skin, so I can clearly tell that you’re excited by what I’m doing.”


Lee Hyeon-woo constantly uttered obscenities. 

He hadn’t always been like this.

Rather, he could be likened more so to an incel who couldn’t hold a proper conversation with a woman.

However, after having gained his infinite coin cheat, Lee Hyeon-woo matured.

His infinite coins cheat gave him a sense of freedom and confidence.

As a result, Lee Hyun-woo was able to utter such obscene things to amp up his own excitement levels even in such a situation.

“This should be enough, Hyeon-Woo-nim. Please stop here. Let’s… take this to the hotel... haah!”

“No. Touch me here. Can’t you tell my dick is so excited. It would be pitiful not to calm it down. If we do it quickly and finish up quickly, I think we will be fine.”

“But that’s really dangerous…”

“So you’re agreeing to it, right? Oh, but I don’t have any condoms. I ran out of them and I didn’t get time to buy any.”

“Huh? Then...”

Jeong So-rim’s eyes shook.

‘Are we really going to be having no-con sex again?’ [T/N: NO-CONdom]

The no-con sex they had had at the pool villa on Sunday had been a very thrilling experience for her.

It was the first time she had sex like that in her entire life.

But today was even more dangerous than that day. 

If she ever got pregnant as a result…

“I will take it out before cumming. Ah, but the ventilation here is not that good, so if I was to cum outside, the smell might linger. What should we do about that?”

With that being the case, she just wanted to tell him to go back to the hotel right now.

But it was too obvious to her that he wasn’t uttering those words to hurry them back to the hotel.

Jeong So-rim’s expression gradually morphed into one that looked like she wanted to let out tears of grief.

Her troubling predictions were being proven right before her eyes—

“We’ll be in trouble if the smell lingers, so could you take it in your mouth?”


‘I knew it. This man has always been like this.’

Knowing that she would not be able to refuse, he had made an unreasonable request.

So was this coercion?

If she absolutely did not want to do something, she could just cut him off and refuse to do so.

But, in a corner of her mind, she felt he was only asking for things that he knew he could have her strive for or put up with.

And so, from her point of view, she couldn’t coldly refuse Lee Hyun-woo’s request of her.

“Then... can you finish up fast in exchange? Even now, I feel anxious and am going crazy with worry.”

Whatever Lee Hyun-woo wanted would happen.

Since that was so, she just accepted the circumstances and moved on.

But in return, Jung So-rim offered to do so on the condition that he would hurry his release.

Hyunwoo Lee smiled a broad smile and nodded his head.

“Sure. I will try to cum quickly.” 

“Huh! Ugh!”

At that moment, Lee Hyeon-woo’s penis was shoved right into Jeong So-rim’s pussy.

It was an overwhelming size that was vastly different from that of her boyfriend’s tool.

It felt like not only her pussy but also her uterus was being filled.

A sense of satisfaction coursed through her entire body.

His glans and the blood vessels on the shaft scratched and rubbed up against all the wrinkles inside of her vagina.

The pleasure that was evoked within her pussy and womb addled her brain and spread out via her peripheral nerves.

This was really, really crazy sex.

She felt so good that she thought she was about to pee.

‘Maybe, sex with my boyfriend won’t make me feel good ever again…’

“Haa Haa! Ah!”

‘My, what am I thinking...! Maybe it’s because I’m being bombarded by too much pleasure?’

She realised what not to think about while fucking another man.

But, fate seemed to have other plans for her…

Or it may have just been that Hyeon-Woo Lee had read Jung So-rim’s inner thoughts, as he asked a question related to her boyfriend mid-sex.

“Whoa, So-rim. I love fucking you because your insides are so delicious. Sorim-ssi, do you like my cock too?”

“Uhhhhh, do I really have to answer?”

“Yes. Please answer me. I think I will be closer to cumming that way.”

“I like it. Haa Haa. It’s so good that my insides feel so full. Haah! Ugh!”

“Then, comparing your boyfriend’s cock and mine, which one do you like better?”

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