1-8: Guild Exam
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We go to the Adventurer Guild. From the outside, the guild looks like a bar, the only difference being the sign: the guild has a quill as a symbol. We enter the building.

From the inside, it also looks like a bar. Unlike a regular bar, however, there is a prominent office area with boards and counters. It's still early in the day, so the guild
is quite empty. Most of the adventurers stand in front of the bulletin boards. The pinboards seem to be colour-coded.

The Kouniklothrope clerk is sitting on the table. She wears a pink cap with feathers attached to it. She waves at us and greets us.

“Welcome to the Adventurer Guild. What can I do for you?”

She climbs down from the counter.

“We're here to register as adventurers.”, Aiden says.

“I see. Please fill out these forms. Do you need an amanuensis?”

Ethan and I both shake our heads.

“No, we're fine. Thanks.”

She hands us registration forms and quills to write. So the feathers on her hat were actually quills. We fill out the forms and hand them in.

“Thank you. Since you're all underage, you need to pass a battle assessment. Until the examiner arrives, I'll be explaining how the Guild works:

There are 1X (do-deca) ranks. The lowest rank is Bronze-X (ten). From there you promote through Bronze-10 (dozen) up to Bronze-5. After that, you promote through Silver-4 up to Silver-1. After that, the ranks are Gold-1 to Gold-3. And after that, the ranks are Mithril-4 to Mithril-6 to Orihalcum-7 to Orihalcum-E (eleven), then finally, there's Black-10 (dozen). Orihalcum and higher ranks are every rarely ever issued. The reason the numbers meet in the middle is starting with Gold ranks, adventurers are considered having a stable income.

Any available quests can be found on the quest boards. If you find a quest you want to take bring the slip to the counter. Note if you fail or abandon the quest, you might need to pay a penalty. Plus, if you do that too often you might get demoted. Thus, if you're unsure you should ask a clerk at the reception for more information.”

After a while, a middle-aged Neotes man comes to us.

“I'll be your examiner. Please follow me to the assessment area.”

He doesn't seem to be a man of many words. We follow the examiner.

“Let's start with you.”, he addresses me, “You're an archer, right? Your assessment is easy: stand over there and shoot the targets. The rest of you stay here.”

The room has a strange shape. From the waiting area, you can only see the area you are standing to shoot. The targets are not visible from that angle. I move to the designated area, equip my bow and shoot the first few targets. Is it just me or are the later targets further away? I adjust and hit all the targets in near the center.

“Well done! You can go and recover your arrows.”

I walk to the target to get my arrows. Indeed, the later targets are further away! They incorporated quite a mean illusion in this shooting range.

“Next, you.”, he addresses Ethan, “Show me what you can against that dummy.”

Ethan hits the dummy for several minutes. Suddenly, he strikes the direction of the examiner. A small knife falls to the floor. Apparently, the examiner threw the knife at him.

CC-BY 4.0 Thai “0xReki” Chung