Chapter 36: Dungeon – Part 1
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Arriving in front of the dungeon a new system screen appears.

(!) New Mission: [Conquer the first floor of Dungeon rank F.]

Isn't it time to show what you can do?! Conquer the first floor of rank F dungeon.

  • Objective: To conquer the first floor of dungeon rank F.
  • Reward: [Magic Glove] - rank F
  • Reward: 100 Coins Essence.

Looking at this new mission that had come up, it reminded her that she had not yet finished the other mission. “Hrm, I have to kill two more monsters with my hands... now I must conquer the first level... if I'm not mistaken, the first floor of the dungeon has a mini Scorpion boss level 7...”

Seeing that Nero had stopped, Choko asked her worried: “What does Nero hear, feeling bad?”

“Hrm?” Nero came out of her stupor and replied: “It's nothing, I ended up getting distracted thinking about something, it's no big deal.”

Choko sighed in relief: “That's good. But if there's any discomfort, let me know, okay?”

“I'll do it.” She answered with a smile.

Breno had already gotten ahead of himself by going to the cabin at the entrance to the dungeon.

“I've already registered our group; just show our Hunter card and we can get in,” Breno explained.

Jair and Breno were mostly excited. It was the first time they would be entering a dungeon and the desire to grow as a hunter made them excited.

Unlike when hunting monsters outside the dungeon, inside the dungeon, it is much easier to rise in power, as the monsters inside are better in quality. Although, it also gets harder to kill the monsters in a dungeon.

“Okay, you can come in.” Said the guard who took care of the dungeon entrance.

Choko and the rest took their weapons out before they entered the dungeon and soon after they began to enter.


Inside the dungeon, they come across the sight of something like a cave, only many times bigger. Even in some places on the ceiling, there were white crystals that lit up the dungeon. ‘How precious are these crystals?’ Nero caught herself thinking about it.

Nero never stopped being cautious when entering the dungeon, she was constantly looking everywhere on alert.

Choko found this scene cute, Nero's serious expression, almost hypnotized her, but soon she looked away.

The walls were made of stones, in some places in the walls the stones were pointed, so it was good to be careful. While the ground also seemed to be made of stone, there were some places where the ground was made of sand.

Looking back and forth, they had no time to relax and enjoy the scenery, as three scorpions, about ten inches long, came out of the ground made of sand and were coming towards them.

Feeling the temperature of the air warming up, Nero looked at Jana and saw that she was conjuring up a fireball.

Nero felt strange, since Jana instead of throwing the fireball, she caught it with her hand as if she had caught a rock or a ball and then... ‘She threw the flaming ball with her hand?!’

Nero was surprised when she saw it, it reminded her that she was always throwing stones. 'Did she have this idea because of me?'

The fireball was going fast! When it hit the body of the scorpion in the middle, the burning flames began to burn the scorpion and splatter from the flames like a water balloon that burst into the ground, spread and splattered on the other 2 scorpions.

Terrified, the scorpions moved away from the scorpion in the middle.

When the two scorpions dispersed, Jair and Breno were already waiting for it and attacked!

With a witty scream, Breno used his spear and attacked in a straight line towards the scorpion's head, it was so fast that the scorpion that was running from the fire had no time to deviate and found his death when Breno pulled the spear from the scorpion's head, green blood flowed from the hole in the scorpion's head.

Jair jumped high, taking a somersault, before falling he used his sword by piercing the back of the scorpion and pulled the sword towards the head of the scorpion that was making strange sounds, cutting into the scorpion's head, green blood began to flow through the cut.

It was three scorpions, level three, so Choko and Nero didn't have to attack either. Only one attack from them was necessary to kill these scorpions.

When they finished killing the three scorpions, they used the card to plunder the dead bodies of the scorpions.

Jana approached Nero when she finished looting and said, “After I saw you throwing stones, I had the bright idea to do it with flame balls, what did you think?”

“It was very good!” Nero said, “Since the speed has increased.”

“Yes, I was very happy when I was able to do that!” She exclaimed cheerfully.


Suddenly, Choko screamed!

“What happened Choko?” Everyone looked in her direction worried.

But only to find her face flushed. She murmured in shame: “A drop of water fell on my shoulder...”


Hearing that, they hung in there so they wouldn't laugh at her. While Choko had her head down, wanting to hide her embarrassment.