Enjoy it while it last part 3
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“Haaa!!” Like a beautiful mermaid ascending from under the water, Juliette splashed water everywhere as she whipped her raven black hair back and forth. “One more time!” There was a blazing fire in Juliette’s eyes, and I didn’t have the heart to stop her. 

While Dryad was busy scrubbing herself, Juliette told me she wanted to be alone with me for a little while. It was mental torture trying not to watch Dryad clean her voloptous body, so I eagerly accepted Juliette’s offer. When we were finally alone, Juliette told me that she wanted to give me an underwater bj. I thought it was a joke until I saw the gleam in her eyes. My heart leaped out of my chest, but before I could tell her no. She grabbed my hand, and brought it to her chest. As my hand sunk into her soft and supple breast, Juliette’s breathing slowly became rough and erratic. Her heartbeat was transmitted to me through my hand, and it was rising rapidly. She grabbed my hand and slowly brought it towards her mouth. The warm feeling inside of her mouth enveloped my fingers as she placed them in her mouth. She started to lick each one of my fingers meticulously. My fingers were replaced with the image of her sucking on my member instead. A shiver went up my spine as my body remembered the feeling of her delicate lips wrapped around me, and the warm and comfortable feeling of her mouth. Her fuschia eyes were alluring, and I was bewitched. Juliette is transforming into a lewd devil… Fear attacked my entire body, but my heart was beating in jubilation. My groin rapidly swelled, and poked Juliette's thigh. I realized there was no turning back, and I didn’t want to. 

A little later… 

 “Haaa…” Juliette gasped for air, before finally regaining her composure. “I got it this time!”

 “Sure!” Underwater bjs are underrated… Juliette stops every few seconds because she keeps getting the urge to breathe through her nose. Plus, the raw feeling of her mouth feels a whole lot better. “You got it this time!”  Juliettte smiled at me before she dived back underwater… It seems like her competitive spirit has been brought out… Well, at least she’s having fun… But, I wish she’d just give me a normal blowjob…   

“Children?” Even though I wanted Juliette to stop, I’m still angry that Dryad cockblocked me.

Juliette’s head popped back up as soon as she heard Dryad. She was dyed a shade of crimson red, and the veins on her head looked like they were about to explode. 

~Ah!~♡Juliette grabbed my penis, and a girly scream escaped my throat. 

“I’m sorry, this is the best that I can do for now.” Juliettte began stroking my member with extreme vigor. It felt so good that I became weak in the knees and couldn’t swim anymore. Which forced me to latch onto Juliette for support. 

“...What was that?” Dryad looked confused, and I decided to salvage the situation.

“I-it’s okay… that was me…I just… fell!” Juliette’s hand and the water made the perfect combination. Her technique has improved so much… She’s squeezing it so tight! 

“...Huh?” Dryad’s had a questioning gaze on her face, and my patience was wearing thin.  

“I-I’m fine! “We’ll catch up with you in just a second!” The sound of Dryads footsteps made me breathe a sigh of relief. 

The sound of splashing water filled my ears as Juliette became even more aggressive after Dryad had left. I bit down on my bottom lip to refrain from moaning. I gazed into Juliette’s eyes, and  they were burning in desire. 

 ~Ha!~I slid my hand in between Juliette’s crotch, and inserted my fingers inside of her.

We took our sweet time meeting back up with Dryad. 10/10 will do again. 

When we finally met back up with Dryad, she had an agitated look about her. She beckoned Juliette to come with her alone, so they could have a ‘woman to woman’ talk. Julliette was more than pissed off, and told Dryad no as she clung to me. Dryad had this serious look in her eyes, and her facial expression didn’t change. Juliette clicked her tongue, before giving me a peck on the lips and running off with Dryad …God their asses are so bouncy. 

I was idly sitting at the edge of the hot spring, splashing my feet around in the water. I think I’m finally getting used to my body. Though, I do miss being tall. It feels weird to have to look up to Juliette when we kiss. “Where are they?” 

Dryad told me that they’d be back in a little bit, but they’ve been done for awhile now. I wonder what they’re talking about? Now that I think about it, it could be anything or everything for that matter. Hopefully Dryad isn’t messing with Juliette, she seems to have a sadistic personality.

“We’re back!” Dryad’s cheerful voice rang inside of my ears. 

Despite Dryads cheerful mood, Juliette was the complete opposite. There was a blank expression on her face, and her footsteps were heavy and slow. 

“Juliette…” When I called out to Juliette, she stopped in her tracks, and there was this strange glint in her eyes. I didn’t know what it was, but alarm bells were going off in my head. “What did you say to her?!” 

Dryad had a coy look on her face, and she began to tap her cheeks as if she was lost in thought. “It’s a secret...”

I was just about to say something, when a black flash entered my peripheral. My back met the ground, and pain shot up my spine. Before I had even registered what was happening, Juliette locked her lips onto mine. Her hands were all over me, and her breathing had become erratic. I don’t mind the sudden attention, but this is way too sudden, and she’s being way too aggressive. Juliette started to try and insert me inside of her, but luckily I had post nut clarity and just barely managed to stop her attempts. But, I didn’t have the strength to get Juliette off of me, and I looked to Dryad for help. The only response I had gotten was a blank stare, as if she couldn’t comprehend the situation. What hell did she do to Juliette?! “Hey, aren't you going to stop her?!” 

Dryad’s blank stare went away after she heard my voice, and she gave me a devilish grin in response, before shaking her head no ...Fucking asshole! 

 Dryad let Juliette assault me for a little while longer, before finally intervening. Juliette refused to let go, and once I finally managed to free myself, I slipped and fell into the hot spring. Which caused Juliette to chase after me, with Dryad in tow. One of the most terrifying moments in my life. 

Finally things had calmed down, but Juliette was still all over me and acting super deredere. Not that I mind, I just don’t have a clue as to why. Dryad and Juliette refused to tell me why, and each time that I asked, they both gave me a bright smile in response. Though, I get the feeling that Dryad’s smile meant something completely different from Juliette’s… I eventually gave up, and went with the flow.

A little later…

It was time to train, and Dryad brought us back to the tree ...I swear to god, I hate those fucking vines…We were brought to a new room in the tree. Colorful vines littered the walls, and there was a torrent of colorful particulars swirling in the air as if they were putting on a grand show. Each breath that I took, filled me with energy. Juliette’s eyes sparkled as she watched the light show, and she repeatedly asked, ‘how is this possible?’ Her bewonderment was cute, and made me feel at ease because I wasn’t the only one surprised. Dryad closed her eyes and basked in the glow of the room, it almost seemed like the particles were automatically drawn to her. Or maybe it was just me, Dryad’s beauty seems otherworldly at times. 

I was freed from Dryad’s spell when Juliette pressed her breast against me even harder. Juliette looked upset, so I gave her a peck on the lips, and she instantly cheered up. I feel like I’m going to be doing this a lot… Dryad had finally finished enjoying herself, and waltzed over to us. She informed us that this particular room is great for training our mana, due to the high density of particles. From my understanding, the particles in the air are just mana from the earth. When I explained this to Dryad, she informed me that I wasn’t entirely wrong, but mana from the planet is different from the mana we possess. Dryad explained that particles I see are actually the elements that make up the universe, and the mana that the planet exudes is much more potent than the mana we possess. The particles in the air are mana in its purest form, but the earth filters it quite a bit before it reaches to the surface. From the sounds of it, it seems like mana is radioactive in a sense? But, I guess mana differs from radiation because we’re able to use it to cast magic. From what Dryad said, you can cast magic without the particles, but it’s far harder and way less effective. I’m curious to see how the world functions with mana as its power source… 

Dryad instructed us to channel our mana. I had no idea what she was talking about. But, luckily she showed us by sitting down and beginning to meditate. Apparently the way to channel mana is through meditation. I’ve tried meditating before… long story short I hate it. But, since it's necessary to get stronger, I’ll have to do it. Though, it’s hard to focus with Juliette clinging to me. I told her that she needed to focus on channeling her mana, and she told me that she already was. Apparently there are other ways to meditate as long as you know what you’re doing. 

I wasn’t having any luck with channeling my mana, so I asked Dryad for guidance. Her advice, keep trying, and you’ll eventually get it. This is why I hate meditating.. . 

I unsurprisingly got bored of watching Dryad mediate with a smile on her face. And Juliette is… in her own world it seems... I’m not sure if she realizes it or not, but she keeps making different facial expressions while randomly laughing to herself. At first it was kind of cute, now it’s just unnerving ...What is she even thinking about??? 

I finally got fed up, and wanted to talk. Juliette had checked out already, so that left me with Dryad. At first she tried to ignore me, but eventually she relented. 

“Dryad, can you teach me the magic that you used to create this hot spring.” I really want to make a mudslide… I’m sure there are other things the magic would be useful for, but I’ll worry about that after I create a mudslide. 

“You’ve just awakened to magic.” Dryad waltzed over to me and placed her hand on my chest, and a warm feeling spread throughout my body. “If I were to try and teach you as you are now, I might as well teach a baby how to run when it can’t even crawl.” 


Dryad turned her attention to Juliette, and I followed her line of sight. “On the other hand, I can teach that to her.” 

Juliette looked like she didn’t have a care in the world, she was happier than a squirrel with a nut. “...How can you tell?” 

Dryad removed her hand from my chest, and moved her hair from in front of her face. “Easy, your mana veins tell me everything that I need to know.” Dryad said that as if it was common sense. I was hoping she would explain, but she continued to stare at me. Until her eyes went wide in realization. “How can someone be so ignorant?” 

The look Dryad gave me was embarrassing... It’s not like it’s my fault. “It’s...complicated.” 

Dryad sighed loudly, before she smiled at me. “I expect you to tell me later.” I nodded my head in compliance, and Dryad started to explain. “Good… Mana veins are the way that mana travels throughout your body. The more you channel your mana and cast magic, the more your mana veins will develop. I can tell just by looking at yours that you’ve just awakened to magic. Your mana veins are almost nonexistent, but the little that you do have is interesting. I’m guessing it’s because you are the hero.” 

“Really?! What’s so different about my mana veins?!” Please, let it be OP????

Dryad seemed a little uncomfortable, I might have been overzealous… “Well… everyone’s mana veins are unique, but they share similarities with one another. It’s hard to explain, but once I teach you how to view your mana veins, you’ll understand.”  

“I can’t wait...” I’m comin for you mudslide… 

“But, first, you have to learn how to meditate.” Dryads words were like a bucket of cold water, drenching my ambitions. 

“Okay… I understand.” I wish I had a skip button. “But, there must be something that I’m missing. There has to be an easier way.” 

“I am different from humans, they way you channel your mana is different from me.” Dryad pondered for a moment, until the light bulb above her head cut on. “The most important thing when meditating is quiet.” I’ve heard this one before.. “Don’t look so distraught, you’re already halfway there. You’ve cast magic before, so you know how it feels to have mana flowing through you. So, what you should try to do, is capture that feeling, but not with the intention of casting magic. Focus on yourself, your breathing, your pulse, the sensations you are experiencing. Try to reach deeper inside of yourself, and that’s when you should feel it.”

I still don’t understand …why is it so difficult for me? “So… I’ll have to figure it out then?”

“Essentially.” Figures… Dryad suddenly rubbed my cheek, and I noticed that she had gotten closer. “The main thing you’re having trouble with is clearing your mind. That’s something you have to work on yourself, once you’re able to do that I can help you more. I’m going to leave you two alone, so that you’re able to focus more. I would take her as well… but I don’t think she’d let me.” 

Dryad stood up and prepared to walk away, but I needed to tell her something, so I grabbed her wrist. “Thank you…for everything… really.” 

Dryad unexpectedly blushed, and I froze in response. “Okay… do well in your meditation.”  

“O-Okay…” I let go Of Dryad, and she almost ran away.   

….What the fuck was that? 

I shook my head a few times, and inhaled/exhaled a large breath. “I have to get stronger.” 

Now I can focus-

 “Adela…” Juliette had pushed me down, and mounted me. Juliette’s eyes were burning with desire, and her breathing was erratic. “I’ve been waiting… for so long...” 

Juliette gripped my member with an extreme amount of strength, and began to stroke it gently. The alarm bells were going off, but my body refused to move. “I want to be one with you.” Juliette brought my penis towards her slit, and the steaming hot fluid from her entrance drenched my member. “It twitched.” 

Juliette positioned herself over me, and slowly descended downwards onto my penis. 

♡~Ah!~♡I was ready to explode just from making contact with her inner walls. The pleasant sensation from my tip ran all the way up my spine, and I shivered in pleasure ...No way! I’m already at my limit!!! “Wait!” 

Juliette didn’t seem like she heard me, or maybe just didn’t care. So I awkwardly shifted so that I couldn’t enter her. “We… we don’t have contraception!”

“What’s contraception?” You can’t be serious… They never taught her about that??

“...Things that prevent you from getting pregnant.”  ...I guess that I shouldn’t be too surprised, it’s not like there’s a health class here. Plus, my dad never gave me the talk.  

A smile spread across Juliette’s face, and she hugged me very tight. “I want to have your child!” 

…………….. “No.” Hell no! I’m almost at a loss for words. 

“Why?” Juliette looked like she was on the verge of crying. “Right after I got the good news…” 

I had a bad premonition from what Juliette had just said. “Good news?”  

Juliette sniffled a few times, before she finally spoke up. “Yes… Homunculi aren’t able to have children... but Dryad told me that I’m able to have a baby now.” 

“...What?” Homunculi can’t have children??? No, no… that can’t be right. Why would she tell her that?! “That’s not how…” 

Before I had the chance to finish speaking, Juliette had already cut me off. “I know… but that’s what she said… She told me that I should have my first period soon.” 

“I….I….I..” I don’t know what to say… 

“But… you don’t want to have a baby with me” Juliette’s face was sorrowful, and I felt a tinge of pain in my chest from looking at her. 

“No, it’s just… Just not...right now.” I do want to have a family in the future, but it’s way too soon to be thinking about that. “In the future, of course… After we get married!” 

Juliette's smile was brighter than the sun, and she hugged me so tight that it was painful… “But, I’m still horny…” 

…..I have to meditate…. “…I’m sorry, but-” 

“Hey! Show me that 69 thing you were talking about.” She’s not even listening...  

“Juliette...” While I was talking, Juliette started to stroke my member again. 

Juliette was wiggling her tongue very seductively, and her sultry breath tickled my nose. “Come on...it’ll be fun.”

The moaning, the vulgar slurping, and the oh so sweet sucking sounds shredded the last of my sanity. My lust had burst forth like a broken dam. I pulled Juliette into an embrace, enjoying the soft and smooth feeling of her skin. I could feel Juliette’s temperature through her skin, she was burning up and her skin was becoming damp. Despite her athletic build, Juliette was extremely soft. My hands sunk into her flesh as I grabbed hold of her ass cheeks. While I was jiggling her ass cheeks, Juliette began to kiss and suck on my neck, and raised seductive moans.

I gazed at Juliette’s beautiful doll-like face. Her gorgeous fuschia eyes were melting with pleasure. There wasn’t any reason left in her eyes, only the bright pink glowing hearts dancing in excitement. Juliette was flushed a shy pink, and her hair clung to her face from the moistness of her skin. It was as if her entire being was made to entice me. Like an erotic goddess that descended from the heavens. 

I overlapped my lips onto Juliette’s, ravaging her mouth with my tongue. Juliette offered little to no resistance to the invasion of her mouth. I savored the sweet taste of her mouth and I captured her tongue, sucking on it as if it was the greatest taste in the world. Juliette responded in kind, and entwined her tongue with me, and began to suck the saliva out of my mouth. 

It was like I had a thirst that could not be quenched. I pushed Juliette down, and began fondling her breast. Juliette moans became sweeter, reaching a crescendo when I started to suck on her cute pink nipples. 

Juliette gripped my hair as she twisted her body seductively. I alternated between each of her breasts, pinching her nipples and playfully biting them. Her sweet and intoxicating moans filled my head, and everything else around me disappeared. I could feel her heartbeat almost beating out of her chest, and she was becoming drenched in perspiration. The room filled with a lustful flowery honey scent. I licked Juliette’s breasts, and her perspiration tasted sweet like honey, while her moans served to improve the flavor. 

Suddenly, Juliette’s back curved, and her body shook ever so slightly. I took a gander at her womanly garden, and saw that her budding rose had bloomed. The bright pink flesh buried beneath her lips shimmered like a diamond. Steaming hot love nectar spilled from her entrance as her vagina hummed in excitement. 

Juliette gasped for air, while she wriggled around on the ground. Her eyes were unfocused, and it looked like she didn’t know where she was. My groin ached, telling me that it wasn’t enough. Juliette is just too erotic!

“Hu....wha…” I took advantage of Juliette’s vulnerability, and mounted her chest. 

I’ll apologize to you later Juliette. 

I squeezed Juliette’s breast, mashing them together, before separating them. Juliette still hadn’t recovered from her climax, and she was helpless as I pushed my rod in between her breasts. 

I mashed her breast against my member, the soft and elastic feeling of her breast enveloped my rod, causing a pleasant sensation to travel up my spine. I almost came from the unexpected pleasure. 

I was afraid to move, due to finishing too quickly. But, my body started to move on it’s own. The dampness from her sweat acted as a lubricant as I began to grind my hips with extreme vigor. Each stroke sent chills up my spine, and left me on the edge. 

Juliette looked at my member entering and exiting her valley with unfocused eyes. But, it seemed like her instincts took over. She overlapped my hands with her own, increasing the pressure on my member, and adding to the pleasure. She stuck her tongue out to try and lick my tip as it exited her bosom. Her tongue had become my goal, and each time I made contact with it I almost exploded. 

I grinded my hips with extreme vigor, and I kept brushing my glans against Juliette’s tongue. I finally reached my limit, and tried to push my rod inside of Juliette’s mouth. But, I came far too quickly, and exploded onto her face and into her mouth. Spilling just a little on her breast in the process. 

I made a complete mess of Juliette’s face but she didn’t seem to mind. She seemed to be intoxicated, and inhaled big whiffs of my semen with a face of pure ecstasy. She wriggled her tongue around in delight, as she cleaned the area around her mouth. This was a very erotic sight to see, and my penis rose to attention. It’s not enough… 

Juliette sat up and pushed me down. She gazed directly into my eyes, showing me that the sex beast had fully awakened. I felt like prey about to be devoured, and I shivered in anticipation.  It seemed like Juliette had read my mind, because shortly after I was staring directly into her crotch. The hot love juice spilled onto my face, telling me this is real. 

~Nya~” A slimy, hot, and wet sensation attacked my member. It was like a bolt of lightning travelled from my rod, to my spine, and up to my head. 

Juliette began her suction attack on my penis. It seemed like she had gotten better, and penis constantly hit the back of her throat with little to no resistance. Girly moans left my mouth one after the other, and I could barely focus. My hands were shaking, and I struggled to reach for Juliette’s garden. Her vagina reminded me of a rose, and when I peeled back her lips I felt as if I was opening a rose. The pink folds of meat glistened like diamonds. I brought my tongue towards the pink matter, and started to lick it up like a cat drinking milk. 

Juliette moaned with my member inside of her mouth, and added to my pleasure. I couldn’t continue because of how good it felt, and I had to try and hold back from exploding again. Juliette released my penis from her mouth with a ‘plop’ sound. She deeply gasped for air, and shook her ass back and forth provocatively. 

While I was desperately doing my best to hold back the urge to cum, Juliette sat down on my face. I focused on the task on hand, and prayed that I could last. 

Juliette began to grind on my face as she sucked on my penis with renewed vigor. Her garden overflowed, spilling lewd juice everywhere. I savored the taste as I continued to lick every inch of vagina. Juliette moans were getting louder by the second, and her blowjob had become sloppy. Her vagina pulsing, and her ass was shaking in pleasure. Her beautiful anus entered my peripheral, and I knew she was reaching her limit, so I decided to surprise her with something. 

~Wha!~I stealthily snuck a finger inside of Juliette’s anus, and she gasped in surprise. 

Juliette’s anus was incredibly tight, so I continued my attack on her vagina. Her anus didn’t loosen up much, and I only barely managed to fit another finger inside of her. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I began to message the walls inside of her anus, as I moved my fingers back and forth inside of her. 

~ignhjskjjjjj~Juliette tried to speak, but her words were incoherent to me. 

Juliette’s moans were incredibly sweet, and let alone give a blowjob, she could no longer move her hips. I used the opportunity to play with the stiff bead above her entrance. Juliette moans became that of a bitch in heat, and her shouts were feral and sweet. I felt her temperature rising significantly, and her body shook in ecstasy. Her back suddenly bent like a bow, and a scream that could shake the heavens itself, escaped from her throat. The lewd juice poured onto my face like a rainy day. I have been baptized… 

I removed my fingers from inside Juliette’s anus, as she collapsed onto me. Her body continuously reverberated with pleasure, and I felt her drooling on my member. I guess I won’t be finishing today… I wish I could see the face she’s making right now… 

“Adela..” Juliette was looking at me with the eyes of a school girl in love.

Wait…Did I fall asleep? 

“Adela…” Juliette Was turning more red by the second, and she hid her bashful expression behind her hair. “What you did...” 

“You didn’t like it, huh? I’m sorry.” I should’ve asked first…


Juliette bit her bottom lip, and she seemed like she was having trouble speaking. “...I liked it.” Juliette revealed her eyes, and the sex beast gazed back at me. “Actually… I was inspired.” 


My skin crawled when I realized that I had just helped this pervert level up. “Yeah???” 


Juliette twiddled her fingers, and avoided eye contact with me. “Well… we can’t connect the ‘normal’ way because we don’t have the contraception thing…”  I… is she???


“Yeah...” I have a feeling that I have entered the road of no return…


Juliette’s eyes were spinning, and her breathing had begun to pick up. “Well… when you stuck your fingers up there… I realized that maybe we could become one…another…way.” 


I noticed that Juliette had my penis pressed against her anus. ~Please~Her breath was sultry, and tickled my nose playfully. Her moist eyes were pleading to me, and my heartbeat was rising rapidly. 

My groin was revitalized in an instant, and pressed firmly against Juliette’s anus. A smile spread across Juliette’s face, as she began to sit down on my member. 


Am I?! ...really going to lose my virginity??? Anal qualifies, right?! I don’t-  ~~Oh my god!~~” 

A sticky hot sensation enveloped the tip of my penis, as Juliette began to insert me inside of herself. My body shook involuntarily from the sudden pleasure. 

~~Owww~~Juliette was breathing roughly, and I could see the beads of sweat forming on her forehead. 

“Juliette… are you okay? Don't force it..” I felt an extreme amount of pleasure, but it’s not worth hurting her.

~It’s…fine….~” Juliette was making the face of a bitch in heat, as she inhaled deep breaths. ~I came for the pain… I love it...~A broad smile was forming on Juliette’s face as she resumed inserting me into her.

Hot!!!!! It’s so sticky and hot inside of her!!! Juliette’s anus is so fucking tight! It’s like she’s trying to strangle my dick. I don’t think I can last! 

Juliette’s facial expression melted, and I could see her hot breaths. The smile on Juliette’s face was warped by pleasure. As she got closer to the base of my penis, it was if her vagina had become a fire hydrant, spraying love nectar all over my stomach and chest. A little bit of her love nectar hit my lips, and I savored the delicious taste. 

Juliette dug her nails into my chest, as she finally arrived at the base of my penis. Hot tears spilled out of her beautiful eyes. ~We’re finally…one~~Her anus tightened beyond belief, which brought me to climax instantly. I gripped her ass cheeks so hard that my nails dug into her supple flesh. 

~It’s so hot~~” Juliette’s love nectar sprayed everywhere, and didn’t seem like it would stop. She shook uncontrollably, and she drooled on my chest. 

My semen just wouldn’t stop, and a murky white liquid spilled out of Juliette’s anus. I don’t think I’ve ever felt better than this… I’m addicted.

Juliette’s eyes suddenly shot open, as if she had just seen a ghost. “Adela… close your eyes.” 

I was a little disoriented, but the look in Juliette’s eyes told me to comply. I closed my eyes, and I felt Juliette yank my penis out of her. Although I missed the tight fluffy feeling of Juliette’s insides, it felt good when the air hit my member, and I came a little more into Juliette’s hand. 

Juliette’s footsteps resounded in my head, but when I got the urge to open my eyes, Juliette screamed at me. “Don’t open your eyes yet!”

I heard Juliette fighting with the vines and climbing downwards. It seems like she’s gone now, I guess I can open my eyes now… I wonder why- “What the fuck?!” 

Somewhere not too far away… 

A pile of corpses laid bare in the center of a small village. There was no mercy for anyone, not the woman, not even the children. Soldiers one after the other added to the corpse pile, as if they were throwing trash away. 


A small red child, with two horns on his head that had just begun to grow, snuck his head out from within the pile of corpses. He looked back and forth fearfully, and he saw soldiers surrounding his village. He had hope that his family somehow managed to escape, and when the soldiers left, so would he. But, his hopes were crushed as a guttural scream entered his ears. He could barely turn his neck due to the fear crippling him. And once he finally did, eyes that were filled with bloodlust gazed back at him. The soldiers his aura beared down on the child relentlessly, and he flung away the corpse that he was holding as if it was trash. Each step that he took released more of his murderous intent. To the child the soldier was a demon come to life. The soldier raised his weapon, ready to put an end to the pathetic lifeform that is the child. 




As the boy’s head became a part of the pile of corpses, the sound of a thousand soldiers screaming in unison shaked the forest around them. 


The soldier instantly stopped what he was doing, and got down onto one knee. He placed his sword right beside him, and clenched his fist above his heart in devotion. Completely ignoring the dead child that had sullied himself due to fear.




The soldiers parted way for a tall figure adorned in extravagant armor. As the sun shined upon his armor, it revealed the blood red symbol of a soldier holding the head of the former demon lord. The man exuded a noble air, and if someone were to look, it would be clear that he was a highborn. His steps were filled with authority and confidence. Naturally instilling admiration and obedience in the soldiers hearts.


The soldiers surrounding the man, all gazed at him with eyes filled with admiration. The man was clearly a cut above the soldiers surrounding him. Not only was his armor more intricate, and of better quality. He stood taller than the rest of the soldiers, and he himself felt that he stood above everyone. His slick black hair shined from the sun rays. His well defined features would make even the world’s greatest sculptor green in envy. His robust build that held up his armor was the envy of every man he encountered. If you gazed into the man’s eyes, it would appear that lightning continuously traveled inside of them, this was proof of his royal lineage. 


The man’s eyes held an incredible amount of resentment as he gazed at the pile of corpses. He scoffed and turned his back so that he would no longer have to sully his vision. 


A robust brunette woman stood before the man. Her armour was different from the rest of the soldiers, it was of better quality, and it had the symbol of bravery painted onto the chest plate. Her armor had numerous knicks and dents, living proof of the fierce battles that she participated in. Her face was hardened, and her eyes fierce. She gave off the aura of someone who had seen enough combat to last three lifetimes. She kneeled before the man, and awaited his orders. “My lord.”  


The man gazed at the soldier in front of him, impressed with her aptitude and ferociousness in battle. A small smile formed on his face before he spoke. “You may stand.”


The battle hardened soldier instantly stood to attention. “There were no survivors. Nor, did we find the one.” 


The man seemed displeased, but he could not blame the soldier standing in front of him. The harder the task, the greater the reward. And there was no greater reward than what he sought. 


“My lord, if I may.” Despite the battle hardened demeanor of the soldier, there was a tinge of fear present in her voice.


The man looked at the soldier for a second, and determined that her exploits in battle were enough to grant her the ability to speak freely. “You may.” 


The battle hardened soldier steeled her resolve and began to freely speak her mind. “My lord, are you certain that the rumours are true? There have been murmurs for year that-” 


The man had let his soldier speak long enough, he already knew what she wanted to say. “I am not certain, Mars is. I can feel him leading me even now. I will not rest until I fulfill his will.” 


The battle hardened soldier wanted to interject, but even she would not test her lord’s patience. “Yes, my lord.” 


The man gave the soldier a short smile before turning his attention to the forest ahead of him. The pile of corpses set ablaze behind him, as the sun shined on his beautiful armor. “It is here… the hero has finally returned.”