Torture Games (3)
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I slowly approached the destroyed area and the stench of blood grew stronger by the second. My legs were trembling, yet I kept my cool because I am awesome! 

I summoned a weapon I gained from doing the lottery in the system.

It was excalibur! The strongest holy magic sword ever! 

Light shone from it as it magically illuminated the area even though it was day. With this, I am invincible!

I continued walking.

It didn't take long before I arrived in the devastated area.

I looked around but I didn't see anything. Only devastation. I slowly explored my surroundings. And there it was.. the leftovers of something.. Arms and legs were scattered everywhere together with parts of organs. I almost vomited at sight but I didn't because I am super strong!


What was that? Some weird roar… It must be near. 

And I was right. It's right there. And it wasn't alone… there were two of them! They looked weird. Skeleton like creatures.

One looked like a gorilla and a large worm while the other looked like a crocodile with a frog or something. Was it them that caused this? Didn't the hunter say it was a man with golden eyes that tortured and killed them?

Wait! The man said that two weird creatures were with him. These must be the creatures. But where is the golden eyed man? 


Meanwhile in a certain cave a familiar golden eyed man yawned and slowly opened his eyes, as he sensed that his pets had encountered an unusual opponent.

He stood up and stretched his body and ordered them to do whatever they wanted as long as they kept him alive. He slowly began to walk towards his pets and the mysterious opponent...


Back at the withered area, two creatures were playing chess using the teeth, fingers and toes of the fallen hunters as chess pieces, before receiving an order from their master. They glimpsed at the target before continuing their game of chess.


Why did I suddenly get goosebumps? Did seeing these abominations creep me out that much? Well no matter because I am the future ruler of the world!!! I can't be afraid of something like this! It's now or never!

I took a battle-ready stance and breathed heavily in. A second later I dashed forwards and struck one of their heads. 

HA! Take that you cannon fodder! I am the strongest in the world! Not even whitebeard can defeat me! 

I looked at the monster whom I struck. A smile on my face as I imagined how amazing my attack looked. 

W-what? I d-didn't even h-harm it?!? Impossible!!! I am the strongest yet I can't even harm such a weak creature? IMPOSSIBLE!!!

I once again tried to strike it down when suddenly a gigantic fist punched me from the left. I got launched into the air before crashing into a tree and falling onto the ground.

I stood up and dashed forward, clashing my sword with the gorilla's fist. A strong wind pressure could be felt in the surrounding as we clashed. It slowly began to overpower me and I got sent flying backwards. I stabbed my sword into the ground to halt it. I used one of the jutsu I learned. 

"FIRE STYLE: FIREBALL JUTSU!!!" A medium sized fireball left my hands and soared through the skies with an extremely hot temperature.

Then suddenly… The crocodile-like monster blocked the fireball with its tail. While I was focussing on the crocodile, the gorilla smashed his fist against my waist, causing me to fly sideways and crashing into a tree before falling onto the ground.

I coughed out a load of blood before slowly trying to get up. I slowly lifted myself up from the ground, but before I was even able to completely stand, I got smashed into the ground again. A small crater formed around me as I felt my legs giving up on me. 


What was that? Was that my leg? I got distracted by the sudden sound. The monster noticed this and used more strength. 

AARRGH. IT HURTS! I slowly collapsed on the ground and attempted to jump sideways. I successfully dodged the entire impact, yet my left leg wasn't able to get out in time. It was severed from my body?!?

Despair filled my eyes as I looked at my crushed leg.(A/N: Haha guy gonna do a complete 180.)

AAAAAAAAAH!!! Tears filled my eyes and I slowly crawled backwards trying to get away from here.

Why? I am supposed to be the strongest! Nobody should be able to defeat me! Then why! WHY AM I SUFFERING LIKE THIS?!?!

"NO NO NO DON'T COME CLOSER YOU MONSTERS!!! I DON'T WANT TO DIE LIKE THIS!!! I AM THE STRONGEST!! I CAN'T DIE LIKE THIS!!" I screamed my lungs out before giving a last attempt by throwing excalibur towards the gorilla worm.

It looked at me before smirking? It bit the sword into pieces.

That was the last droplet… the reality I lived in shattered… This must be a nightmare right? I will wake up soon in my cosy bed. Right?

I closed my eyes in hopes I will wake up soon.. when suddenly a voice rang out.

"Halt." It was a simple word, yet it gave off a dominating feeling.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked in front of me. A man was calmly walking towards me.

That was him right? The man with golden eyes? I was trembling all over as the distance between us grew closer and closer. Soon he stood in front of me. He crouched and looked me into the eyes… if gazes could kill, I would have died this very moment. He looked at me before a smile formed on his face. 

"You aren't from here, are you?" What? What did he say? Does he know?

"W-what do y-you mean?" I could barely gather the strength to speak. I was scared. No I was terrified.

"Your energy. It's not from this world. You are from another world right?" … my energy? I don't recall there being energy stuff in One Piece? Is he also from Earth?

Should I tell him? Or not? 

"Tell me or my pets here will have a new toy soon." What? What does he mean with toys? 

"Y-yes! I come from another world called Earth." There! I said it. Please don't kill me…

"Hooo? Really. Tell me. What is this Earth of yours like?" He seems intrigued..

"It's a planet full of technology! The planet is full of humans and special powers don't exist. Please don't kill me!" 

"Sure. I won't kill you." Phew… he won't kill me. Good. I swear on my life that I will get my revenge!