Chapter 4 – Eating Poisonous Food is Healthy!
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A little boy wearing a rabbit fur coat was lying on the barren ground chewing on some brown roots.

"Ugh... It's been a week. Where the hell am I? Why isn't there any maps? I'm lost! So damn lost and hungry!" Mu Cheng mumbled as he continued chewing the distasteful roots in his hands and forcing down the urge to vomit.

After leaving the village, Mu Cheng had simply followed the muddy road. But at some point, the road just simply ended, and the whole plain was equally barren.

His 3 days worth of food rations had long been finished, and in this barren land. Where could Mu Cheng find any food? All he could do was continue walking in one direction and hope the endless barren plains would end soon.

After resting for awhile, Mu Cheng finally found the strength to push up his body and continue walking again. He continued walking straight forward at a slow pace.

One step at a time, step after step. Mu Cheng slowly moved forward. After a long period of time, a hint of green appeared in his vision.

But Mu Cheng was just so tired and hungry, he did not notice the green color in front of his eyes. He continued walking forward, step by step.

"Green... Forest... Ah?! G-green! It's a forest!" Mu Cheng finally noticed the patch of green color in front of his eyes and yelped.

"Finally! I'm finally out of this horrible barren plains!!" Unwittingly, Mu Cheng's body was suddenly invigorated, and he ran forward.

With each step he took, he ran faster and faster.

"Hahaha! It's a tree! Bushes! There are bushes! And lots of grass!" Mu Cheng yelled happily as he pounced forward.

"Fruits! Berries!" Mu Cheng, after having been starved for days, pounced at the red fruits and yellow berries without a second thought.

*Chomp Chomp* Mu Cheng greedily chewed and swallowed the fruits and berries in his sight.

"Aaah... I feel alive!" Mu Cheng exclaimed in satisfaction as he patted his bulging belly.

"Uh... Was that poisonous...?" Only now did Mu Cheng remember that one should not eat whatever they see in the wilderness.

"No nevermind, I would have starved to death without food. Maybe if I had an adult's body, I could starve awhile longer, but this 6-year-old undeveloped body sure is fragile..." Remembering the harrowing experience of starving as a kid, Mu Cheng changed his mind.

"It's better to die on a full stomach then die from starvation! Re-Allocator!" Mu Cheng nodded slightly and focused on his golden finger.

Name: Su Yihan
AP: 214
Age: 6 Years

Status: Poisoned (Mild)(3)> Drowsy, Diarrhea, Lethargic

Strength: 2.4(1.9)
Agility: 2.2(1.4)
Vitality: 0.8(0.6)
Intelligence: 2
Spirit: 0

Skills(1)> Minor Poison Resistance(4/100)

"Uh... So I did get poisoned. But at least it's non-lethal poison. But Diarrhea..." Mu Cheng was already feeling regretful of his earlier actions of acting before thinking.

Even his attributes were temporarily lowered, which might be the effect or drowsy and lethargy.

"But I don't feel anything... Yet? Ugh! My, my stomach!" Mu Cheng held his stomach in pain.

"AP! AP! I'll use AP! Quick remove the poison!" Mu Cheng hurriedly shouted in his mind.

Soon the Status changed from Poisoned to Normal, and AP changed from 214 to 215. His attributes had returned to normal as well.

"Phew! The pain disappeared. This poisoning hurt more than laxatives, is it because medicines have been processed to be harmless for use?" Mu Cheng muttered and lied down on the ground, resting on his back.

"Let's see how much AP this cost... Eh?! I got 215 AP? Didn't  I have 214 before?" Mu Cheng was shocked. He was ready to give up some precious AP to remove his poisoned status. But he never imagined that he would get more by removing a negative effect.

"Let me try again!" Mu Cheng was motivated and jumped back on his feet.

He quickly stuffed a few berries and fruit in his mouth without bothering using his golden finger to identify which were poisonous.

After a while, his Status turned from Normal to Poisoned again.

"Remove poison." Mu Cheng focused on the poisoned state as the text blurred for a moment and changed to Normal again.

"Hm... It's still 215. Was it less than a whole number? Let's try a few more times then." After seeing no cost at removing the negative status, Mu Cheng got emboldened.

After getting poisoned a few more times and removing the negative effect, The AP finally turned to 216.

"So it's real! Muhahaha! I'm immortal now!" Mu Cheng laughed out loudly, his arms akimbo.

"No, wait, if the poison is lethal, won't I die before I get the chance to remove it?" Mu Cheng remembered the pain in his stomach earlier.

"Should I focus on poison resistance?" Mu Cheng focused on the new skill he got after eating poisonous food.

Minor Poison Resistance(4/100) had changed to Minor Poison Resistance(21/100) after Mu Cheng ate more of the poisonous food.

"Let's try adding an AP first." Mu Cheng gave it a thought.

Minor Poison Resistance(21/100) changed to Minor Poison Resistance(121/100)

Then it turned blurry and changed to Medium Poison Resistance(21/1,000)

"1 AP for 100 xp. Let's add another 10 AP then." Mu Cheng felt the exchange rate was cheap, and generously added another 10 AP.

Medium Poison Resistance(21/1,000) turned to Medium Poison Resistance(1,021/1,000) before blurring again and changed to Greater Poison Resistance(21/10,000)

"This should do." Mu Cheng smiled in satisfaction, now feeling safe from poison.

Looking at his remaining AP which had turned from 216 to 205.

"I still got quite a bit AP left. There's no need for me to destroy the environment anymore." Mu Cheng joked.

"Let's try how effecting Greater Poison Resistance is then." Mu Cheng picked up another fruit that he had identified had diarrhea effect from the bushes and ate it.

His status remained as Normal. Showing how great his poison resistance was as compared to earlier.

"Not bad. Eating poisonous food is healthy!" Mu Cheng joked and started gathering all the fruits and berries he could see and put them in the bamboo basket on his back.