Chapter 5 – Speak of The Devil
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"Finally! I don't need to worry about starving anymore!" Mu Cheng smiled as he looked at the lush forest.

"Then, I should raise my vitality first." Mu Cheng looked forward to the changes vitality would bring him.

Strength increased his strength quite literally. While Agility increased his reaction speed and nerves, due to his enhanced nerves and reaction speed, he perceived time much slower. Allowing him to move faster. His hands turned more dexterous, his feet nimbler, and his body more agile.

While Intelligence did not make him smarter, it did make his brain work better. His memory had improved by a lot, and he had a much easier time to recall old memories. It was like a RAM upgrade for a computer.

Mu Cheng focused on Vitality in the Re-Allocator. The number on Vitality quickly changed from 0.8 to 0.9, 1, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3... all the way to 3

"Ugh!" Maybe because of the drastic change. A warm current coursed Mu Cheng's body and seeped in. His body expanded and contracted like a beating heart, the bones crack and shifted uncontrollably causing great pain all over his body.

His bones strengthened and turned denser, leading to Mu Cheng's tiny body growing a few cm taller. His skinny body got slightly more muscular and streamlined. His skin cracked apart and fell down from his body, the new skin was jade white and beautiful to behold.

"This feels... Wonderful!" Mu Cheng felt the changes and his heart pumping blood. With each beat, he felt revitalized. As if each beat of the heart brought a wave of vitality to his body.

"So strong!" Slapping his jade white chest that looked so fragile like a girl's, not only did he not feel any pain from his 2.4 Strength, it did not even leave a red mark.

Running around in the forest, punching the trees with all his strength, Mu Cheng did not feel the slighted fatigue.

"This is great!" Mu Cheng exclaimed with a smile hung on his tiny 6-year-old body.

"Let's balance my attributes." Mu Cheng felt the decimal numbers were quite annoying and decided to turn all his attributes to 3.

Name: Su Yihan
AP: 182
Age: 6 Years

Status: Healthy

Strength: 3
Agility: 3
Vitality: 3
Intelligence: 3
Spirit: 0

Skills(1)> Greater Poison Resistance(21/10,000)

Mu Cheng felt his body becoming stronger again, though not as intense as before, so just in half an hour, Mu Cheng got used to the new changes to his body.

"Should I try training Shape Will Fist(Xing Yi Quan)? But I only know the basics... And I need to observe the animals corresponding to the fist techniques. Although I'm in an unknown forest, it's not like I'll meet a tiger or bear, right?" Mu Cheng looked at his only skill in the list and muttered.

Mu Cheng had played The Cataclysmic Era for three months, with its fully immersive VR feature, martial artists had a natural edge over others in battles, so it was normal for pro gamer to start learning martial arts just to improve in the game.

Mu Cheng also had the same thought, so one month after the release of the game, he had taken a crash course on one of the famous martial arts in China, the Shape Will Fist and had practiced it for two months before he was suddenly transmigrated to this world. Because of that, he wasn't sure if the Shape Will Fist was upgradable with his golden finger, since he only had the basic knowledge of this martial art.

Just as Mu Cheng was contemplating on adding a martial art his list of skills as he was slowly walking through the forest. A few large footprints in front.

"T-This wouldn't be a bear's footprint right?" Seeing the big footprint of an animal, Mu Cheng quickly connected it to a bear's footprint.

"I wouldn't be so unlucky right?" Mu Cheng mumbled as he quickly hid behind a big tree.

Taking a small peek, Mu Cheng saw a bear den under a small hill.

"Sh*t it's really a bear den!" Mu Cheng panicked and quickly retreated.

*Snap* Due to his panic, Mu Cheng accidentally stepped on a broken branch on the ground while he retreated in a flurry.

*Growl* As if to respond to the snapping branch, a deep bear growl reverberated through the forest.

"Sh*t! The bear is actually outside!" Tracing the source of the growl, Mu Cheng turned his head and saw a big dark brown bear running toward him from the forest.

His earlier panic was for naught, as the bear was not in the den! Instead, his panic was what lured the bear roaming around the forest to him.

"F*ck! Don't chase me!!" Mu Cheng quickly got to his feet and ran for his life.

*Howl* The bear howl as it chased after the young boy.

Unfortunately, Mu Cheng had never read about any wilderness survival guides. Otherwise, he would have known that running away with your back turned to the bear makes them think you're prey, and they'll instinctively chase you.

With Mu Cheng's attributes, it wouldn't be hard for him to shake off a bear if he ran on a plain road. But in the forest, the terrain was varying, with lots of grass, soft ground and potholes, that continuously slowed down Mu Cheng. In fact, to run like that without falling down was amazing enough.

With Mu Cheng's high Agility and Intelligence, his balance was on a whole new level and he managed to stay on foot.

"Help! Help! Somebody help!" Realizing he could not shake off the bear, Mu Cheng shouted for help in despair.

After running for who knows how long, Mu Cheng suddenly saw a dozen of black dots in front of his eyes quickly enlarge.

"What the f*ck! A pack of wolves!!" Mu Cheng swore loudly.

"Shit! I don't care anymore!" Just as Mu Cheng wanted to retreat, he thought of a better idea.

Let the wolves and bear fight each other! Mu Cheng slightly veered of his original direction and run toward the center of the wolf pack.

*Growl Growl* The dozens of wolves quickly noticed Mu Cheng and the big dark brown bear trailing behind.

Because Mu Cheng was just a little kid that was smaller than a wolf, the wolf pack circled the bear and ignored Mu Cheng rushing out.

"Phew! Just like I expected. When predators meet, they'll confront each other. I'm just a small insignificant prey." Mu Cheng continued running without stop. Fearing the wolves might chase after him if he tarried any longer.

After running till he could barely feel his feet anymore, Mu Cheng quickly glanced behind him, seeing nothing.

"Finally. Safe." He finally breathed out in relief and flopped down on the ground.

"So damn dangerous." Mu Cheng muttered after recalling the earlier chase.

Not only did he meet a big bear soon after entering this forest, but he also ran into a pack of wolves.

Mu Cheng had been on high alert when he just arrived in this world, but after getting used to the peaceful atmosphere in the mountain forest at his village after staying there for a whole month. He had forgotten how dangerous an unknown forest could be. Not to mention having starved for days, and then getting poisoned. Mu Cheng had completely let down his guard.