Chapter 3 – First Time Allocating Points
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Walking down the familiar yet unfamiliar path toward the mountain, Mu Cheng took in the new sight of the lush mountain forest. Although few animals roamed over here, the place was filled with greenery.

Putting his hand on a large tree, the boy muttered "Energy Conversion."

Suddenly the 3-meter tall tree crumbled into a pile of ashes.

"Only 2 AP? Is this because it's a different world? Or is it because the game wasn't realistic enough? No, maybe it's because even common trees in the game were extraordinary as compared to a normal tree in real life? After all, the game was a magical world of sword and magic..." Mu Cheng muttered disappointedly.

"Hm... Let's put the AP into strength first. I don't want to croak anytime soon." Mu Cheng focused his mind on the Re-Allocator and put the 2 AP into Strength.

Strength increased from 0.4 to 0.8. A warm current flowed out from inside Mu Cheng's body and fused with his body.

"Doubling in strength... This feels incredible." Mu Cheng clenched his fists, he could clearly feel his muscles becoming slightly bigger and stronger.

One Month later

The big mountain next to the village had inexplicably disappeared, even the nearby terrain had vanished, only variously sized potholes littered the ground all over the former lush forest mountain. The green grass and bushes were gone, the tall forest of trees was also gone.

The only thing left was the blue river meandering down the path. A young boy squatting next to the river scooped a bowl filled with water and drank the clear water vigorously.

"Aaah... The natural water tastes so great each time I drink it." Mu Cheng wiped his wet chin with the cuff of his new rabbit fur coat.

"But... I kind of feel bad for destroying the environment..." Mu Cheng mumbled guiltily while taking a sideglance at where the forest mountain used to be, the former lush greenery was replaced with brownish dirt color and greying stone color.

"I would have starved to death if I didn't get rid of the forest, right?" Mu Cheng tried to ease his guilt.

The mountain forest covered a large area, but there were very few animals roaming around the parts.

Although it wasn't part of his plan, when Mu Cheng started "destroying" the mountain forest, the animals residing there had less and less place to roam and were eventually all found by him.

"Unfortunately, the bandits burned down all the crops..." Mu Cheng sighed, except for a few pieces of dry and hard bread and jerky he found after thoroughly searching each villager's house or former houses that had already burnt down to ashes.

Luckily some villagers had dug a small hole and stashed their food under their house. Otherwise, Mu Cheng would have starved to death in the first week.

Even after increasing his Strength and Agility attributes to that of an average man, Mu Cheng had a hard time catching a rabbit. Only after failing numerous times, and continuously increasing his attributes, did he finally manage to catch a few rabbits.

"Two pieces of root fruit, two pieces of smoked rabbit meat and a few orange berries. This will last me three days if I eat sparingly..." Mu Cheng mumbled and focused on the Re-Allocator.

"But seriously... I "annihilated" this whole mountain forest and only got over 200 AP... It seems so little, but if all the AP is focused onto a single attribute... that would be 40 in Strength. In a world without supernatural power. 40 times a normal human's strength, that's how many tons of force? I could probably single handedly tear down the mountain with my bare hands. Well, I guess getting over 200 AP is appropriate then." Mu Cheng was awestruck and focused on the Re-Allocator

Name: Su Yihan
AP: 214
Age: 6 Years

Status: Healthy

Strength: 2.4
Agility: 2.2
Vitality: 0.8
Intelligence: 2
Spirit: 0

"I would like to increase my age... But I'll probably starve to death if I tried it anytime soon..." Mu Cheng said with a wry smile.

He could increase his attributes by 0.2 for each AP, and his age by 1:1 ratio. But due to the lack of food, Mu Cheng did not dare to increase his age. As a larger body meant a larger need for food.

"Vitality makes my body stronger and more vigorous. Too bad it also increases food intake. And due to my low Vitality and high Strength and Agility, I'll be out of breath if I exert myself..." Mu Cheng complained.

He had alot of AP, but he could not use it anywhere. Just an all-out punch with his whole strength of 2.4 would drain his body of all his energy.

"And for some reason, Spirit is greyed out... But according to the game company's research, Spirit should really exist, the game was created based on martial artist's Spirit. It does not rely on magic. Then, does that mean my understanding of Spirit is incomplete?" Mu Cheng had tried to increase his Spirit attribute but it continued to stay greyed out and unselectable.

Spirit was similar to that of a martial artist's tempered spirit, it was like a sixth sense to them, even with their eyes blindfolded, a martial artist could literally sense the trajectory of a punch or a projectile flying toward them.

In The Cataclysmic Era, Spirit had been improved to be used in all combat professions. Not only could one's spirit be extended outward to scan the surrounding. A warrior fighting in close combat relied heavily on Spirit to react to the various attacks aimed at him, and by locking one's Spirit on the enemy. They could better focus their attacks without missing.

For Archers, Spirit was mainly used to lock on target as well, but for Mages, Spirit was more important, and they needed to especially raise the Spirit stat. For a Mage, Spirit could not only be used to scan their surroundings, they mainly used their Spirit to control their spells.

A fireball flying toward their target could suddenly explode in midair or even change trajectory if they so wanted to, and all of this was reliant on the Spirit.

"Hm... So that means Spirit is broken... Because it's also mixed with fake knowledge..." Mu Cheng keeled over.

Because the Re-Allocator was made to be used in a game, and not in reality. The Re-Allocator could select targets using one's Spirit. If Mu Cheng had Spirit, he would not need to go and put his hand on each and every thing he wanted to turn into AP.

If his Spirit attribute was strong enough, he would only need a thought to "destroy" the whole mountain forest, and not go around putting his palm on every piece of thing to "annihilate" the mountain forest in a whole month.

The other important thing was that he could use his golden finger to inspect any item and target and get detailed information.

But that seems a bit difficult if he had to touch a person to do it. Imagine a dirt beggar boy come up to you and put their hand on you. No, imagine a man come up to a girl and suddenly put their hand on her and smile. Yeah, he's looking for a beating...

"If only Spirit would work..." Mu Cheng mumbled. Feeling atleast half of the functions of his golden finger being unusable without Spirit.

"It's already noon, I got to get going now, before it gets late." Mu Cheng sighed.

He knew nothing about wilderness survival, luckily he could inspect various mushrooms, fruits and berries with his golden finger and find out what was edible.

Mu Cheng was also quite lucky that there were no carnivorous animals here. Maybe because there was barely anything edible in the mountain forest, that there were so few animals. That's why he had only found a few rabbits in the whole big mountain forest.

"Let's see, 3 days of food, 2 bottles of water gourds, a few pieces of jade, some herbs for healing, digestion, detoxify... A few pieces of rabbit fur and a rabbit fur pouch." Mu Cheng took inventory of all his items.

He tied the rabbit pouch to his waist and put the rest of the items in the bamboo basket and carried it on his back.

"I feel it's quite cruel to have such a pouch... But I don't have a needle and a thread or even cloth, so it can't be helped." Mu Cheng mumbled with a wry smile as he looked at the rabbit pouch.

It was literally a whole rabbit's body fur, with all the meat and bones removed, the neck part was halfway cut as the opening of the pouch, to close the pouch, simply push the head into the pouch opening to stuff it closed...