Necrosis with bubbles
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Complete silence filled the area. The ground withered away. I slightly grinned as I looked down at the parasite, dark energy radiating from my eyes and slowly flowing away. The temperature seemed to drop, and two skeleton monsters were playing catch in the background using the remains of a fire monster as a ball.


I crouched down, making eye contact with the parasite. "Ready?" Heh, I shall await the result~


I pressed my right hand on the torso of the f*cker before removing it again. A cold breeze passed by causing the parasite to shiver? Pathetic f*ck.


 Seemingly nothing happened, but slowly, the skin began to bubble in an absurd manner. Where is the popcorn when you need it…


Parts of the skin began to turn red before bursting, and spurting out blood. The red flesh began to expand over the torso and rapidly reached the arms and legs. The head on the other hand, was completely fine. Of course it is, we can't have him die too quickly.


 Pieces of flesh dropped on the ground covered in blood. It was as if the body was slowly falling apart. The entire body began to burst or fall apart with blood spurting and spattering everywhere. 


"Aaaghg!! W-what did you do?" Ahaha, wonderful, isn't it? Seeing this abomination suffer? I wonder how long it will last?


"What are you talking about? I did what you asked me. I healed you. Isn't this what you wanted?" My smile grew bigger. I looked it in the eyes and grabbed it's chin. "No worries. You will heal soon." A small chuckle exited my mouth. It truly is wonderful to see it suffer~ I could just continue this forever.


But that would be boring so I will end it sooner or later.


Anyway, the body began to decompose. The body covered in blood and dead flesh. The parasite groaned in pain and grit its bleeding teeth. It is kinda funny seeing a nearly dead body with a healthy head, maybe I should leave him like this, but alas! Fate is so cruel and punishes this parasite for being so ugly and decided to turn its head into a rotten meatball


Poor parasite. He didn't even suffer enough. Anyway,


"It's a beautiful day, isn't it?" The crazy smile reached its limit. I glanced at the parasite. "It's absolutely perfect to be burning in hell." Simultaneously to my last words, the head immediately got covered in bubbles in all sizes which kept getting bigger and bigger before bursting. Blood splashed everywhere. 


To my surprise, it was still alive. Cockroaches sure are persistent huh. It doesn't matter. Maybe I should leave it alive? Haha, of course not. Leaving enemies alive after defeating them is just begging for problems. And besides, killing then is so much more fun. 


It barely shows any reaction anymore. Although that's probably because it can't since its head is completely mutilated aaand so is the rest of its body. Maybe I should kill the people in the village next? Seems like a good plan. I am such a genius sometimes.


I grabbed the bloody head of the parasite. "Hereby, I have healed from life." 


I smirked as I sent waves of energy into the head which grew stronger with each wave. Then, I sent a powerful wave of golden energy into the head. "Sayonara." 


I crushed the head. Now, time to head towards the village?




(3rd POV)


A total of five ships arrived at a certain island. They were large ships with a total of four masts each, with two sails and two with one. They all had a circular superstructure from which one of the main masts emerged from. Another rectangular superstructure affixed to the stern, which was topped by tan towers. Each of them had three distinctive triple-barreled guns on their front and sides, which were powerful enough to completely destroy smaller vessels and even obliterate an entire island, though only in groups. In addition to these guns, they possess two sets of six large cannons on both sides of their hulls. 


On each ship stood huge quantities of people dressed in white uniforms. They were armed to the brim and stood in order perfectly. From the middle ship, loud yelling could be heard. 


A muscular man was giving a speech to the crew. He wore a different uniform which seemed to be custom made. Although it was still white and had also the marine emblem on the back, it seemed rather unique.


"Alright men! From the reports, we found out that a notorious pirate crew is residing here! We are supposed to stall time until the reinforcements arrive! Understood?" He crossed his arms and laid his gaze upon the crowd of marines.


"UNDERSTOOD!" They yelled in union before saluting to which the man smirked and smiled in a satisfied manner. "Prepare to dock. Make sure everyone is ready by then. Communicate with the others, and tell them to dock at the village." He looked at his attendant before lighting a cigarette and placing it in his mouth.


"My gut feeling is tingling." He narrowed his eyes, and looked at the island in the horizon. It was broad day, yet there was no sound coming from the village. 


The man found it rather strange, but shrugged it off for the time being. He continued gazing to the horizon...


Shortly after, a marine came up to the captain. "Umm sir. T-there is a slight issue." 


"Hmmm? Explain." 


"W-well you see… there is a disgusting stench coming from the island, a-and it is absurdly quiet."


The man placed his hands under his chin and thought. "Continue the approach; we cannot be swayed by a measly stench. Although be wary of unknown dangers." 


"Understood, sir." Giving a quick salute, the marine hastily left. 



Within the blink of an eye, they had arrived at the docks. The stench had significantly increased and the atmosphere felt dreadful.


"Send a batch to scout the area." He extinguished the cigarette and pocketed his hands. He seemed stern but his eyes filled with worry. 


"Yes sir."


The batch of marines exited the ships. Completely armed, they began to enter the village...