Chapter 95 – Kids like Him
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The ork slaps himself, “Ok, a bit off topic there. Anyway, to take the harness off you need to first undo the cage. Just tap the opposite shoulder to undo the changes by a step. From the sunken mode to the normal cage, then the open bed and lastly the regular harness mode. Oh, and the sunken mode is for combat so it doesn’t get in your way. I had first just done the normal cage setup but it would cause problems when you lift your arms. I leave the form in because it is still useful in dangerous situations that are not hostile. Traveling in the wilds and other such nonsense. This should cover everything you need from it and then some. Though I can tell by your face the ‘then some’ is troubling you. Now work like this costs a pretty copper. Your face really cramped up when I mentioned using leather from the spawn of legendary creatures.”

The ork at this point slaps his knee and bursts out a loud barking laugh. He wipes a tear from his eye before he continues, “ho boy, that was a great look! Anyway, you don’t need to worry about the materials too much. While primordial monsters like Fenrir have a hard time with kids, their spawn are not so limited. The problem is not to find a descendent but rather find one with a dense enough bloodline. I made your harnesses leather from an only slightly rare wolf variant so I won't charge you for it. Of course if you ever kill some critter with an interesting hide I don’t mind a piece. Can never have to much material.”

“Hell, if you ever do kill an elder glutton wolf with red or blue streaks send it to me and that will replace the material I used. Might even be useful now that I proved what it can do. Now back to the cost. With materials taken care of there is still the cost of labor. My skills are high enough that even an hour of my time can bankrupt a town and here I spent three days without rest on that harness. Without some absurd background you can’t afford that. Luck is with you though as I have a bit of a habit. See I prefer to work on new things and stretch my imagination.”

“If someone came looking for the usual leather armor setup, I would charge them upfront and that would be that. Interesting projects however I treat differently. First is that payment comes after I complete the work. Partly so if I can’t make what they want people still come to me for that sort of stuff. Though mostly so I can work on the project even when the requester can’t afford it. A few kids that lived here a couple decades back would request weird things despite not having two coppers to rub together. One of the better times for me, kids have the best imagination! Sadly their parents caught them at it. Scared them silly and they all moved to a new town shortly after. Guess they didn’t believe me when I said I didn’t mind? Meh, nothing lasts forever I guess.”

“Anyway, the second difference is I adjust the cost depending on how much I enjoyed the work. Those kids actually got a couple of the smaller projects for free because it was so fun to do. Who else but a kid would want a toy butterfly with transparent wings and can fly despite being made entirely of leather?  Now your harness is not the most unique thing. Others have wanted similar projects before. What is different about yours is the material used. Before now the diffused energy was of not much use. I took this as a chance to experiment with the stuff as your request practically begged for it.”

“Every other request always involved the inside being bigger than the outside. Not a problem for other materials but the glutton wolfs ability is a package deal. Just one part of it would not do so most people ignore them if they are not causing problems. With that in my first discount is I will only charge you for the time to make that harness, an hour and a half. I will not bill for all the other prototypes and such. Still too much as you don’t look like an entire town.”

The ork draws a breath to continue but Jason interrupts him, “All right, I get it. I’m a poor boy from a poor family. Even with your massive and generous discounts on the project I could never afford even one percent of the bill. Neither of us is dumb. Equipment like this is a niche and can only be called complete once someone actually uses it. Chances of you finding someone in a similar situation as me who can not only afford this harness but doesn’t have a better option is slim to none. I don’t mean to be rude but come on, what do you want?”

Visibly deflated the ork sighs, “Fine, take all the fun out of it. Nole didn’t mention this side of you to me. Then again, anyone who can put up with Fern’s attention can’t be too normal. Anyway, you caught me. The material was scraps and even if you had decided not to ask me to make something after hearing the idea I would have tried anyway. Never was much of a business type myself so screw it. You don’t need to pay me now. In fact, I would rather you not pay me at all, at least not with money. Your one of those traveller types so since you haven’t already joined some group it is 50 50 of you being a nobody or a hero. I will take that bet. Later on when you kill some high level beasties send me the leather. If you find some stash of ancient leather gear, I will buy it. When you meet some weird hidden master of leatherworking by accident on your trip, send them my way. Now get that smirk off your face and id the dang harness so you can bask in its glory.”

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