34. Temporal Reflections
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Aura PoV:

Undead and golems could be seen moving in orchestrated haste, their watchful endeavors intertwining a meticulously designed mosaic of safeguarding and creation. Golems toiled with unwavering dedication.

Middle-tier undead maintained a vigilant patrol over the sanctuary. Meanwhile, the remaining undead actively participated in the sanctuary's construction, contributing their spectral energies to the evolving edifice.

"Mare, what do you think we will be doing this time?" Aura asked while playing around with the spider babies.

She could not communicate with the spider babies directly as she had with her own pet beasts. Her ability to talk with beats was limited to those she tamed herself. She, of course, would not dare to tame the spider babies as they were Lady White's.

"I-I don't know, Nee-chan," Mare replied stuttering as always.

Well, she could not fault Mare this time as she herself had no idea about what was to come. Aura thought back to one of the most delightful times she had in her life until now. Yes, it was obviously accompanying Lady White on this trip.

Originally she had thought they would just visit a time sanctuary and then return to Nazarick, but she was quickly proven wrong. Lady White had brought them to travel to multiple time sanctuaries. Though the stay in each one was very brief.

Sometimes they left the sanctuaries to go outside and got to see Lady White test some super-tier spells. Aura was left in wonder at the might of those spells.

Of course, she knew that the spells were merely a drop in the bucket compared to Lady White's true almighty power. After all, she was the most versatile magic caster in all of YGGDRASIL.

Aura was sure that the rest of the guardians and servants would be very jealous of their journey with Lady White. They were jealous when she had hugged Aura the previous time, not to mention this time when they traveled with her for so long.

Especially Albedo. She must be burning with jealousy. Aura had heard rumours that Albedo and Shalltear were making factions in their battle to win Lady White's heart. Having read the Overlord light novels, Aura was certain that these were facts and not mere rumours.

Luckily, the alternate version of her and Mare had not caused any major issues in that universe for Lord Momonga. If not, she would not have been so carefree right now.

Despite this Aura understood that due to their age, the Supreme Beings might be reluctant to give more important or dangerous tasks to them. Lord Momonga had only assigned tasks he knew they could easily finish to the alternate versions of themselves.

Knowing how caring Lady White was, she probably planned to do the same. This fact made Aura determined to prove the Supreme One of her capabilities and show her that she could handle heavy responsibilities like Demiurge or Albedo.

Even Pandora's Actor, who was not even a floor guardian, got a very difficult task to finish. While it was true that he had the abilities suited for the task and he was also a level 100 NPC, he was not a floor guardian like Aura and Mare were.

Aura wanted to show that she was worthy of the title of floor guardian and play an important part in Lady White's multiversal conquest.

Ever since they found out that their esteemed creator Bukubukuchagama had passed away, while heartbroken, Aura and Mare had transferred their feelings to Lady White. This fuelled their determination to win her approval.

Aura turned towards the seat where the Supreme Being was sitting. A pastry specially prepared from the kitchens of Nazarick was placed on the table in front of her. Her delicate hand took a piece of the pastry as she had her normal calm expression.

Aura's gaze shifted toward the seat where the Supreme Being was comfortably settled. Resting upon the table before her was a meticulously crafted pastry, a creation sourced from the esteemed kitchens of Nazarick.

With a graceful gesture, her slender fingers delicately selected a portion of the pastry, all the while maintaining her usual air of tranquil composure.

'I wonder what grand mysteries she is trying to decipher?' Aura thought. 'Perhaps the next step in conquering the multiverse?'

Shiraori PoV:

'Hmm, this tastes nice. Life is supposed to be like this.' I thought taking a bite of the pastry placed on the table in front of me. Truthfully, I was getting bored of eating food procured in other timelines. Ultimately, Nazarick's food was the best!

Yes, you heard me. I have been going to different timelines and tasting food. Well, of course, most of the food I tasted in ancient times did not taste nearly as good as modern food much less Nazarick's food.

Well, I got a bit sidetracked. I also did test super-tier spells in these timelines. One time I even let loose and used a spell in the midst of a war going on. The bodies collected were raised as undead for efficiency of course.

The point is that I basically knew how the efficacy of the spells to a certain degree and I could use them in battles. While it was not certain if certain conditions might cause the spell to act differently yet, this was good enough for now.

The eggs which were to be used as anchors and tools for resurrection were also hidden away deep within the most protected areas in the sanctuaries which were constructed first.

I had to praise Albedo for a job well done upon returning to Nazarick and reward her with something. Perhaps give her something Tabula owned? She was like the other NPCs now anyway and likely would want something that belonged to her creator.

Regardless she really outdid herself. Not that I had any doubts she would not be able to handle this task given that I had read about her in the novels.

Based on my observations so far, this multiverse is a blend of Marvel comics with certain MCU elements added to it. For instance, the TVA members we had previously encountered obviously belonged to the TVA of MCU version, not the comics as I had previously said.

That said after travelling and observing events taking place in these timelines clandestinely, I also saw multiple comic book characters that did not exist in the MCU. Though, they were minor characters with slightly more importance than the flame men I met earlier.

In fact, they outweighed the total number of MCU characters or events I saw, granted I had only visited a handful of timelines. Of course, this might also be because I avoided the modern times where most MCU events take place.

The information Mobius provided also specified information on certain comic book events.

However, there were certain events I could easily take advantage of due to this. And that was the reason why I was in this timeline. The original plan of visiting just one sanctuary was also changed on a whim because I wanted to win one windfall before going back to Nazarick.

Given the concurrent existence of both the comic series and the Marvel Cinematic Universe within this expansive multiverse, it stands to reason that certain artifacts would possess unchanging potency irrespective of their source.

To illustrate, consider the instance of the Infinity Stones. In the MCU, the Infinity Stones were notably diminished in comparison to their comic-book equivalents.

However, since both the MCU and comic continuities coexist, it becomes reasonable to deduce that certain key items such as the Infinity Stones ought to maintain a consistent power threshold regardless of the specific timeline they inhabit.

Even if I obtained infinity stones from a timeline that corresponded to the MCU version of events they should hold the same potency as the stones from comics.

Of course, this is just a guess for convenience and would make a topic for an exciting study. It could just as easily be totally wrong. Regardless, I planned to obtain the Darkhold based on this assumption.