Chapter 6.2
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RFF - Chapter Six (Part 2)

Tao Fang Ao interrogated Su Wu.

'Tell me what happened,' Tao Fang Ao said. 'Who injured Tu Yun?'

'Second brother, you're scaring Su Wu,' Tao Fang Ling said.

'I... mistress and I headed east after we left Luo Yang province,' Su Wu said in a shaky voce. 'An assassin suddenly appeared. The assassin wanted to kill mistress. Mistress pleaded with the assassin to let me go. When the assassin's sword was about to strike us, mistress pushed me out of the way. We fell on the ground. The assassin's sword... struck mistress chest.'

Tao Fang Ao looked at the two halves of the jade pendant in his hands. If the assassin knew Tao Tu Yun was still alive, the assassin would return to kill Tao Tu Yun.

'Second master Tao, is mistress alive?' Su Wu asked.

'Tu Yun's alive,' Tao Fang Ao said. 'It's this broken jade pendant that saved her life. If she didn't wear it last night then the assassin's sword would have pierced through her heart.'

'Jade pendant?' Su Wu asked. 'The master sage is indeed a master sage. The master sage gave this jade pendant to mistress when she was sixteen, and warned her to always wear this jade pendant because it'll save her life.'

'Second brother, what is Su Wu talking about?' Tao Fang Ling asked.

Luo Bing Liang walked outside the bedchamber and she overheard Su Wu.

'Tao Fang Ao, tell us what happened,' Luo Bing Liang said.

'Su Wu, go take care of Tu Yun,' Tao Fang Ao instructed.

'Yes second master Tao,' Su Wu said and walked into the bedchamber.

'Sooner or later you two would have found out,' Tao Fang Ao said. 'I need you two to help me take revenge for Tu Yun.'

Tao Fang Ling and Luo Bing Liang listened carefully to Tao Fang Ao's plan.

Three days later, Tao Tu Yun woke up.

'Mistress, you're finally awake,' Su Wu said happily.

'I... didn't die?' Tao Tu Yun asked weakly.

Tao Tu Yun remembered her chest pain after the assassin's sword struck her chest. She thought she had died.

'Mistress, you're alive,' Su Wu said. 'Don't mention dying again. Mistress, you gave me a scare.'

'Su Wu, I'm sorry,' Tao Tu Yun said and smiled apologetically. 'Where am I?'

'Mistress, this is second master Tao's bedchamber,' Su Wu said. 'Second master Tao insisted moving mistress to his bedchamber.'

Tao Tu Yun was surprised she returned to the Tao Manor. She understood Tao Fang Ao wasn't going to let her escape again.

'Mistress, you were unconscious for three days,' Su Wu said. 'I'll go cook a meal for mistress.'

Su Wu walked to the door and Tao Fang Ao's sudden appearance startled her.

'Second master Tao,' Su Wu greeted.

Tao Fang Ao saw Tao Tu Yun feigning sleep on the bed and he smiled.

Su Wu wisely left and closed the doors to give Tao Fang Ao and Tao Tu Yun privacy.

Tao Tu Yun opened her eyes after she didn't hear noise. She was startled to see Tao Fang Ao sitting on the bed and looking upset with her.

'Why did you runaway?' Tao Fang Ao asked.

'I... missed my parents,' Tao Tu Yun said.

'Tu Yun, you're lying,' Tao Fang Ao said. 'If you ran away because you missed your parents then why are you avoiding my eyes?'

'I... didn't want to stay here,' Tao Tu Yun said and bravely looked at Tao Fang Ao's intense eyes.

'I told you,' Tao Fang Ao said. 'You can't leave here until I have proof who is my fiance. By running away, are you admitting you're a fake? I want you to think carefully before you answer me. I don't care who deceives me, including you, because I'll make them pay for deceiving me.'

Tao Fang Ao was waiting for someone to return with the evidence. But he didn't need evidence to know Tao Tu Yun was his real fiance.

Tao Fang Ao knew Tao Tu Yun cared about him. But he didn't know why she continued to reject him. What secret was she hiding?

Tao Tu Yun felt like Tao Fang Ao could see through her heart.

'Tu Yun, stay here and sleep,' Tao Fang Ao said.

Tao Fang Ao stormed outside because he didn't want to argue with Tao Tu Yun while she was recovering from her chest wound.

Days later, Tao Fang Ao returned to his bedchamber to check up on Tao Tu Yun's condition again.

'Su Wu, is Tu Yun still sleeping?' Tao Fang Ao said.

'Yes second master Tao,' Su Wu said. 'Mistress is scared of cold weather. She always sleeps more during winter days.'

'Is Tu Yun feeling better?' Tao Fang Ao asked.

Tao Fang Ao sat on the bed and his fingers gently stroked Tao Tu Yun's pale face. Ever since the day they had a confrontation, she slept every time he checked up on her.

'Mistress, rarely left the bed,' Su Wu said. 'Rest and meals helped mistress recover faster.'

'Su Wu, you can leave,' Tao Fang Ao said. 'I'm staying here to take care of Tu Yun.'

'Yes second master Tao,' Su Wu said and left.

Tao Fang Ao couldn't believe what a foolish good heart Tao Tu Yun possessed. She would rather risk her life to save someone else's life by using her gift. Even when facing an assassin, she used her body to protect Su Wu's life.

'Tu Yun, you finally opened your eyes while I'm here,' Tao Fang Ao said. 'How is your chest wound?'

Tao Fang Ao tucked Tao Tu Yun's hair behind her ears so he had a clear view of her beautiful face.

'I felt better days ago,' Tao Tu Yun said. 'As long as I don't move strenuously then I won't feel chest pain.'

No matter how much Tao Tu Yun distant herself from Tao Fang Ao, he wouldn't give up on her. But she didn't want to admit that she loved him.

'Su Wu said that you've been lying in bed for days,' Tao Fang Ao said. 'Do you want me to take you outside?'

'It's cold outside,' Tao Tu Yun said and pulled the blanket up to her neck.

'Alright,' Tao Fang Ao said. 'Today it's snowing outside. Stay here and keep warm.'

'I heard Su Wu said you saved me that day,' Tao Tu Yun said.

'If I didn't find you in time, you wouldn't be alive today,' Tao Fang Ao said. 'Tu Yun, who wants to kill you?'

Tao Tu Yun didn't think saving elder Jiang's life would lead to another person dying in elder Jiang's place.

'Tu Yun, don't think too much,' Tao Fang Ao said. 'What you need to do is rest so you'll recover faster.'

'Alright,' Tao Tu Yun said.

Tao Tu Yun let Tao Fang Ao hold her hand and closed her eyes. The love between them was hot compared to the cold snow outside.


End of Chapter Six (Part 2)