5. Dead Log
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Turning his head towards the fallen Dark Wolf-Lord, Lin Long jumped down from the tree and rushed towards its corpse. His swift and agile movements made him appear as light as a swallow, and his quick actions when dismembering the corpse showed that he was quite experienced in hunting.

The shadowy figure keenly looked at her savior’s actions, and wondered how long he had been doing this for. Throughout the process, from the moment he killed the beast to the moment he dismembered it and stored it in the Spatial Ring on his right hand, not a single drop of blood fell from the Dark Wolf-Lord’s corpse.

His actions were well thought-out, and every cut he made would leave an almost invisible layer of ice that prevented blood from gushing out of the dismembered corpse. Just watching him deal with his prey like that sent a chill down her spine.

‘Is he from the Dark World?’ This thought crossed her mind, but she immediately blinked and shook her head in denial, ‘He wouldn’t be kind enough to save someone’s life then!’

And to add to her thought process, someone from the Dark World would never let someone see their face; whoever saw their true appearance would be a cold corpse before they could expose their identity.

She had seen his face, yet he had ignored her and focused on dealing with the Dark Wolf-Lord’s corpse. If he was from the Dark World, he would have dealt her a killing blow before doing anything else.

And with how weak she was, just an ordinary attack from him would be more than lethal to her. Someone who could kill one of the strongest Tier 7 Beast with such ease could also kill a person as weak as her in one swift attack.

As the shadowy figure lost herself in her thoughts, Lin Long finished storing the entire corpse in his Spatial Ring. Done with the work, he lowered his chin to rub the head of the excited little LinLin, and started walking towards the oblivious woman who had her head lowered and appeared to be in a daze.

‘Is she confident in her ability to escape, or confident in the belief that I won’t attack her?’ Lin Long wondered as he looked at the pondering figure standing completely oblivious in front of him. Looking at her from head to toe for a moment, he turned around and jumped back on the tree he was previously sitting on.

Taking a comfortable position on a thick branch, he reclined back and closed his eyes for rest, waiting for the sun to rise. Little LinLin, who was moving around his neck also shrunk back into his robes and closed her eyes for a pretty sleep.

After some half an hour, Lin Long felt some movement close to him as the leaves rustled and the branches shook. He opened his eyes and saw the deep-blue pair of eyes stare at him with vigilance and some curiosity.

At the same time, a faint and melodious voice with a strange sort of attraction to it came from the completely cloaked figure in front of him, making his eyes twitch, “Brat, are you an Accursed from the Dark…”

But before the cloaked woman could finish her words, the man in front of her moved like the wind and appeared right next to her. At the same time, the cloaked figure felt a coldness on her neck, as a deep and malevolent voice entered her ears, “Try that again, and I will cut your head off!”

Saying those words, Lin Long jumped back and returned to his resting spot. The cloaked figure, on the other hand, quietened down and thought to herself that she had guessed correctly. After all, why else would he get so triggered when she hadn’t even completed her question?

Having received her answer, she also reclined back on her branch and no longer released a sound. Closing her deep-blue eyes, she unknowingly fell into a deep sleep…

Hearing the faint sound of rhythmic breathing from the cloaked woman, Lin Long opened his eyes and looked at her as if he was looking at a retard. At the same time, he wondered if this woman had no sense of danger?

After all, there were only two types of people who could sleep so casually in a place like the Ancient Forest — those who were unimaginably strong, and those who were unimaginably stupid. And it appeared this woman he just saved was the latter.

Although her skill to confuse someone’s senses with her gaze and voice wasn’t that bad, she couldn’t make use of them in her sleep now, could she? Shaking his head, Lin Long again closed his eyes and decided not to bother with her anymore.

There was nothing in the outer perimeter of the Ancient Forest that could hinder his path, or endanger his life…


As the bright rays of the sun tore through the dark curtain of night, Lin Long opened his eyes and looked towards the bright golden celestial rising from the west. Looking for a moment, he turned his head to the right and saw the cloaked woman still sleeping there like a dead log.

Straightening up, Lin Long stretched his limbs and stood up on the branch he rested through the night. Looking around, he realized that there were no beasts that roamed out here in search for food.

In his heart, he thanked the woman for she brought a Tier 7 Beast all the way out here, or else he would have had to search for and make do with a lower tiered beast for breakfast. After all, he wasn’t in the mood to go deeper into the Ancient Forest after that insanity from before.

Immediately, Lin Long jumped down from the tree and started preparing for a hearty meal. He presumed that little LinLin, and that woman would be awake by the time he finished cooking. Since the Wolf-Lord was brought to him by that woman, there was no reason not to share some of it with her.