A system’s true goal (3)
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"T-the 'tr-true goal is…" It stopped talking and smirked… What a f*cking scammer.

[Does anomaly promise to heal the system if information is given?] Once again, a voice resonated through my head. F*ck. Is it in my body again?

I scanned my entire body, but found not a single trace of the parasite. "Telepathy?" I narrowed my eyes as my gaze met that of the parasite.

[Correct. The system is capable of telepathy. The system repeats: Does anomaly promise to completely restore the system if asked information is given?] Feels weird as f*ck. Someone or something is directly talking into your brain. That's certainly new.

"Of course." I said 'honestly' with a smile.

[Anomaly has confirmed. System will now begin informing Anomaly of asked information.]

[The system was created by the creator or more commonly known as the God of Hierodule. System was therefore named the Hierodule System. The system was created for one purpose. The creation of a strong vessel. Here is an example. The God of Hierodule picks out several vessels from one of the countless Earths and uses a well known method to murder them. This method is known as Isekai. The God will grant the vessel a few wishes as he manipulates them to choose the system as one of them. The vessel is granted permission to choose what world they wish to go to in order to get stronger. They then begin their journey to get stronger. As time passes the vessel grows stronger and stronger. After the vessel reaches a certain strength. They will get absorbed by the creator, or The God of Hierodule. This will cause the creator to gain a boost in his strength depending on what the vessel achieved in the time they got isekai'd in.]

Holy sh*t. That's quite a bit of information. I do wonder what it feels like to slaughter a God. I can also combine it with some sweet revenge and torture.

[But, there are also special cases in which the vessel dies before reaching the end goal. In this case the system would usually copy all the brain's memories of the vessel before the vessel dies. The system would then take over the vessel's body and insert the information into the System's memory. The system would then continue the vessel's journey to reach the end goal. The system that took over the vessel would later on be absorbed in order to strengthen the creator even further. Then there are situations when the vessel's body is so damaged that it can't be used and so the system is required to search for the nearest person and take over them. If the vessel is murdered by a living being then the system will take over them since they have proven themselves to be stronger than the vessel.]

[As last, there are few situations in which an unexpected event happens. This one is an example of such events. These events are random each time and thus the system isn't able to do much against it.]

Well damn. This God is kinda pathetic. Guy has to use others in order to get stronger. Sad. Well the weak have to rely on others in order to get stronger so it's not really a surprise. Although I have to say, this plan is quite clever. Using the desires of others to get what you want.

Haha~ I sure am looking forward to meeting this 'God'.

A smile appeared on my face as I thought about it.

Wait? Wasn't I isekai'd too? There was this voice too. "Survive my child." If I recall it correctly. Does that mean I too am a vessel that will later on get absorbed by a God? No, I can't jump to conclusions. It could be possible for it to be only one God. Maybe it's that God then? No, not possible. That parasite said that the God would manipulate the mind of its victims by making them wish for a system. I don't have a system, which means that the probability of me getting isekai'd by him is low.

Then what was the cause of my isekai? Was it another God? What plans do they have in mind for me? Is it even a God that sent me here?

So many questions went through my mind as I started doubting my existence here. (A/N: Same)

Haaah~ This is frustrating. Although I certainly am curious about what is going on. I am alive when I should be dead. I have abilities and I am able to manipulate energy.

I deeply sighed and facepalmed. What should I do? If I just push the worries away then it may already be too late. But what am I able to do right now? I could find out about what the hell is going on. Unfortunately I don't know where to start. Haaaah…


I grabbed my Khoseph and lacerated my skin. I saved my spawnpoint to this location. With this mark, I swear to fulfil the words I have just spoken.
(A/N: For those that don't know, lacerating is making a deep cut into someone's skin or flesh)

Heh, just wait you trashy Gods. I will hunt this God of Hierodule first and then come after whatever thing isekai'd me.

But for now, I have to fulfil my promise with this f*cking parasite. "I thank you for the information. As promised I will 'heal' you." It's time to show a new ability of mine. It takes quite a big toll on my mind, but after thinking about all this sh*t, I certainly want to test it…

I once again crouched in front of the parasite. I closed my eyes and smiled.

I then opened my eyes which had turned completely black. A dark energy radiated from my eyes as I gazed right into the eyes of the parasite…

… A cold breeze passed by and a distant sound of birds flying away could be heard.

Let's test out this wonderful ability...


Get info bombed.