Roger pirates
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So… My 'crew' was looking at me with a rather weird expression? Well.. not all of them. Mostly the weaker ones such as Ochoku and Fake lion. 


Heh, it's not my fault for having fun. If they don't like it I will skin them and feed their bodies to bacteria… Actually nevermind that's a waste of food. I would eat them myself.


Well I would eat Ochoku but Fake lion… that guy would probably taste like THAT thing… 


Hehehe, you want to know what THAT thing is? 


I won't tell you..


Anyways, Captain Stone began to laugh. The same went for Cotton hair, Lizard and Newgate.


I have to ask though… WHY is their laugh so f*cking weird? The only person that laughs relatively normal is Captain Stone. The others just laugh so weird…


Okay anyways! They were laughing and started talking. The conversation went like this.


"Wahahaha! Zelos! You damn brat! You actually fought Garp!"


Wait who is Zelos? OH WAIT! That's me! I Almost forgot…


"Heh I indeed fought Cracker man. But could you please tell me who he is."


"Huh? You don't know who Garp is? HAHAHA! That makes it even better."


"Sure sure. Tell me who he is now."


"Haha, you are always so serious. Okay, Garp is a famous Vice Admiral of the marines. He is pretty strong and he and Vice Admiral Sengoku are known for defeating pirates all over the place. They are a strong duo."


"Ahhh, I understand now. But why was Garp alone then?"


"How should I know? Not my problem."


Tsk. Well that solves that. I am going to take a nap now so bye bye~

~ 1 month later ~


Yes yes, I know. A one month time skip. There is a reason behind this. Want to know it? 


It is because nothing f*cking interesting happened. Seriously… the only things we did was fight fight and fight. Although I do admit that it was fun to fight but all of them were so DAMN weak. SERIOUSLY ALL THOSE F*CKING MARINES ARE USELESS F*CKS.


They can't even take ONE F*CKING hit from the Tiger Skulls. We did fight Garp and that Sengoku a couple of times but who would want to know about those confrontations? It was just me losing every time. 


I didn't die a lot but there were some *Cough* occasions where I did. Some were  because I got killed by Admirals or by Garp and Sengoku and some were a little… idiotic? 


Want to know more about them? Well I am not going to tell you them. Why? Because they are just straight up stupid. 


Anyways right now we are confronting another pirate crew. They are called the Roger Pirates.


Stone said that they are a powerful group of pirates that roam the seas. Their leader, Gol D. Roger is supposedly the strongest haki user of his generation. 


I hope that this clash between pirates will be fun.


Oh! I forgot to tell you something hilarious! It was when I once again died. This was when 'my crew' found out that I would respawn when I died. The expression they showed was priceless! Well not all of them showed a priceless expression but the weaker ones sure did.


Anyways, back to the battle. 


Right now Captain Stone and that Roger guy were talking. Blah blah blah. I am too lazy to explain what it was they were talking about. It was something pretty stupid.


Then they started clashing and blah blah blah they were done. 


The result? That Roger guy triumphed. He must be strong… I want to fight him.


And so I did. Although I do say… his crew was pretty strong. I managed to defeat some members but the others? They were able to actually withstand me!


Alas! I was disappointed.. I didn't manage to kill any of them! Ridiculous right?


I just wanted to have fun and slaughter some of them but no no no, you won't do that. Their teamwork is so f*cking good. It's the exact opposite of our 'crew'. Then their captain began to intervene… and f*ck he is strong. The guy has some advanced version of busoshoku haki. The same goes for haoshoku and kenbunshoku. They are on another level. 


I used my Tiger Skulls to send energy beams towards him but he dodged all of them with ease.


I sprinted towards him and swung my bone sword towards him. Energy began to pour out of my hands and began to turn into a solid form.


Hehe surprised? No? Well I will just tell what I did there. I activated my energy the same way you are supposed to activate busoshoku haki. It's result is what happened just now. A solid form of energy. I have no idea what to call it so I will just go with Solid Energy. Don't like it? Well deal with it.


Anyways, my hands, now covered in Solid Energy strook their captain. HEHE I managed to hit him!


He was pushed back a couple of meters, but quickly dashed forward and punched me in the stomach. Damn that hurt…


I snapped my fingers and half of my entire bone arsenal was summoned. Around sixty percent of the bones were small tiny yet sharp shards. As you may have guessed already, they were remnants of my first fight with Cracker man AKA Garp. 


They were all hovering in the air pointing their sharp edges towards every member including their captain. 


My hand was in the air, signaling that shards wouldn't move. I made a fist and the shards started flying towards the crew at astounding speed. I dashed towards the captain and swung my bone sword towards him.


I almost had him.. I did manage to slice a part of his mustache off…


Then it happened…


I died.


I respawned on the ROCKS ship and looked towards the ship of the Roger pirates. My head was cut off. Apparently another member of the Roger pirates had done it. The guy must be strong for me not to notice him.


Well The big three of my 'crew' began to clash. Stuff happened and blah blah blah. Eventually we won and I had my fun. Although I didn't kill anyone to my disappointment but as I said I did have lots of fun...