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(Previously in drag- One piece Immortal Psycho)

"Y-yes! I come from another world called Earth." There! I said it. Please don't kill me…

"Hooo? Really. Tell me. What is this Earth of yours like?" He seems intrigued..

"It's a planet full of technology! The planet is full of humans and special powers don't exist. Please don't kill me!"

"Sure. I won't kill you." Phew… he won't kill me. Good. I swear on my life that I will get my revenge!



(Sadly enough it's still the retard's perspective.)

"AAAH!" I screamed (Pathetically). Why did he do that? Didn't he promise to let me go?

"Oops! My bad! My Khoseph suddenly fell out of my hand!" He is mocking me. I just know it! I swear I will survive this and get revenge on you!

"My apologies for that. I will leave now." He turned around, slowly walking off… (Or is he?)

"Phew… Finally. I thought I was going to die! That guy is insane! But no matter. I will get stronger and eliminate him!" I attempted to pose but my body ached and hurt a lot so sadly enough, I couldn't.

I slowly lifted myself up using my broken sword as support. I took a step forward and placed the sword in front of me and repeated it, slowly but steadily moving forward.

HAHAHA! I truly am the main character! Always surviving even the worst events!

I dropped the sword and did a pose… THUD I fell down.I was standing pretty steadily though? I tried lifting myself up, before looking down seeing blood spurt on the ground.

I looked down only to see I am missing my right leg. I fell into some sort of daze as I just kept staring at it.

Suddenly, a surge of pain went through my body. I screamed out, "AAAAAAGHGHGH!!"

My limbs clumped together as I shrieked in pain. H-how? How did I lose my leg? I was thinking of possibilities of how I lost my leg. Was it that man? No, I saw him leave. Maybe those monsters? Possible.

I kept thinking while trying to stay calm. I bandaged myself so the bleeding would stop. Then out of nowhere, I got kicked into the ground. OOF, I fell down while coughing blood at impact.

"Oops! How did that happen? A leg suddenly fell out of the sky and hit you! That's really strange, oh well!" H-he didn't leave? More importantly, how did he cut my leg off? I didn't even see it!

Suddenly, He appeared behind me and my fingers got penetrated by white needles.

"AAAAGH" I once again tried to remain strong but a shriek still came out.

"Look at you! You are covered in blood and look like you are dying!" Who's fault is that you bastard!

"Maybe I should end your suffering." A twisted smile formed on his face as he approached me. WAIT! He will kill me? NONONONO! I want to LIVE! SYSTEM CAN'T YOU DO ANYTHING!

[Negative, the System isn't capable of directly taking action.] An indifferent voice echoed in my mind.


[Negative, the fault is completely on you, host. Your incapability of fighting the anomaly caused your demise.]


[Host is being unreasonable.]


(Back to our loved psycho's POV)

Haaa~ to think I would meet another 'reincarnator' here. Although something seems off about him. I just can't tell what… Aahh who cares!

I smiled at him, before appearing behind him, and stabbing needle sized bones into his fingers. He once again screamed. What a pathetic human. Well most humans from Earth are this pathetic. While being here for a couple of years now, I got used to the torturing and killing the humans here. I nearly forgot the beautiful screams of the humans from Earth.

"Look at you! You are covered in blood and look like you are dying!" I said while a twisted smile grew on my face.

"Maybe I should end your suffering." Of course I won't~

His previously scared expression turned even grimmer and his trembling became much worse. How nice.

Then suddenly, a strong foreign force surrounded the 'reincarnator'. It seemed to communicate with the reincarnator… I do wonder what it is.

Well, I will figure it out sooner or later. What kind of method should I use for him? Just some simple stuff or something more gruesome? I guess removing his limbs and his ability to hear, smell, taste and feel would be fine.

Aaaand there we go. I ripped his ears off before ordering a dozen bones to cut off his arms. They moved swiftly and efficiently and within seconds his arms were gone.

"AAAAGGHH" "STOP PLEASE I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" Shake my head! What a boring guy. Still surprised to see that he didn't break yet. Normally humans from Earth would break and lose hope the moment they are on the verge of death. Does he have something up his sleeves? That's doubtful since he looks like a f*cking malfunctioning Chinese toy.

One by one, I severed his limbs while enjoying his screams like normal humans would with music. His screams were symphony in my ears.

Immediately after that, I cut his other leg and pulled his eyes out. I tossed the eyes together with the limbs, to my dear pets so they could play with some brand new toys.

"S-stop ple-please!" He said weakly with rigged breathing.

"Hoooo? Why should I stop when I am enjoying this so much?" I titled my head and acted confused. Haaa, it sure is refreshing to toy with humans.

"It is getting a little boring though. I mean look at you. I could pretty much sell you on the black market as a sex doll, but that would be boring! But as I already said, continuing toying with you is also starting to get boring so maybe I should just kill you."

"N-no!" He still wants to continue living? Interesting… But who cares. He is starting to become annoying.

I killed him...