Prologue; Execution
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Humans are vicious beings that all do the exact same but in their own way.


Because of society thousands of people commit suicide or kill each other. They let their desires decide for them. They want something someone else has? Kill that person and steal it. You and your best friend like the same girl? You destroy your relation with each other for her. Meanwhile, the girl only wants money to buy 'fancy' things.


But what is the use of money anyways? To buy stuff? or to keep humans in line? Just like a herd of sheep following their owner.


I have seen women getting r*ped and killed.


I have seen men and women alike cheat on each other.


I witnessed murders. I have committed them.


I have tortured them.


Their screams is a symphony in my ears.


Their last bit of hope getting broken. It is the best feeling there is.


By now, I have killed millions. A big part of them were 'important' people. I once killed the president of the United States, Donald Trump. I still have his head as trophy.


I became a wanted man, hunted down till the ends of the world.


Of course I eventually got caught. I am no 'God' I too am just a 'human'.


Right now I am inside a dark room, contained by multiple chains and inside a transparent box. I couldn't move around and only move my head. I could hear yelling and cheering outside. In front of me there was a door made of iron, I assume. I could hear footsteps slowly approaching me.


The iron door opened. A total of 15 man walked inside. 5 of them went to the right of the box. Another 5 to the left. The other five went behind the box. The box suddenly started shaking. It got lifted from the ground and placed on a sort of vehicle.


A gate opened. I didn't even know it was there. The gate was big. I would say around 10 meters in length and width. The box I was in started moving.


A bright light shone. It has been a while since I last saw sunlight. My eyes had to adjust. The vehicle was slowly moving through the gate. I could see people, lots of people. They were yelling. I could see the hatred and anger in their eyes. Some were happy and relieved.


I grinned as I shifted my gaze through the crowd. I saw many well known 'politicians'. They disgust me. Once they saw me, smiles formed on their faces. While the crowd was screaming even louder and most of them became excited.


In front of me there was a big podium. A man in priest clothes was standing there. Once he saw me he started smiling evilly. Such a great 'priest' huh.


The vehicle was already out of the dark room. I was being transported to the podium. Suddenly an object was thrown towards me. It hit the box, It was a lemon.


Now that I think about it. I once killed someone using a lemon right? Sadly I don't remember it.


It didn't take long for me to arrive at the podium. The box was lifted by who knows what.


I was placed in the center of the box looking around before smiling towards the audience.


"Hodie est dies mori daemonium" said the priest, I could barely understand it. It meant 'Today you die' or something.


I looked at the priest and giving him my most twisted smile. You could see the priest in fear. It felt good to see the fear that kept me going one last time.


Besides the priest stood two men with longswords. One of them pressed a button and the box opened in front of them. Both of them walked inside.


They stood at my sides, one left and one right. They were muttering words I couldn't understand.


Then the priest said something to them and both of them began to lift their weapons. Soon the weapon reached the ceiling of the box. The audience's screams was louder than ever.


I closed my eyes and smiled brightly, I had no regrets of the choices I made.


Then it happened. They swung their swords downwards, beheading me.


I died




Why do I feel alive then?


Ṣ̶̨̯͈̣̲̼́͗͗͗̚͠͝u̴̺͎̓̏̒̌ŕ̶͖̳̎̋̏̃v̵̨͍̭̦̎̈́͌̂̈̌̒̋i̴̩͓͒̑̌̈́̄̏̔͌v̵̬͋͐͒̊̚̚͘͠e̷͎̳͎̟̰̙̫̪̾ ̷̡͍̤̬͕̬͆̾̓̌̕m̵̧̖̫͓͊̃̏̀̀̋́̚y̸͇̫̭͝ ̷̹̼̓c̸̡̪̮̬̟͒h̵̢̠͎̰̲̜̼͆̊̍͑̋͗ì̴̡̫̭̭͙̥̺̠̓̔ĺ̸̡̜̮͈̦̞͛͑̈́́̓̒͘̚͜ḑ̶̧̗̤̓̆̅̀̐͘


What was that?

I swear I heard a voice or am I getting crazy?


I opened my eyes. I saw an open sea. I looked around seeing a big beach. Behind me there was a forest or a jungle. I was confused. I stood up slowly, I was feeling nauseous.


Is this a dream? Or reality?


I walked over the beach and saw a sharp, pointy seashell. I stabbed it through my hand.


It hurt. That meant this wasn't a dream. It was real. I threw the shell away and walked to the ocean and looked into it. I saw a young man with black hair and golden eyes. I still look the same as I did before I 'died'. I was wearing simple clothing. They looked a bit medieval?


I was disinfecting my hand and tore a part of my clothes off before wrapping it around my hand. Suddenly I heard a sound.


It was my stomach grumbling. I was hungry and not just a tiny bit. I went inside the jungle to look for food.


I was searching for more than half an hour. The results of my findings?


Absolutely nothing.


I was getting hungrier by the second and my body was on the verge of giving up.


I continued searching for an hour more. Still not finding any edible thing. I found a plant that seemed edible but it smelt like poison. So I immediately threw it away.


My body was giving up on me and eventually fell down.


I was laying on the ground trembling of hunger. I felt pathetic. I was known as a demon slaughtering many of the plague known as humans. Now I am dying of a lack of food.


Suddenly I saw a white/black pear shaped object with weird shapes on it. I grabbed it with my last bit of strength. It looked edible?


I didn't have any other choice, so I took a bite. It tasted weird. It tasted like an uncooked heart of a human but a rotten one.


I coughed. I thought it didn't taste that bad. I ate human hearts before so it isn't that bad right?


You are wrong, even if I have eaten human hearts before. This was absolutely the worst thing I have ever eaten. I tried to vomit but nothing besides gastric acids came out of my mouth.


Suddenly I felt a burning feeling inside my stomach. It was like my insides were being eaten by a parasite while on fire. I tried to withstand the pain. When I thought it couldn't get any worse. A loud sound was heard.


A creature came out of the bushes. It looked like a tiger. It had a greyish fur and its teeth looked extremely sharp. It looked at me with its red eyes. It growled towards me.


It slowly approached me. I looked back at it.


It showed a mocking smile. Wait is that even possible?


I tried lifting my arm towards the tiger and showed it my middle finger.


It somehow knew what it meant and looked angry?


I laughed at it and coughed blood. Wait was my insides really being eaten by a parasite or burnt? Because why else was I coughing blood?


The tiger was mocking me again and was now in front of me.


It placed its claws inside my leg. I coughed again and gritted my teeth.


"J-just ki-kill me." I said gathering my last bits of strength into the words.


The tiger looked at my and it again somehow understood what I meant.


Seriously how is that even possible and since when do tigers have grey fur and red eyes?


The claws of the tiger somehow became bigger and it slashed towards me with them. It's claws were stuck in my neck.


It ripped my head off my torso. It hurt like hell.


I died again... Right?