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"Captain, the Bowser unit fired off a distress signal. Permission to send reinforcements?"

"Granted. The Bowser unit is a strong unit, and if they are in danger the enemy must be strong. Send 3 units to reinforce them. Above that send out the order for the remaining marines to prepare for deployment." 

"Understood, sir" He saluted before leaving.

The captain turned his head towards the island, an odd tingling feeling dwelling over him. "So troublesome. I should go and have a look for myself." 


Bullets raced through the air, and loud quakes shook the ground. "Boo, Wiggler, Muncher, Goomba and Thwomp! Support me in close combat! Encircle it and attack from all flanks! Lakitu, Bullet Bill and Magikoopa support from the sides! GO! GO! GO!"

The entire unit simultaneously took action, encircling the monster while Bowser was fighting it head on. Bowser launched a punch, but was abruptly countered by the monster, causing him to get pushed back. 

"Cover me!" He screamed as he cracked his knuckles before dashing to the monster.

"Understood!" Lakitu reloaded his hand cannon and began shooting fiercely at the monster. But to no avail as the bullets barely scratched it.

Simultaneously, Thwomp and Goomba dashed to the monster from behind and released a series of punches. The monster however didn't pay much attention to them as if their punches did nothing. It continued to attack Bowser, seeing him as the main threat. Both Muncher and Wiggler blocked it from reaching Bowser though. They began slashing, and jabbing at it ferociously. 

Unfortunately the monster was quick to react and countered by breaking Muncher's blade while smashing Wiggler into the ground causing a small dent. Wiggler groaned, and gritted his teeth. 

"Damnit!" In a last struggle he began to wildly punch at the monster, but failed miserably. The last thing he saw was the monster's face smirking at him in disdain. 


Wiggler was flattened, only leaving behind a large bloodstain. Muncher stared at the bloodstain with wide open eyes, he had no time to react before the monster appeared next to him, and slammed its fist into his stomach, making him fly backwards, before crashing into a nearby building.

The monster immediately dashed to him and struck its fist through his stomach.

"Wiggler! Muncher! FUCK! WHERE IS THE REINFORCEMENT! Thwomp, Goomba and Boo attack together!"

The three of them spontaneously changed their attack pattern and began to assault the monster together. 

"Time for some fucking trump card!!" Bowser began to scream loudly and his body began to slightly change. He gained lizard-like features and a long spiky tail. "Take this you fucker!" He began sprinting to it and readied his fist. A warcry exited his mouth as his fist began to cover itself in a coat of fire. 

Abruptly, Bowser felt a jabbing pain in his side, his movement seized and he fell to the ground. A hole in his body, with blood spurting out of it. Next to the now fallen Bowser stood a monster. Unlike the gorilla/centipede from before, this one had a long mouth filled with sharp, pointy teeth. It had four long legs which seemed to resemble those of frogs. Its body was rather long and ended with a big tail covered in blood. 

The entire unit had stopped their actions for a split second. They were completely shocked, the first monster had killed three of their men, and the strength of their entire unit was barely enough to enter a stalemate with it. But now, another one had appeared which instantly killed their unit leader. They were done for weren't they?

While the unit was still busy recovering from the shock, the two monsters dashed to Thwomp and Goomba, and killed them instantaneously. 

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! This isn't something normal marines like us can face! Even admirals would struggle with these demons!" Boo began to scream. The hope began to drain from his face as he slowly began to back off. 

"I'm not dealing with this shit!" He exclaimed before making a run for it. The crocodile-like monster turned its head to him and spat out a projectile which headed towards him at an abnormal speed, straight through the head. His body dropped to the ground with a puff.

The remaining three gathered together and made a last struggle to defend themselves against the monsters until the reinforcement arrived…


(Our beloved psycho pov)

Ahaha those marines are really fun to mess with. My cute Goripede is having fun playing with its new toys. Though the reinforcement won't be so nice to play with it. Guess I'll have Frogodile help him while I play with the reinforcement. (Forgot their names so this will do.)

I ordered Frogodile to help Goripede, and headed off. I wonder what I should do with the new toys. Maybe create a blender out of bones and make a drink out of them? I could force the other marines to drink it too. That's certainly a wonderful idea…

I can't decide what method I should use. Their screams must be wondrous. Refining their taste is a must though. Maybe I should play tag with them. With necrosis of course. So many marvelous options, I truly can't decide. I'll just think of something along the way.

As I continued to jump from building to building, the reinforcement slowly became visible. My smile began to grow while I observed them thoroughly. 

The strongest out of them seems to be the old man in the back. The rest is just cannon fodder. His energy is pretty strong too. Nothing compared to cracker man and co though. 

Now that I think about it. This island sure has been generous hasn't it? It gave me such wonderful gifts… Anyhow, they continued to march to the location of the distress signal. Of course they won't make it there since they will be playing with me.

Ugh, the longer I observed them the more it made me remember the military on Earth. Their formation, and tactics are so f*cking similar.

 It disgusts me. I've fought against the military on Earth once and boy oh boy are they hard to deal with. I had to bomb them in order to lose them. They are so persistent. Is killing a small percentage of a country really that big of a deal? Get over it you f*cks! It's not like you f*ckers aren't trying to reduce the world population anyways, so stop acting like it's such a big deal, but nooo they just had to hunt me down alongside so many other countries and organisations. Sore losers. 

Aya, I'm getting off track.

N̵͓̍̄ò̴̲̊̔w̴̻͎͋̋,̶͇̝̐̎ͅ ̵͎͇̜̑̑̐l̴̗͑̏̃e̶͈̕ṯ̸̋ ̷̨͖̟̃̕t̸̠̏̽͜ḫ̸̆é̶͘͜͝ ̶̦̖͌͜s̵̛͎ḧ̴͍͍́̉o̴̯̫̹͒w̸̰̟̔ ̸̮͙̀͋̄b̵̦͆ẽ̸̢̝͂͠ǧ̵̳͕͠i̴̼̗̩̽n̵̘͔̈́.̴̛̘̐̀