Chapter 9.1
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RFF - Chapter Nine (Part 1)

Elder Jiang reported to Tao Fang Ao about the Tao Household's charity donations in the calligraphy room.

Elder Jiang noticed the broken chair on top of the broken vase. If he had known Tao Fang Ao lost his temper earlier, he wouldn't have entered the calligraphy room.

'Elder Jiang, you can leave,' Tao Fang Ao said. 'Give instructions to everyone that no one is allowed to come into my calligraphy room.'

'Yes second master Tao,' elder Jiang said.

Elder Jiang walked outside the calligraphy room and he carefully closed the door. He watched Tao Fang Ao grow up. It was rare for Tao Fang Ao to lose his temper, which meant Tao Fang Ao must have fought with Tao Tu Yun.

'Elder Jiang,' Su Wu called. 'Is second master Tao inside the calligraphy room?'

'Second master Tao instructed that no one is allowed to disturb him,' elder Jiang said. 'Su Wu, why don't you wait for another day to see second master Tao?'

'Elder Jiang, I have something important I need to tell second master Tao,' Su Wu said.

'Su Wu, it's better if you go back and be with lady Tao,' elder Jiang advised.

'Second master Tao, it's about mistress!' Su Wu cried out.

'Su Wu, how can you stand here and yell?' elder Jiang asked.

'Elder Jiang, let Su Wu come into the calligraphy room,' Tao Fang Ao said.

Su Wu ran into the calligraphy room. She was speechless after she noticed the broken chair and vase.

'Didn't you have something important to tell me?' Tao Fang Ao asked impatiently.

'Today I followed mistress to the fortune teller's home so mistress could warn Dou Dou,' Su Wu said in a shaky voice. 'The fortune teller has a way to save mistress' life.'

'Explain everything calmly,' Tao Fang Ao said.

Tao Fang Ao didn't want to hear Tao Tu Yun wanted to leave him again.

'Second master Tao, there's something important I hid from you,' Su Wu said.

'Tell me!' Tao Fang Ao said.

Su Wu explained about Tao Tu Yun not living past nineteen and told Tao Fang Ao about the fortune teller's instructions to save Tao Tu Yun's life.

'Are you telling the truth?' Tao Fang Ao asked.

Tao Fang Ao wondered if Tao Tu Yun rejected him because she thought she couldn't live past nineteen. Did it mean there was hope Tao Tu Yun would accept him?

'Second master Tao, everything I told you is true,' Su Wu said.

'Leave everything to me,' Tao Fang Ao said. 'Go and take good care of Tu Yun.'

'Mistress...' Su Wu said.

'What's wrong with Tu Yun?' Tao Fang Ao asked.

'Mistress cried and fainted in the bedchamber,' Su Wu said.

'What?' Tao Fang Ao asked worriedly. 'Did you call the physician yet?'

Tao Fang Ao strode toward the door, stopped and turned around.

'Did Tu Yun faint because she warned Dou Dou?' Tao Fang Ao asked suspiciously.

'Yes,' Su Wu said.

'You can go back to Tu Yun,' Tao Fang Ao said.

Tao Fang Ao didn't know if he should go see Tao Tu Yun. If he went to see Tao Tu Yun, she wouldn't understand how much it affected him every time she risked her life.

'Second master Tao, I can see you care about mistress,' Su Wu said. 'You said you're disappointed in mistress out of anger. The truth is mistress loves you.'

Su Wu bowed to Tao Fang Ao and she rushed back to the bedchamber.

Tao Fang Ao stood at the door crazily happy. He hoped Su Wu didn't say Tao Tu Yun loved him because Su Wu was worried he wouldn't save Tao Tu Yun's life. He wanted to hear Tao Tu Yun tell him she loved him from her own mouth.

Two days later, Tao Tu Yun woke up.

'Su Wu...' Tao Tu Yun called weakly.

'Mistress, you're awake,' Su Wu said. 'You slept for two days. Do you want me to call the physician?'

Su Wu helped Tao Tu Yun sit up on the bed.

'I'm alright,' Tao Tu Yun said. 'Su Wu, in the last two days did he sleep in the calligraphy room?'

'Yes mistress,' Su Wu said.

'Su Wu, I think it's better if I go home,' Tao Tu Yun said. 'I miss my parents, and I don't want them to worry about me.'

'Mistress, wait another month,' Su Wu said. 'Second master Tao can escort you home after the wedding. Your parents will be happy to see you and second master Tao.'

'Su Wu, is lady Tao awake?' elder Jiang asked from the door.

'Yes elder Jiang,' Su Wu said.  'You can come inside and see mistress.'

Elder Jiang walked into the bedchamber and he felt sad to see Tao Tu Yun looked ill.

'Lady Tao, you look ill,' elder Jiang said.

Su Wu and elder Jiang exchanged a look and sighed.

'Of course mistress looks ill,' Su Wu said. 'It's because of second master Tao.'

'Lady Tao, second master Tao has been moody since he fought with you,' elder Jiang said. 'Second master Tao took out his temper on the servants because he's worried about you. The servants are scared to serve him.'

'Elder Jiang, do you think he is willing to see me?' Tao Tu Yun asked.

'Yes lady Tao,' elder Jiang said. 'If you go see second master Tao, you'll make the servants' work lives easier.'

Su Wu chose a warm red cape, and she draped it around Tao Tu Yun's shoulders.

Feng Yu knocked on the door.

'Lady Tao,' Feng Yu called anxiously from the door.

'Su Wu, open the door for Feng Yu,' Tao Tu Yun said.

Su Wu opened the door and Feng Yu walked into the bedchamber. Feng Yu was scared to see elder Jiang too.

'Lady Tao, I...' Feng Yu said. 'Everyone needs to come to second master Tao's calligraphy room immediately. Mistress put lust powder into second master Tao's bowl of soup.'

'What?' elder Jiang asked and ran to the calligraphy room.

'Su Wu, Feng Yu, we should follow elder Jiang too,' Tao Tu Yun said.


End of Chapter Nine (Part 1)