A wild Cracker Man appeared
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Welcome everyone! Today we will see how I will torture someone! Excited? No? Well I sure am! This guy has been getting on my nerves for quite some time now. He kept giving me wrong scripts so I will be exterminating this vermin now.


I was sitting across someone. The guy had a pretty average appearance... nevermind it was below average. He my dear friends is the guy that has been getting on my nerves, the person that gives me my script. 


He has been doing his job extremely 'well' these days... I am here to 'reward' him for his extraordinary hard work...


The script man was cowering in fear. Alas! Such a coward.. Does he see me as a crazy serial killer and psychopath or something? That just sounds ridiculous! I bet he is just another of those damned wimps! 


If I were to be in such a situation I wouldn't be scared even one bit!


Anyways it is time to begin 'rewarding' him for doing an amazing job!


For the following days screams could be heard...




Okay! That is that. Let's begin with the story of today!




I stood there.. Captain Stone and Cracker Man were done clashing their haoshoku haki. I wonder if I have haoshoku haki... well that can't wait for later. I want to have fun myself now.


Captain Stone and Cracker Man were just staring at each other intensely... it looked like they had found their old lovers.


While they were busy staring, I had already vanished from my position and had landed on one of the marine ships.


I had already killed some of the marines. Some were male and some female. Of course I had to take a few bites of them. They looked pretty delicious. So I couldn't help myself but to eat some parts of them. Ow and before you complain about me eating females. I also ate males! I believe in gender equality! Women are just as delicious as men!


Anyways I snuck my way through the ship slaughtering all the marines in my way. OW! I almost forgot to steal their bones! I snapped my finger and the skeletons inside the corpses started to break out. It was such a beautiful scenery... All those corpses getting ruined and blood soaking the floors. 


I absorbed the bones and continued. I continued killing all the marines on board and Eventually reached The front deck. There was one more marine standing in the way. I killed him and dragged his corpse along. I opened the doors to the front deck and my twisted smile had begun to show up.


The moment I opened the door I was attacked. It was Cracker Man!


Ahhh.. his facial expression! It looks so good! He was genuinely enraged! He also showed other emotions but his angry face stood out the most! He looked like a damn monkey!


Cracker Man was pulling punches while I jumped from side to side dodging them in the process. I   threw the corpse towards Cracker Man. He of course dodged it... he was angrier than before and also coated his arm in Busoshoku haki and used some weird *ss sh*t... The fist had quite an impact and I was sent flying. I got smashed against a sort of wall and my smile grew wider.




Some of my bones were broken. But who cares! In my hand, my bone sword appeared. I stabbed it into my head. Blood spurted out of my mouth as I continued to smile.


I had already placed the spawn point at this very location. My corpse fell. 


The onlookers were looking confused and frightened. I appeared in front of them once again. They looked even more frightened and also shocked. This truly excites me! An armor of bones appeared on my body. Four tiger skulls had appeared out of nowhere and floated behind me. Their golden flames shone brightly. 


My hands were covered in claws made out of bones and my bone sword had undergone a transformation. It looked sturdier and stronger now. I smiled. I raised my hand and thousands of bones appeared. I slowly lowered my arm and pointed towards the marines. The bones flew towards them at high speed.


Most of the marines were penetrated by the bones and had already died. Some actually managed to survive! I applaud them! They aren't actually cannon fodder!


My smile had already reached its maximum. 


I dashed towards Cracker Man and slashed my bone sword through the air. Energy slashes were sent towards Cracker Man.


The f*ck?!? Cracker Man f*cking blocked the f*cking energy slashes by f*cking punching them!? It wasn't even with f*cking Busoshoku haki! 


Anyways. I began to slash my bone sword towards Cracker Man and the tiger skulls began to fire  their energy beams. Cracker Man tried his best to block the beams but was unsuccessful in blocking them all. He got hit. There wasn't much of a scratch on him but it was a start. 


I gestured towards Cracker Man and the bones that were attacking the cannon fodder marines turned around. All of them pointed towards Cracker Man. They started to widely dash towards Cracker Man and attack him from all sides.


Cracker man was standing in a sort of fighting position? He punched the air.. 


"Genkotsu Meteor" An enormous air pressure had formed. All the bones had shattered...


The f*ck is this sh*t... This absolutely bullsh*t! HE JUST F*CKING SHATTERED ALL THOSE BONES LIKE THEY WERE F*CKING NOTHING! Truly amazing!


This just became a lot more fun! A golden streak of light appeared in my eyes. My entire body had been coated in energy and busoshoku haki. I leant forward and disappeared from the spot, leaving an after image behind.  


The shattered bones began to float and dashed towards Cracker Man once again. The tiger skulls began to fire energy beams faster. I was slashing towards Cracker Man like crazy. I was laughing and smiling crazily. 


The entire ship was full of cracks and lots of stuff was broken. It looked like a battlefield. 


Cracker man had been hit countless of times but he was still f*cking fine! There were barely scratches on the guy. Cracker Man had tried to talk to me but I didn't respond.


I continued attacking him.. 


It happened. I made him bleed. It was a wound near his left eye. HAHA! I did it! I wounded him! This damned Cracker Man is even worse than Kitty cat! I vanished. 


I reappeared on the Rocks pirates ship... 


This was so MUCH FUN! I really enjoyed this fight. Although I do admit...


Cracker Man is overpowered!