Calling Backup!
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Name: Alex

Level (first generation): 3 (level cap: 50, next level; 5605)
Race: Human
Bloodline: Human
Ability: Technology (lv1)
Equipment: Spell Book, clothing, pointy hats, cloak, leather gloves, boots, 2x riffles, 2x iron sword, 1x iron spear, 2x stone hatchet, and 2x daggers.
Item: 10x Potion, 10x Ether, 1x Grenade, 1x ticket of Bloodline grade C, 1x rifle magazine, 20x mineral bottles, and 10x packet bread.
Summons: Shizuka Nadeshiko (Tuxedo style), 3 Red Ribbon personnel (Dick, Jason, Damian).
Points: 1,001,140 P
Money: 1,000,100 G 2 S 50 C


Alex and co weren't the first victims of the Goblins' operation, because as they loot the corpse, they found kinds of stuff such as several coppers, a couple of potions and ethers, necklaces and rings.

"Wow, this one looks expensive!" Damian grabbed a ring with a golden surface and an emblem of a lion on the top of it.

"Perhaps it belongs to a noble? Maybe you can receive a reward if you return it," Dick said.

"If I have the chance... we only here for a week after all... not exactly promising..." Damian knitted his eyebrows and rubbed his chin, then a light bulb as if popped out from his head, "or... I can trade this with Mr. Star for more gold... he has more chance than me!"

"Hey, that's actually a good idea!"

Meanwhile, Alex and Shizuka were in the area not far from them, Alex currently chatted with the System while Shizuka stood silently on the side.

"Despite the Goblin is the lowest races among the others, they can be superior when attacked as a group, not counting their elites which comparable to the journeymen rank of warriors or mages."

"In the forest, a goblin can use the terrain advantage such as attacking from above or setting up traps like pitfall or a rope which can catch you feet and leave you hanging."

"They have a habit to kill the men and kidnapped the women, turning the latter into their breeding machine until the women died due to the exhaustion of conceiving the goblin's descendant or simply subjected to the obscenity."

"Ironically, the goblins race are all male, so their chance of reproduction is only with other race... or any creature with an ovarium... that meant they can also breed even from a female hog... which they kind of did, most of the time."

Alex couldn't help but feel sick, the thought of imagining these bony creatures humping those sizeable hogs brought a lot of uncomfortable feelings.

"System, you mention about journeymen rank... before you also mention grandmaster rank... what are these?"

"Oh, right, I haven't told you yet... sorry..." the system's tone expressed embarrassment, "as you remember, Fantasia's power was based on Martial Arts and Magic, those who managed to learn could be called many things, but they essentially separated to 7 ranks; Novice, Journeymen, Expert, Master, Grand Master, Saint, and lastly, Sage."

"Out of 7, only 5 that were decided by the guild under the kingdom's order, in order to raise a rank, there were requirements and tests that must be fulfilled. Each kingdom had their different rank up systems; for example, the Phoenix Kingdom of Starburst Continent had a system that sent off their members to participate in a 'Fire Trial', which every person must enter a lava cave and survive inside for about an hour, gave up or fainted before that, you fail the test, and that's only Novice Rank to Journeymen Rank."

"As for Saint and Sage... these were out the capability of most kingdoms... except... the one at Mysterious Continent... albeit still a rumor..."

"What's so special about this Mysterious Continent?"

"Rumor said the Mysterious Continent had an ancient civilization that still alive despite Millenium of years, this people had a method to decide whether you had achieved a Saint Rank or not..."

"What about Sage Rank?"

"Of all the Fantasia continent, none can decide the rank of a Sage, because they possessed an infinite strength... for several thousand years ago up to today... there were only 3 people that possibly recognize as Sage Rank..."


"The Crazy Hermit of Hidden Continent, the Moon Goddess of the Mount Artemis, and..."

Hearing the system suddenly paused, Alex felt a sense of foreboding rose from his guts, he swallowed his throat, "It's fine... to tell me, System..."

"..." the system still went silent for a while, said, "the Lord of the Dragon, Bahamut."

"!" at this moment, Alex's entire body trembled, couldn't help but his eyes widened.

"Alex?" Shizuka noticed Alex's sudden paleness, her tone filled with concern.

"No... I am... I..." he wanted to smile to comfort her, but his lips somewhat stiff, grasping his hand that terribly shaking.

"System... if the dragon had a Sage Rank character among them, why they haven't attacked the world yet and won?" Alex said, "was it because of this crazy hermit and moon goddess?"

"No... the Crazy Hermit, he was a lunatic and no one could comprehend his line of thought, isolated himself in the Forest of Nothingness, he has not been seen again since thousand years... as for the Moon Goddess... she's indifferent toward world matter, as long as no one tried to invade her territory, she wouldn't move from her mountain..."

"In short, we have no idea why the dragon had not won yet?"


"System... what level do I have to achieve to contend with Bahamut? a 100?"


Alex took several deep breaths to calm himself down, despite he knew it wouldn't be easy, but he didn't hope to actually have to raise his level to the max, because first; he didn't know whether his time was sufficient or not, second; he possibly didn't have enough strength.

Now the first thing he needed to know was when the dragon would start their action, meanwhile, he also had to employ the best method to farm his experiences and points...

Of course, he already had the method, just pondering when the right timing to utilize it so he could reap the biggest benefit.

Shizuka looked at Alex's paleness, suddenly didn't know what to say.

Of course; if she was in his place and suddenly received the news that the big bad boss was one of the strongest people in the world, would she still be not shaking?

Back on Earth, Alex had fought over the spot of wealthiness with a bunch other billionaires, they gave him severe pressure but not as big as this...

Because if he failed, it was not the end of the world...

But, then again... why should he feel guilty if he failed? This was... not his world, why he give any damn?

"Mr. Star!" Damian approached him all of a sudden, didn't notice the strange mood that currently swarming Alex.

"Yeah?" Alex wiped his face then proceeded to smile, despite his chaotic feeling, Alex didn't want others to suffer the same.

"I found this strange Ring, probably belong to Royalty..." Damian offered the ring to him, Alex accepted it, turning it up and down to inspect the item.

"System, do you know what ring is this?"

"The ring of Lionheart!"

"Lionheart? Sound like a big name..." Alex muttered.

"Not just big Alex... Lionheart... is the name of the three kingdoms of the Moonlight Continent!"

"What?!" Alex widened his eyes, accidentally spoke out loud, making Damian almost jumped three feet from the ground.

"Mr. Star, you recognize this ring?"

Alex didn't answer him, quickly said inwardly, "Wasn't this mean the ring extremely important?"

"Very!" the system exclaimed, "it's the nobility's sign of Lionheart family, those who wear this ring, they can do anything as long in the territory of Lionheart Kingdom..."

Damn, that's pretty useful, it's like having a decree of the president anywhere you go.

"But beware of two things; once you've been found out as an impostor, a quick death is already mercy, and if you walked into Knightwalker Kingdom territory while bearing this ring... they will execute you immediately."

"What happened between these two kingdoms?"

"You mean what's currently on between them?" the system said in a sarcastic tone, "they are at war."

Alex almost staggered into the ground, 'Great, the world's facing a calamity, yet they had the time to squabble with each other.'

"A-anyway, Mr. Star..." Damian slipped his words despite he saw Alex was in his own zone.

"Em?" Alex startled, forget that two pairs of eyes actually had been staring.

"Oh, sorry, Damian... what... what are you saying again?" Alex scratched his cheek in embarrassment.

"I am just wondering... you know... this ring may be quite important... so... perhaps there is a reward?" Damian said in a stutter.

"He wants compensation for the ring, Alex," Shizuka chipped in.

"Thanks... I understand what he said..." Alex looked at her with a sweat drop, then he took out one silver, gave it to Damian.

"Just this?" the soldier appeared disappointed.

"Ahem, we don't really know the worth of this ring, I give you more once we received more detail..." Alex coughed and stood up from a root, said, "the day's getting late, we should move out before the night, look for an appropriate place to camp."



They walked across the river and went further into the forest, somehow didn't encounter a single enemy along the way, luckily.

"Alex, you're close to the Goblin's nest, there might have been many traps around," the system said.

"Thanks for the heads up," Alex swept his eyes toward his people; the three soldiers walked in front while Shizuka stayed on his side.

"Guys remembers what I said before, Goblins may possibly set up traps here, so-"

"Aaaaaaaaaaah!" suddenly Jason screamed, the ground he stepped on swallowed his body downward, the entire person just fell into a hole at an amazing speed.


They quickly approached the edge, looking into the pitfall with estimated depth perhaps 10 feet below the ground, they saw Jason landed harshly at its base.

"Ouch..." Jason let out a small moan, his head felt dizzy and heart as if must burst out, the feeling was terrifyingly amazing.

"Jason, you OK?!" Dick said.

"Yeah, I think s-" he looked at his leg and found out white things spurt out from his knee, "NO! NO! I break my bone!!!"

Both Dick and Damian immediately hissed, a cringe feeling winced their face, Shizuka had grown accustomed to pain and breaking bones due to her training, while Alex also had broken his bones multiple times back on Earth.

"He wouldn't be able to get out from there... Shizuka, if you please..." Alex said.

Shizuka nodded, but before she jumped down into the hole, there were suddenly loud laughs all over the environment, accompanied by greasy snapping branches and scatters leave.



"Oh, darn it, the goblins!" Alex and the other's expression immediately changed, raising up their rifle and formed a circle, but the high trees and lush branches made it difficult to find the target.

The goblins kept laughing, their voices as if reverberated anywhere, it's like there were more than 10 of them out there.

"Alex, this is an anomaly, usually a pack of goblins will only consist of five or six of them, but a wholesome over 10 goblins, it's not normal!"

"Gee, thanks for the encouragement!" Alex rolled his eyes while also gritting his teeth.

"Guys, help me!" Jason down the pit kept screaming.

Alex could possibly leave him, and no doubt he would just leave him if the situation was turning for the worse, but running wildly wasn't an option, there were possibly other traps nearby.

"Alex, what to do?" Shizuka glanced at the man, she walked closer to him, whispered, "I can carry you out easily from here, and by jumping from tree to tree, we won't have to worry about to get caught in the trap."

"But the premise is... you have to abandon these soldiers, let alone we have someone injured... he will slow us down."

Her words might be harsh, but there was truth in them, hell, it's obviously the facts!

"The problem is the goblins don't seem quickly want to kill us... their intention probably to scare us first, making us ran away in panic..."

"Haha, terrorize these fools!"

Well, thank you for confirming my guess, that's very kind of you.

*Pit pat pit pat!* Dick began to fire, shooting randomly toward the high trees, there was dread in his eyes.

"Cut it out, you waste your bullets!" Alex said in anger, enough to startle Dick and stopped him.

"Alex, what to do? I can't fight without endangering you..." Shizuka grit her teeth.

Alex took a deep breath, at the moment like this, one must not panic and concentrated to distinguish the situation.

Their main advantage was their numbers and knowledge of the terrain, so to solve the situation, Alex had to gain the upper hand in either both of them or one of them.

At this moment, one dagger flashed through from one of the trees, Shizuka's eyes glinted with cold color, she threw a kunai to intercept with the dagger.

But a moment later, suddenly several arrows flew from many directions, Shizuka crazily deflected each of them but several managed to wound both Dick and Damian.

Jason already desperate down there, clearly thought they were going to die.

"Alex, we don't have much choice here, we must leave them behind..." Shizuka whispered.

"Give me more time," Alex said.

"What do you want to do?"

"Summon a backup!"

Alex went silent for a bit before suddenly, right in the pit hole, a glaring light gloriously emerged.