A system’s true goal (1)
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As I looked down upon the now dead vermin I pulled my khopesh out and sheathed it in its sheath. Suddenly, my expression became serious. The foreign energy I previously perceived, is now trying to enter my body.

I immediately released a portion of my energy to fight it. I also summoned a few bones and enveloped them in energy which I then solidified. I ordered them to attack the foreign energy which had yet to enter my body. Meanwhile the energy in my body kept repelling the foreign energy as it entered my body. It is trying to possess me? Not on my watch!

I gathered all the energy in my body into a singular point before causing it to burst into every direction. It caused the earth to crack several times and energy waves got sent into every direction. F*cking parasite like energy trying to enter my body.

Luckily I was able to save my pets in my bone storage…

From the looks of it, the foreign energy had successfully been eradicated… F*CK! I swore to myself I would never experience something like THAT incident ever again, yet here I am with something similar happening once again. This is one of the f*cking downsides of roaming nature.

Unexpectedly, a sudden burst of pain resonated through me. This is certainly a new kind of pain. I gritted my teeth and my blood vessels began to pulsate. I vomited. It wasn't acid or food, but a black substance of some sorts. Are my insides rotten or something? Well that would be better than this continuous pain.

Then suddenly, a voice resonated through my mind. [Activating system… 35%... 58%... 72%... 99%... 100%. System activated. Hello new host. I am the Hierodule System. I was made to make the host stronger. Host has access to various options such as Status, Shop, Summon, Lottery, Inventory, Personal Realm and much more.]

The fuck? I scanned my body using my own energy. For F*CK'S SAKE! The foreign energy has f*cking merged with my brain. Well I could use this change to get information from it. Since it's able to speak and regards me as it's 'host'. And it's not like I can't get rid of it.

"I see… So tell me, what is your true purpose? Don't tell me it's to make me stronger because I don't believe that sh*t. If you won't answer me I will kill myself leaving you with no host."

[Host is being unreasonable. Killing yourself won't solve the problems since System will take over Host's body.] What? Why didn't this f*cking parasite take over the vermin's body then? Maybe because it's missing a few important parts?

"Oh well then. You can have it." I summoned a couple of sharp bones and made them point their edges towards me. I then ordered them to skewer my head.

[Host is threatening his own life! Host will die at this rate.]

They instantaneously began to soar through the sky and pierced through my brain.

I died. Luckily, I respawned nearby. I respawned at the cave from before because I placed my spawnpoint here beforehand.

I immediately disappeared from the spot and dashed to the location of my 'corpse'. Within seconds I appeared at the location. There it was. My 'corpse' was fighting against the bones which I ordered to kill me. That parasite really took over my body? Sad…

A twisted smile formed on my face growing bigger by the second. Since the parasite has a physical body now, I can torture it right? I certainly hope so.

I summoned hundreds of bones of all sizes and shapes. Most of them had been refined and had sharp edges while some were pretty blunt. I ordered the shard sized bones to attack and create a tornado like cage that would surround the parasite.

The shards soared to the parasite and immediately surrounded it and circulated around it at high speed. Directly after that four sharp sword shaped bone swords started to fly towards the parasite at phenomenal speed. The bones soared through the sky and attacked it, It summoned a barrier to block the attack.

Then it created some sort of blue and brown circle. It seemed like it was chanting a spell like in those fantasy worlds. Then out of nowhere, the earth began to shake. The earth was split in two and red creatures covered in fire started climbing out.

And here I thought things couldn't get any weirder. I mean, I am fighting my own corpse and now burning creatures are climbing out of a crack in the ground.

I quickly unsheathed my khoseph and covered it in energy before slashing the air, and creating an energy wave that decapitated some of the creatures. I summoned my dear pets, Frogodile and Goripede. (A/N: I know I know bad names. I just fused the names of them both bcs I am too lazy to spend effort on them)

"Slaughter the fire creatures." I said while pointing towards the monsters coming out of the crack. The moment I gave them the order they instantly rushed to the monsters and started to exterminate them.

I truly am excited to fight this parasite. It's energy was pretty powerful so let's hope it is powerful itself.

I looked at the parasite before darting to it and roundhouse kicking it. It managed to block it with a wall of earth that formed from the ground. I reverse grabbed the khoseph and swung it in the air sending multiple diagonal energy slashing to it. It moved it's head 45 degrees to the side in order to slightly dodge one of the energy waves. As it was busy dodging the energy slashes, I ordered the bones to attack it from above.

And that same moment hundreds of bones started storming down like rain droplets falling to the ground. I summoned some of my strongest bones and cladded them in energy which directly after appearing solidified.

Without even needing to order anything they spontaneously darted towards the parasite and began attacking it from every side. The parasite summoned those weird colourful circles again and fire erupted from his hands and lightning strikes struck the bones rendering some of them useless.

I snapped my finger and the golden energy flowing from my eyes intensified. Behind me, four tiger skulls appeared. They radiated golden energy from their eyes and the back of the skull. They slowly circulated behind me before I ordered them to fire energy beams towards the parasite.

It felt like a light show. Golden beams of light were fired across the area and body parts covered in fire were flying through the air.

On the other hand, the parasite wasn't able to enjoy the light show as it was busy dodging, blocking, and countering all of the attacks.

My twisted smile grew bigger as I looked at this scene. As it kept dodging and countering the attacks with whatever kind of sorcery he used, I leapt into the sky before shooting countless energy rays towards the ground.

I dived to the ground as energy enveloped me. The parasite had just finished dodging an energy wave and it immediately released an emission of boundless energy through the air in an attempt to stop the tornado of shards, yet to no avail. It was quite the opposite since the tornado started spinning at an alarming speed. The shards became more aggressive and began to attack more frequently.

I summoned 4 bone swords and they instantly shot downwards and caught the parasite off guard as they pierced through the arms and legs of the parasite and limiting it's movements. An energy beam caused it to fall over and hit the ground. I took this chance and quickened my fall and crashed on the parasite with the khoseph skewering it's shoulder...

I looked at the now pinned down parasite. I could barely hide my excitement. "Entering my body was your biggest mistake."

I certainly look forward to torturing you~