Chapter 1 part1
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Chapter 1.1 – Never in his life had he seen such a stupid person

Su Yu's life before the age of twenty could only be described by a single word: success.

His family lived in harmony, everyone envied them. His mother was a leading actress in the entertainment circle and his father was the Mt Tai of the art circles. This lineage meant that Su Yu was the center of attention from the moment he was born.

And he didn't disappoint his parent's and the public's expectations. At three years old he entered school, at seven he was able to complete homework from junior high school, at 13 he received a master's degree, at 16 he set up his own studio, at 18 he registered his own company, and at 20 that company entered the world's top 500.

At the moment Su Yu was sitting on the top floor of his 66 floor office, overlooking the city through the clear glass. But for a moment, he felt that his life was indescribably boring.

"If you fell bored, bind with me. You must know, I am a ultra-unequaled paragon of this world, the only model of my kind, [I'm scattering IQ to the Protagonist] system yo!" The flickering indigo sphere of light flew before Su Yu. "I can take you to enjoy the customs of many different world, taste all kinds of food, experience a completely different life, most importantly, it's all completely free of charge yo! Don't tell me that it doesn't make your heart beat faster?"

Su Yu glanced at the strange ball, his mouth spat: "Yes."

"Host, you are the only person in the entire world who is able to meet the conditions..." Seeing the indifferent look on Su Yu's face, the little ball could only resort to other means: begging.

"Please I'm begging you! Bind with me ying ying ying..." The ball swayed before Su Yu, lying out it's grievances but the other party did not possess a single point of sympathy.

If it wasn't that his life was too boring, Su Yu would have probably shot this strange ball out the window and enjoyed hearing its miserable cries and pancaked appearance.

"Since you're an 'ultra-unequaled paragon of this world' system, can't you bind to me with force?" Su Yu looked at the ball unmoved. Although he spoke with a smile, the ball couldn't help but feel cold all of a sudden.

The ball felt it's body shake, it didn't immediately answer: "[I am scattering IQ to the Protagonist] is a very human friendly system, how can I not seek the host's permission? It would be simply immoral."

Su Yu felt too lazy to even string together a sentence at this point so he coldly glanced at the ball. The pair of cheerless peach blossom eyes should not have too much lethal factor, but the ball couldn't stop shaking once it saw them. In haste it stuttered the truth: "I...I cannot bind with you if you don't agree."

"Tell me more." Su Yu pulled back his gaze and instead focused on a file in his hands.

"My name is [I am scattering IQ to the Protagonist] system. In order to save the world from crumbling due to the Male Protagonist's lack of logic and IQ I am looking for an appropriate host. Your IQ and EQ are both are very high so you're the only human appropriate for the task, which is why I am here." The ball didn't dare to scheme any more, it quickly confessed the real situation. "If the host that binds to me follows me to scatter some IQ to the soft headed male protagonist, and if the protagonist comes to his sense, the crisis looming over the world will be averted and stability will be restored."

However, after listening to all this, Su Yu didn't even so much as lift his head.

The ball thought about for a moment before he realized that this wasn't what Su Yu wanted to hear. Bouncing around, it continued "Of course, of course, all your hard work will not be without reward! When you scatter IQ to the protagonist, you will be able to collect IQ points! They can be redeemed in the IQ store for a variety of props, anything that you can think of yo!"

Su Yu still didn't have any reaction; the blue ball became increasingly anxious. "Host, is there anything that you want in specific?"

After a while when the ball was on the verge of collapsing from anxiousness, Su Yu finally looked up and said slowly, "I only have two requirements. First, my safety must be ensured, and second, I can choose to return to the real world at any given time."

"Of course, of course, these conditions are no problem whatsoever..." The ball rolled around in joy for a few minutes before returning back to Su Yu, "Host, do you agree to bind with me?"

"Yes." Su Yu looked at the ball's strange actions.

Having had its moment of victory, the flashing ball of light came and landed gingerly on top of Su Yu's shoulder: "Then... then we will bind now."

"Ok." Su Yu nodded, but he did not expect that the moment that he agreed to bind with the system, he transported without warning!

Looking around, he noticed that he was currently in a strange room that practically reeked of youth. Su Yu who was eternally calm finally cracked a little. "...where is this?"

"This is the first world we will conquer, in order to save time, I brought you in directly." The ball cheerfully flew around Su Yu and took the initiative to reveal the story of this world. "This is the original story line of this world; all we have to do now is smash it!"

Su Yu doubtfully glanced at the sphere. He took a seat on the bed and began to look through the story. As time went by the expression on his face grew increasingly strange.

This world's male and female leads sat atop several hundred million in assets, they were the owner of a major enterprise. One was a gentle young white-collar worker and the other was the stereotypical overbearing CEO. But somehow the story was completely messed up.

The female protagonist was a tiny white-collar worker in the male protagonist's company. When the two first met, the female protagonist was already going strong with her boyfriend of three years. Because the relationship between the two was very close, the male protagonist didn't so much as register in the eyes of the female protagonist.

However, the male protagonist fell in love at first sight. After that, even if his investigations showed that the female protagonist had a boyfriend, she was nonetheless considered the female lead. She was all sorts of gentle and considerate but she never revealed her true feelings.

The first half of the story mainly portrayed the silent dedication between man and woman; it was the selfless devotion between the female lead and her boyfriend.

However, near the middle of the story, the plot of a sharp turn. The first time that the boyfriend and the male protagonist met, the female lead was also present. With just a simple look the boyfriend became aware of the thoughts that the male protagonist held for his girlfriend.

However, as the woman's boyfriend, instead of seriously considering the incident, the boyfriend used this opportunity to secretly use his girlfriend to claim some goods from the male protagonist. The female lead was also quite lacking in the brains department. Because she loved her boyfriend too much, she followed his orders without putting any thought to his actions.

As a man nesting atop hundreds of millions, how could this infatuated idiot resist when the female lead spoke?

Brand-name clothing, cosmetics, bags, luxury cars, luxury... the protagonist didn't so much as wrinkle his brows as he sent it all out.

However, all this good stuff didn't fall into the hands of the female lead. Apart from few pieces of clothing, everything was delivered to the hands of the boyfriend and the boyfriend then began to use those goods as fuel for his other relationship.

The logic is quiet simple. What use would a man have for women's shoes and cosmetics? Naturally the man gave it to his mistress.

A few months later, the female lead finally found out the truth. Although she was a brainless idiot with rock bottom IQ, this time she decisively decided to leave her boyfriend for good. Afterwards she surprisingly ran to the male protagonist to tearfully complain.

Originally in love with the woman, how could the male lead resist this sort of tear stained beauty? Immediately, the protagonist revealed his true feelings and promised to treat the woman well.

If at this time the pair decided to live happily ever after, the male protagonist wouldn't have simply allowed his woman to be wronged. But how could the plot conclude this cleanly?

The female lead was comforted by the gentlemanly behavior displayed by the protagonist, and the mood took a turn for the better. She seriously began considering whether to be with the protagonist. But not a week had passed by before she found out that she was two months pregnant!

At this time the male and female protagonist were in the process of cultivating their feelings, stopping for a moment one can naturally imagine who the father is.

After learning off this incident, the female lead actually decided to keep it from the protagonist. After hesitation, she decided to directly confront her ex-boyfriend about it. She wanted him to change his ways for the sake of their child.

In reality, the vile tempered ex did not do a 180 as the female lead had hoped. Instead he "accidentally" pushed the female lead down the stairs, apparently wanting the life of the child in her belly and even the female lead's life.

When the female lead's life was threatened, the male lead who was watching from the shadows appeared in time and sent the woman to the hospital. The first thing the female lead inquired about when she woke up was the safety of the child in her stomach, with no intentions of explaining her behavior from before.

Even still, the male protagonist was insanely in love with the female lead. When he saw that the woman didn't confide in him he felt distressed. But he became even more gentle and considerate to the female lead.

As for the matter of becoming the child's father, he accepted it without any hesitation.

And that is how the story ends. The male and female protagonists live happily ever after with their little buns and all those who bullied the heroine have a miserable ending.

"This man named Chu Cheng Yan... is he an idiot?" After reading the story, Su Yu slowly looked up. His eyes couldn't help but show his disgruntled state. Never in his life had he seen such a stupid person.

The ball spun around: "Yes, so he needs your help to fill up the empty head."

Su Yu was speechless so he changed the subject: "What role am I playing?"

The plot mentioned many characters but Su Yu didn't find one that he felt he needs to replace in particular. Right now he should be younger than his original 20 years of age, from the layout of the room he deduced that this person was still a student.

The ball of light brought out the section where the female lead had run to the male protagonist to complain after she discovered the true face of her boyfriend: "It's mentioned here. The younger distant male cousin staying in the male lead's home temporarily is now your role."

"...." To become someone even worse than a passerby without a name, this level of obscurity was simply against everything that Su Yu embodied ah.

The sphere didn't seem to feel any shame , spinning around it explained further, " Because this is the first world you are entering, I'm a bit worried that you won't be able to adapt to the story properly. So I specifically picked this character. He doesn't affect the plot whatsoever but he has reason to be around the male protagonist."

Facing Su Yu the monster with IQ and EQ double that of a normal person, is this still considered a problem?

Su Yu refused to acknowledge the ball and instead bowed his head to look at his task, but he was actually surprised once he saw the contents: Greet the male protagonist 100 times, each greeting will restore 1% of the male lead's IQ.