Chapter Three: Wicmoore
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Edit: I think I need a really cool cover art for my story, but I don't have drawing skills. What a diliemma.



“Why is there no report yet?!” 


Inside a glamorous mansion, yelling and various crashes could be heard from a certain room. Indicating objects are being thrown around.  


Several butlers and maids are standing just outside the closed door of the room with worried expressions. They didn’t know if they should knock or not. The current head of the household has what’s known as a ‘loose hand’, so they were hesitant. 


The door slammed open, causing the crowd of servants to hurriedly jump back. Beyond the open door, a middle-aged man with blonde hair with gray streaks on the side and blue eyes was standing. He wore a fine tailored suit with a tail coat, a monocle which complimented his thin mustache on his upper lip.  


He was Seannery Lockette, Glenn Lockette’s father. 


He looked at his servants wearing scared expressions and scoffed, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with you low borns... If you have something to report, then report it! Hurry!” 


The maid closest to Seannery hurriedly said, “Lo.. Lord, we went to Sonnen Church with the carriage of gold coins as you ordered. They took the contributions and performed a [Life Search] as you had asked...” 


“And?” Seannery impatiently asked as he raised his eyebrow expecting the maid to finish. 


“They couldn’t find any signs of life, My Lord.” The maid hurriedly bowed her head to avoid any eye contact. 


Seannery grabbed a rapier hanging on the wall and swung. Decapitating the maid as her face still showed nervousness. 


“GREAT, JUST GREAT!!!! That fool failed, what am I going to report to Lord Emperor?!” He screamed as he kept swinging the rapier, killing the other servants as they screamed.  


What a cruel man 



(Krishna PoV) 


It’s been several hours already 


After I rudely screamed about squirrels, I furiously bowed in apology to Pygmy and Grey, the old couple who owns this orphanage. I tried apologizing to the kids, but those brats ran away. It’s still a shock that there’s actually anthropomorphic animals in this world.  


Pygmy the lady squirrel, was a lot nicer to me than her husband, Grey. She pointed me to the back where I could find wood.  Since I had no money, I was forced to use shabby wood to patch up my mess. I was currently in the living room with a hammer and nails just fixing the floor, terribly.  


In the other room, the old couple pulled out a board with a map on it. I couldn’t help, but stop, looking at it.  


By the time I realized, I was already sitting with a group of children no older than 10, having class with them. 


Raising my hand, I asked, “What is this a map of?” It looks like a continent with a lot of territory, but it’s better to ask since I don’t know. 


Why are you looking at me like that?! I really don’t know! The children still seemed scared of me; I can’t blame them. 


As if to add insult to injury, a little girl with red hair proudly answered, "It's the land of Wicmoore!” 


Wicmoore? That’s a shitty name. I’m not going to acknowledge it.  


I’ll just ask about the kingdoms and find out how to get back home.  


“So, what about all the kingdoms here? I can see this land has a lot of space.” 


Grey and Pygmy look at me like a bumpkin and respond, “Let’s start here, the Republic of Krep, where we reside...” 


After an hour of geography class, I learned that I’m currently in Krep, a kingdom of ten allied territories in the Northern most part of the continent. If I wanted to get back, I would have to travel South into the central part, to the Dynasty of Thyrone. Weren’t those people who tried to kill Master from there? Ugh, I might have to bite the bullet. Thyrone is the largest country, once I get there, I’d have to travel Southwest for a while, before getting to the narrow pass that leads into Pickert. 


I knew the forest I lived in was large, but it covers the Entire Southwestern and Eastern parts of the continent. 


Besides Krep and Thyrone. There are still other countries towards the West, but who cares about them? I’ll never go there. 


With a plan in mind, I’ll set out in the morning. It’s getting late now. 


“Uh, ex.. excuse me. Aunty and Uncle have din.. dinner is ready.” A voice interrupted my thoughts. It was the girl who embarrassed me earlier. Why is she stuttering? I’m not going to eat her. 


I walk into the dining room where the atmosphere is not one, I’m used to. The children were laughing, playing, just being kids until I walked in. It got silent real fast. I understand my appearance isn’t exactly something to get used to, but my real appearance beneath my mask is scarier. 


The couple walked in, who noticed the atmosphere, scolded the children, “You kids don’t need to be rude. She must have her reasons, now let’s eat!” 


How long has it been since I’ve eaten an actual prepared meal? I’m already used to beast meat, but this stew doesn’t taste too bad. It reminds me of Nyr, my mother from this world. 


As I reminisced, a small piece of meat hit me in my right eye. 


A small boy with little squirrel ears on his head, stood atop the table with fists at his sides in a heroic manner, “Fear not, I, Arin the Great Hero has vanquished the demon!”  


Demon? Me? My veins are throbbing in my forehead right now.  Fine, you brats, I’ll play along. 


Hehehehehehe.” A menacing laugh leaked out as I instantly appeared beside the boy, picking him up by the collar. I turned to the other brats, “If you want to rescue him, try to defeat me out in the yard.” Giving Pygmy and Grey a look, I disappeared in the direction of their backyard. 


“Untie me, demon!” The boy, Arin is screaming right in my ear as he is tied to a tree. I’m currently looking at the other children in front of me, holding sticks. 


I playfully smiled beneath my mask, “You brats win if you can untie the hero brat behind me.” 


With Pygmy and Grey are watching silently, the kids burst forth heroically. Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t land a single hit on me. They were short, clumsy, and slow. However, I don’t see the red headed girl. 


Oh shit! I look back and sure enough, she untied the brat. This is surprising, I didn’t even sense her at all. Does she perhaps have a ‘gift’ like me?  


Soon all the other kids started hitting me with their sticks and climbing all over me. The original serious atmosphere was gone as they were all laughing. 


That’s good, it was a headache dealing with a bunch of kids acting scared around me. 




“Thank You.” Both Pygmy and Grey thanked me after the children fell asleep. 


“I didn’t do anything. It has been just annoying having a bunch of scared brats around is all.” I replied back while looking outside. All three moons were out tonight, as they graciously glimmered in a red, purple, and white light. 


“No, really, these kids live every day without being able to leave the orphanage. The slums outside are too dangerous, they would be kidnapped and sold. No one comes here because it’s under the protection of the mayor, but that only stipulates for here. Really, we thank you.” 


“...” I had no response to that. It really is a cruel world, in the end. 


They still look like they want to talk... I asked, “That brat was talking about being a hero. What does that mean?”  


Grey proudly said, “Hero is a title given to the strongest warrior and leader of Krep. They get elected through public recognition throughout the ten territories. In fact, our current hero is retiring so new candidates will be initiating the ‘Parade of Heroes’ soon.” 


“Parade of Heroes? What does that mean?” I couldn’t help, but ask out of curiousness. 


“The Parade of Heroes is where one strong hero candidate from each of the territories parade around the country gaining more recognition. By the end, a voting process occurs where the candidate with the most votes, becomes the hero.” Pygmy explained. 



“Isn’t that a popularity contest?” Now I’m even more confused. 



The couple smiled, “That’s the point. The country benefits from a hero who is extremely well liked compared to an unpopular one.” 



Well, I really hope I don’t run into one of them. It sounds like wherever they go, there will be a bunch of people, I’m not dealing with that. 



Hero? Bullshit