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Uwa! My head hurts. I remember I was re-reading volume 14 of overlord before falling asleep and waking up over here…wherever here is! I can't see anything as its dark. I can also hear some sort of rustling sound. Am I in a vegetative state? Although I love webnovels, manga, anime and their fanfics, realistically speaking I would prefer to believe I am in some sort of semi-aware coma, if that's a thing, rather than being reborn like a fiction protagonist. Bam. Ouch! Did someone just bump into me? HELLO!!!Pay attention to the injured (self-assumed) or  critically ill (again self-assumed) patient. Maybe not? Maybe some pervert has kidnapped me and I'm in some sort of crate. Who am I kidding? I'm as normal as they come. Done nothing of significance or offended anyone. I also don't think I have anyone obsessed with me to yandere levels that they would need to kidnap me. I guess I'm just in denial to whatever is happening. Anyway I should try to escape from here.

I tried to apply whatever force I can muster and shove open whatever is binding me. Crack! Some part of this 'wall' has fallen apart. Deep breath. One more time and…Crack! Fuaa, I can finally breathe properly. Now to see where I am while I am not part of some organ trafficking operation.

I crawl my way out to freedom and the sight that greets me is one that would cause arachnophobes to have a heart attack. Lots, and I mean LOT'S, of spiders about the same size as me just squirming around everywhere. Was there some sort of apocalypse that caused insects such as spiders to mutate to the same size as a human? No, let's stop denying what has happened and try to accept things as they are. My fears are confirmed when I turn around to witness the egg I crawled out of. Yes, an egg. The rustles from the spiders provides a good background music and the leg of a spider that appears in my eyesight help to make this realization settle in quickly. I have become a spider.

As soon as this realization strikes a sound of munching draws my attention as I bear witness to one of my blood related siblings happily chomp down on each other. Its decided. Let's first run somewhere far away from here before thinking about this situation calmly. As if to fuel my determination, a loud rhythmic vibration catches my attention. And lo and behold, the largest spider mankind would never have witnessed yet eating some hatchling spiders. That thing is multiple times my size. This whole situation reminds me of a series that I really liked called kumo desu ga, nani ka? It's all eerily similar. It's as if my whole situation is a copy paste of kumo-chan. Let's follow the trend and call giant ass spider as mother. Seriously though. Have I been reincarnated in So I am a spider so what? Is this another unknown world and all these similarities are just a bunch of coincidences? Or maybe I replaced shiro. Chomp. Mother! You scared the living hell out of me. Damn, she is getting closer. I'll think about that crap later after escaping from this hell hole.

I use every ounce of energy I have to move my newly born spider legs out of that room, dodging eggs as well as my brothers and sisters in my way.  I also remembered what happened in the novel briefly so I quickly bit one of the weaker injured spiders towards the end of the cave section to incapacitate it and tried to dragged it with me. If nothing else, this spider will be my first meal in this new world. It is rather difficult as I was used to walking on two legs until I woke up here and I don't think I was a spider before my reincarnation like shiro was. But difficult as it is I made it out successfully. I crawled quiet a distance away and mustered as much  concentration as I could to asses my surroundings in this dark cave to try and achieve some semblance of safety before I started thinking again.

Although I am not sure yet if this is the world of kumo desu ga nani ka, let's assume it is for now until it is confirmed to be otherwise. Kumoko got the appraisal skill quiet early I think. Although she complained a lot that it was useless due to low level of skill, it is undoubtedly the most important skill as I would like to get information as early as possible. If I try to level it up from now, I might get information quickly. Not to mention it could help me analyse the skills of any other beasts that might be here. Here goes nothing- 'appraisal'.  I heard the cliché system voice I was expecting- "Currently you have 100 skill points. The skill [Appraisal LV1] can be acquired by spending 100 skill points. Do you want to acquire it?]. I mentally said 'yes'.

"[Appraisal LV1] has been acquired. Remaining skill points 0."

So am I in kumo desu ga nani ka after all? Let's go with the flow until I meet some of the main cast. Now onto the elephant in the room or in this case, the spider in the cave. I turned my eyes menacingly towards my poor spider sibling. It started shaking as if it knew its end was near. As much as I don't want to eat this spider, just the thought of it is gross, survival is my first priority now. If my life is going to be remotely similar to shiraori, then I have to throw away my previous ideas and thoughts as quickly as possible and embrace this new way of life to survive. With such a resolution I quickly bit down the incapacitated spider with all my strength. Its attempts to break free dwindled until it met its definite end. I closed my eyes tore of the chunk of the spider in my mouth and ate it as quickly as I could. Gross! It truly is gross. Shiraori did not lie. As I stifled my tears from the horrendous meal, the system notified me what I was waiting for-

"Conditions met. Title [Kin Eater] was acquired. By effects of the title [Kin Eater], skill [Taboo LV1] and [Heretic Magic Lv1] was acquired."

Heretic magic is truly overpowered later on. If I remembered correctly it acts on the soul. Haa, I should try to find some place to rest. The thought of having to eat these sorts of critters every day from now on send chills down my non-existent spine. Nai waa...


The protagonists system will be similar to kumo desu ga nani ka but other players in yggdrassil will have the normal system they might have had in the light novels. Also there will be time skips. A lot of them as I don't want to basically do a recap of kumo desu ga nani ka. The mc will meet Ainz Ooal Gown by around the end of chapter 2 or by chapter 3 I guess. By around chapter 8 the mc will be going to marvel so hang on until then.