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Haha! I am still alive? I haven't died yet. So here is a chapter!


It was a dark night, the moonlight shone through the tree branches. I was slowly approaching the previously discovered lifeforms. From their energy and aura I can tell that they are humans.

There should be a total of 7 humans of which 3 have around the same energy level as the average vice admiral. The rest is just cannon fodder.

I was now within a 75 meter distance of them and began to launch my assault. Within an instant over a hundred sharpened bones appeared. They floated in the air all pointing towards a single point; the location of the humans. 

Shortly after I ordered them to commence the attack. 

All of the bones began to encircle them and within a second completely fringed them.

A smile began to form on my face as I behested the bones to pause.

I summoned my bone sword and sheathed it in my previously empty sheath.

My smile grew bigger and bigger as I traversed into enemy territory. 

As the humans came into view I began to talk.

"Hello, gentlemen and ladies." Obviously they weren't, they looked like most pirates; half naked and 'intimidating'. 

"Hah? The f*ck you say to me you little sh*t?" That line feels familiar...Ah who cares.

"Me? I am no one. Just your friendly neighbour. Now if you don't mind me…" I appeared behind him with a sharp knife pointed to his neck.

"This is a robbery, women on the left side and men on right. Drop all your possessions on the ground and kick them towards me." 

"Please don't forget to cut off your arms afterwards."


"Oooh? Then please do tell me~ Who are you?"


"Yure pirates? Haha, let me guess. Your name is Yuretarded? Bwahaha."

"H-HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT!?" … The f*ck? Who in God's name would call their child Yuretarded? That's just weird, dumb and just like his name, retarded.

Anyways, "Haha, it doesn't matter. Do as I say or your comrade here dies." I looked at them with and exerted some intimidation onto them. 

"HA, WHY SHOULD WE? DO YOU THINK WE ARE SCARED OF YOU?!" Aaand there it was. I could have expected it, but I could still give it a try. It would have been more fun if they cooperated..

"Hais.. I didn't want to resort to this and just wanted to have some fun, but alas! You just had to ruin it." I tilted my head and looked at him. 

A psychopathic smile began to form on my face and within a split second his head fell to the ground.  The man I held began to panic and began to give his last struggles to break free. 

The knife that was pointed to his neck slowly entered it and blood began to flow from it.

The other five had either entered a battle stance or cowered in fear.

Being a human being sure is wonderful. Those who previously acted all high and mighty were now cowering in fear. Afraid of death…

Death is a mere illusion. Look at me, I died yet am still alive… in this weird world. 

I slit his throat and dropped his body. I turned towards the others. One of them had begun to charge at me but soon stopped.

A long needle like stick has pierced his head. (You naughty kids must be thinking of impure things)

He dropped dead to the ground. The needle exited his head and began to float beside me.

I looked at the other guys 

"W-WHAT DO YOU W-WANT!" These guys sure are dumb…

"I already stated my reasons for coming here. It was to rob all of you, but now I don't want to do that anymore. So I will simply  kill all of you."


"Why you indeed. It was just because you were the first ones I found."

"T-the first ones you found? So it was just random? Haha…" The colours began to drain from their faces. All hope seemed to be lost for him. But who cares?

"Yep yep, it was all up to mother luck." I looked at him with mocking eyes. I grabbed the person who spoke by the hair and looked him in his now dead eyes. 

"Isn't it lovely? You will experience something new! The mere thought of exploring death. Doesn't it excite you?" 

"It will feel like exploring an entire new world! Doesn't that sound wonderful?" My smile once again grew bigger. 

"Y-you are insane! Y-you p-psychopath!"

"Ho? A psychopath… That sure is something I haven't heard in a looong time." I smiled at him as I began to cut off his fingers. 


"P-please don't kill me. I-i can give you m-money and women so p-please don't kill me!" (Sounds like a typical young master after the protag just defeated them.)

"Hooo? Women? Money? What use do I have for those? Pleasure? A relaxing life? Boooo! That sounds boring." I pulled out one of his eyes soon after.

"AAAAAH!!" I smiled as I did said action.

"S-stop plea-please."

I stabbed him through the heart. Blood spattered everywhere. Onto the next one~

As the others tried to run away, I instantly ordered the bones to stab their legs. They dropped to the floor and now couldn't escape my grasp. 

I tread forward and instantly appeared in front of my next target. His eyes widened and of course began to scream to stop. You know the usual.

I grabbed his chin and made him look me in the eyes.

I smiled and placed a collar with a stick around his neck. The stick had two spikes at each end of the stick. (Search Heretic's fork for a clear image)

I also bondaged his mouth to stop him from screaming.

"Now if you don't want to die keep looking up and don't move. Otherwise you will be penetrated by the spikes." 

He tried to give me a nod but the spikes began to penetrate him. Blood flowed from his wound and he shrieked in pain but quickly seized his actions.

I grabbed his hand and began to push off his nails. He once again tried to resist but soon stopped.

Soon his fingers had no nails and blood flowed from them. The man had almost lost all hope of living on. That last bit of hope was because of what I previously stated.

I slowly began to tear his skin off. Once again he tried to resist but couldn't.

I continued torturing him until he couldn't handle it anymore and killed himself using the fork.

Three done and four to go. 

#Life goals!


Aaand that was it. I hope you enjoyed it.