Just another day
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On the open seas, a giant ship was sailing. Loud yelling could be heard on it. Of course they were nonother than Lizard and Captain Stone. They were arguing. 

They were arguing because apparently a Celestial Dragon died. No idea how though... They were talking about something called a buster call and how they had to leave quickly. They were this strong yet scared of this buster call?

"Captain Stone, Could you please tell me what this buster call is?"

I am curious now.

"Haha, you don't know right? I shall explain it to you. The Buster Call is the ultimate form of military attack used by the Marines. It is a result of the Marines' Absolute justice. It can rival the might and power of the total force of a nation."

Ho ho~ that's interesting. I wonder if I could defeat such an army on my own? I would love to fight a buster call in the future.

Anyways, Let's start with something important. I found my wanted poster. 

Here it is, 


Nice right? I also found something else. It is another wanted poster. This one is for that person that killed the Celestial Dragon and all those nobles.

              (No Image)

The guy just killed one of those weakass Celestial Dragons and isntantly got such an insanely high bounty. Haha, who am I kidding? I am that person. 

Did you ever see someone instantly getting such a high bounty with only one incident? I don't think you ever did. I do wonder how they gained such an accurate picture of me on my official wanted poster.. 

Do they have some sort of camera here? If I recall they also had a sort of communication device, right? Perhaps I can get my hands on them…

Anyways, the day went by quickly. We fought lots of marines on the way because they were all desperately searching for the Celestial Dragon Killer. 

But I am going to be honest.. HOW in god's name. Are they going to find someone that they don't even know the face off? Like how stupid can you be? 

It's just as stupid as robbing a bank and then you make a bank account at the same f*cking bank and deposit the money you f*cking stole. Maybe even worse. 

Hais, nothing can be done about it. Not everyone has the privilege to be born with actual intelligence.

Just thinking of it saddens me… I should give all of them salvation and feast on their bod- I mean bury them and let them have peace. 

Anyways, we continued sailing the seas and I will just skip this part because nothing interesting happened and I am a douchebag. 

~ Yeetus time skipus ~

We arrived at the island we were supposed to go to. For some reason the buffoons and co have been getting more aggressive lately. It's like women when that time of the month comes. 

They are growing up so fast..

Or they are just tense because of me slaughtering a Celestial lizard. 

The latter option sounds like bullsh*t, but okay, I guess?

Ah! I forgot to say it but apparently we are here because our 'dear' Captain Stone lost a bet against Cotton hair.

And because of that she told us to go here. Why? How should I know. To this day, I still have no idea why she wanted to go here.

I don't know why, but I suddenly have the urge to torture someone.

Everyone went their own way once again and so our holidays begin. From first looks this island is a normal one, but I know it's not. I can feel it. Foreign energy...

Maybe I should investigate it...

Anyways, I will leave that for later, I smell people on this island and I just happen to be hungry, it's time to look for a little sna- I mean fun.

Let's the hunger games begin~


A/N: Yes yes, short chapter. I don't really care because my life is a lie and I have exams starting from thursday. The chapter release rate got smacked in the face because of this and thus there were no chapters.

I still don't even know what some subjects are about because the teacher never even told us about them. 

Love y'all.


I made this chapter while half dead so please bear with it.