Chapter 1 part3
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Chapter 1.3 – From 'ultra-unequaled paragon' to common dishwasher

Su Yu stood up from the couch, with an exceptionally calm attitude, he greeted the newcomer. "Cousin!"

As he spoke, he noticed that the empty progress had gone up by 1%, his IQ points also changed from 0 to 10. Taking a simple glance at the system interface, Su Yu turned around to greet Chu Cheng Yan with a slight smile.

Chu Cheng Yan had never seen this distant cousin of his and at the moment he was in no mood to greet anybody. He nodded at Su Yu and said, "If there's anything you need, let me know."

Ignoring any reaction that Su Yu might have, he directly carried his overcast face upstairs.

Pulling back his smile, Su Yu turned and asked the ball, "Chu Cheng Yan doesn't seem to be in a good mood, what happened?"

Earlier when the protagonist arrived home, he had also thought then that it couldn't possibly be to greet him. It turns out that it was due to a foul mood.

The blue ball shriveled a bit as it averted turned around to wander. "Well, I just checked the timeline and it seems that today is the day that Chu Cheng Yan fell in love with Jiang Yue Yue and found out that she has a boyfriend."

Jiang Yue Yue was this world's female protagonist, a gentle and kind lotus without a brain.

"As it turns out it was this day, how timely!" Su Yu touched his chin and looked at the books on the table. Picking them up, he spoke, "Seeing him in such a pitiful state, I will reluctantly help him and make dinner."

Right now, Chu Cheng Yan felt awful pain. Not on his body, but in his heart. This was the first time in his life that he had felt this sort of strong emotion. He wanted to protect her for a lifetime but just 2 shot hours later his hopes had been extinguished.

Unexpectedly, Jin Yue Yue already had a boyfriend and the relationship between the two was very sweet and intimate. This revelation had hit Chu Cheng Yan quiet hard. Not in a mood to work, he fled to his house battered.

After lying in bed for an entire hour, Chu Cheng Yan's mood only became worse. At this time the door suddenly sounded.

"Who?" Chu Cheng Yan inquired with a frown, he had forgotten about Su Yu for a moment.

Su Yu's lively voice sounded from the doorway, "Cousin, it's more than six o'clock. I saw a lot of ingredients in your refrigerator, so I made something quick. You come and eat together with me too, ok?"

Although it was his first time cooking, for a person like Su Yu with an insane IQ, it was a piece of cake.

"I'm not hungry." Chu Cheng Yan rubbed his brows with a somewhat irritated attitude.

In this world, indeed he was the king of melancholy. But one must not forget that this was only limited to Jiang Yue Yue, to others he was still the same overbearing and cold CEO.

Su Yu paused for a moment then continued to persevere "The food is already made, if you don't eat it, it will only be wasted. Cousin,Β come out and eat at least a little bit, I guarantee that my food tastes quite delicious."

Instead of speaking, Chu Cheng Yan used his silence to convey his displeasure and rejection.

However, Su Yu acted oblivious to it and continued to be pesky. "What's more, there are no other people here; I'll get bored if I eat alone. Cousin, you come down and eat with me."

Being coaxed by a person like this, it was the first time for Chu Cheng Yan. Although he wanted to lose his temper, he still held back. "I got it."

"Great, then I'm waiting for you downstairs!" Su Yu cried happily and headed back downstairs.

Chu Cheng Yan had only spoken that one sentence to get rid of Su Yu; he had no intention to actually go downstairs. But as time went by he unexpectedly hesitated as his conscience grew guilty.

Although we have never met, he was still after all his cousin. On top of that, the boy was a recently graduated high school student and it was his first time in the city. He must be quiet nervous, right?

Chu Cheng Yan sighed in annoyance. Eventually, he climbed off the bed and carefully climbed the stairs. What he saw was Su Yu sitting at the dining table with his eyes fixated on the staircase.

Upon seeing Chu Cheng Yan coming down the stairs, a bright smile appeared on Su Yu's face. "Cousin, you finally came down! The meals are heating on the stoves, I'll grab them."

Seeing this smile, the depression that had been brewing in his heart due to Jiang Yue Yue elevated slightly, in fact, he even felt some comfort. Chu Cheng Yan slowly walked himself to the table and took a seat. Su Yu monitored him through the corner of his eye as he laid the dishes on the table. Finished, he took a seat opposite to the depressing protagonist.

"This is the food I made, taste it quickly, cousin!" Su Yu wore an expression that practically screamed 'praise me!'. He looked to Chu Cheng Yan with bright eyes, "This time I was only able to come and play in the city only because you were willing to let me live with you. Thank you, cousin!"

Su Yu calling him 'cousin', Chu Cheng Yan felt that it was a bit unsuitable, but he did not say anything. He focused his attention on the contents of the table. Seeing the alluring home cooked meals, he suddenly felt his lost appetite return.

"Cousin, try it quickly. Tell me if it's delicious!" Su Yu continued to look expectantly at Chu Cheng Yan.

Chu Cheng Yan nodded with a straight face. He placed a piece of stewed eggplant into his mouth. The burst of the sweet flavor on his tongue brought about a bout of satisfaction. "Not bad."

"If cousin likes it, I will cook lots more for you later." Su Yu looked very happy; in order to complete his duties, he had placed his all into the task.

Chu Cheng Yan instinctively wanted to refuse, but he was unexpectedly unable to stop chewing. Eventually, he settled with just quietly eating.

Su Yu wanted to establish a friendlier bond but the other man seemed quite absorbed in his eating. After a while of not being able to find an opening, he too just settled with quietly eating.

After he had polished off his second bowl of rice, Chu Cheng Yan was surprised to find that today's appetite was more than ever before. He continued to eat until only half a bowl of rice was left; this inexplicably made him feel a sense of remorse.

This was the first time he had fallen in love before his heart was completely crushed, how could his appetite still be so good?

"Cousin, you should go upstairs and sleep. I'll wash the dishes." Su Yu took instant note of the change on Chu Cheng Yan's face. Smiling, he began to collect the tableware.

Chu Cheng Yan looked up at Su Yu, eventually, he decided not to say anything and went upstairs silently.

"Seeing him act like this is actually quite interesting." On one side Su Yu commanded the ball to was the dishes on the other side he focused his gaze on Chu Cheng Yan's lonely dark back.

From the 'ultra-unequaled paragon' he had been reduced to dishwasher without dignity, this time the ball was in no mood to acknowledge the cruel and merciless host.

Su Yu also didn't notice the ball's noiseless complaints, as he yawned and waved his hand at it, "You continue to work; I'm a bit tired so I'm going to bed first."

The next day Chu Cheng Yan came downstairs with the depressed aura again. He was Su Yu standing in the kitchen with an apron and a smile on his face. "Good morning! Come have some breakfast."

The protagonist's IQ also rose from 1% to 2%. Although the progress was small, it was still gratifying.

With solemn brows, Chu Cheng Yan intended to refuse, but when his eyes swept over the table filled with all sorts of foods the words changed to: "Then, I'll trouble you."

Obviously, it was only breakfast, but the table had been filled with many things. There was soy milk, fried dough sticks, tea egg, cake, Hanamaki, dumplings, western style bread, toast, sandwiches, and many more things that left Chu Cheng Yan surprised.

"I didn't know what cousin likes to eat so I made everything I could, please don't make fun of me." Su Yu scratched his head as if he was too embarrassed to even speak.

Looking at the food on the table, it seemed quite good. Chu Cheng Yan's mood also became a little better. "Sit down, let's eat together."

"Ok." Su Yu showed a big grin. Placing a small dumpling into his mouth, he showed a satisfied expression.

This boy seemed like an easily satisfied child, Chu Cheng Yan thought suddenly. His hands followed as he placed a small dumpling into his mouth as well.

After breakfast, Chu Cheng Yan spoke, "Should I arrange for people to escort you around town?"

"I don't need it." Su Yu waved his hand with as somewhat ill at ease expression. "The fact that cousin was willing to allow me to stay in this house is already enough, I don't need any other arrangements. I just want to take a casual stroll around the city."

Chu Cheng Yan didn't force him but he had a better sense of who Su Yu was now. Before he had thought that this distant cousin of his had moved into his house to worm his way into his circle and take some advantages.

"Cousin, will you come home for lunch at noon? I can make some tasty stuff for you." Su Yu offered.

Chu Cheng Yan usually dined in a restaurant near the company at noon, never at home. But looking the expression of expectation on Su Yu's face, he felt too guilty to speak bluntly. "Not necessarily."

"Then I'll prepare lunch and wait for you at home." Su Yu completely ignored the 'no'.

Chu Cheng Yan found himself without a rebuttal. He simply ignored it and left the villa. Su Yu watched on from the door of the villa until he could no longer see Chu Cheng Yan's driving car.

He poured himself a glass of milk and contemplated over the plot to come.

According to the original plot, Jiang Yue Yue's boyfriend wouldn't see her with Chu Cheng Yan until a few months later before extorting from him.

However, now that Su Yu was here, he had no intentions to follow the timeline of the original storyline. The only problem was that Chu Cheng Yan only had an IQ increase of 2%, even if he sped up the plot now, he was afraid that the protagonist was not capable of making the right judgments.

So he would have to wait, at least until Chu Cheng Yan's IQ transitioned from baby stage to adolescent stage. Su Yu sighed as he began to feel bored.

"If host feels bored, you can play around in the city. The scenery isn't bad." The ball was very worried right now that Su Yu would get bored and choose to leave back to the real world.

Su Yu laughed as he glanced at the ball, "Rest assured, I am a very perseverant person. This much isn't enough to make me give up."

With its thoughts exposed, the ball floated mid-air in embarrassment. "I...I... There is no such thing."

"But right now is really quite boring." Su Yu lazily lounged on the couch as his slender fingertips traced the rim of the cup of milk in his hands. Suddenly his face flashed with interest as though he had thought of something. "Although we can't do anything substantive enough to finish the task, there is something interesting that we can do!"