30.2 Conspiracies
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  Conspiracy (Part 2)

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Odile wanting to "share" even more his frustrations with Mu Liang, leaves his hungry mouth following kissing his soft chin, his neck fragile, until he bit the hormone gland that was below the golden lotus tattoo. His white teeth spiked in the soft skin of the half-elf and he let out a somewhat tearful moan. 

Mu Liang's body shuddered, his mind turned blank and his body looked like he was warming up everywhere as if he were bathing in the summer sun. He flashed his beautiful blue eyes a little confused when he felt the Extreme Alpha walk away from him and pack his messy clothes. 

Mu Liang had that sense of scary emptiness in his chest for a few seconds, did he feel a little disappointed? Well, he didn't know what feelings he had for that emptiness in his chest. 

"You!" said Mu Liang when he recovered some of his sanity and his weak body also seemed to finally return a little to normal. He wanted to curse Odile Azikiwe for being a cunning person who took advantage of him easily. 

However, they were in General Azikiwe's territory and his subordinates were looking at them. Mu Liang was not foolish to fight with General Zerg in front of his subordinates.

"Idiot!" Mu Liang mumbled away from Odile, turning his face to the other side and pretending that none of the zerg existed in this confined space.

"Our fourth imperial prince is a little shy! How cute!" Mu Liang's employees thought after watching him act shyly. 

That was a side they never saw from their young master. These employees who came to accompany Mu Liang on this engagement and would also be the people of Mu Liang after the wedding. There were only two maids who were older and accompanied Mu Liang since they were young.

Of course, Mu Liang never took his employees when he went out to play and only Zatrara's guards knew that this half-elf prince was a ferocious and not shy person. 

Except with Mu Liang's soft and fragile appearance, the ferocious look became beautiful and adorable, he has that kind of face that will always look cool or charming, regardless of the feelings he wanted to show.

Odile felt his heart scratch, he once again pulled Mu Liang, who fought bravely, with an FFF body his fight seemed more that he was just doing an act as if he was too ashamed. 

"I'm going to bite you!" Mu Liang threatened with a fierce look. He was already ashamed to have been tapped in front of so many witnesses!

"Really? Then you better bite hard..." Odile said with a villainous smile. He did not steal Mu Liang's lips. He went straight to the golden lotus tattoo that was above the hormone gland. The skin that was already marked by Odile's teeth, due to mating, became marked again. 

The bite in the hormone gland caused Mu Liang to become weak again, he felt falling, once again holding on to the clothes of the damn general zerg. 

When Odile was looting Mu Liang's lips, he was greeted with a bite! 

Mu Liang is a very vengeful young man, besides, he wanted to prove that it wasn't going to be cheap if he took advantage of him like that!

"You shouldn't have done that! For the demon zergs a bite in the mouth, chest or neck is practically a provocation to have the tofu eaten clean!" Alessandra-066 warned Mu Liang in mind. 

Of course, that warning came a little late. 

The eyes that are orange sunset turned into two scarlet moons and an aura of domination spread around Mu Liang. His body shuddered with this aura, unfortunately, was not fear, but the excitement that made his body warm and muffled everywhere. 

Odile kissed ferocity and brought Mu Liang to his lap hugging his body like a desperate person. Odile's tongue assaulted Mu Liang's mouth as fast as a bandit in the midst of an escape, Mu Liang's tender tongue could only submit and follow the unbridled rhythm of this ferocious Zerg. 

Odile's hand came down to his, underneath his long coat, squeezing the two soft peaches, causing Mu Liang to panic and the little soldier rose to battle. 

Mu Liang started crying. 

The salty smell of tears caused Odile to awaken from his frenzy and he was shocked by his lack of control. 

Odile had already taken the inhibitor... it wasn't supposed to happen. 

Mu Liang felt humiliated and hurt, mostly, he felt ashamed. 

"Don't cry. It's okay, I'm not going to do anything to you!" said Odile putting the tearful Mu Liang on the couch, he patted his fiancé's slender back.

"I know... That's why I'm crying!" thought Mu Liang helplessly. When he was getting lost in the sensations of pleasure, he realized that in addition to Odile's aura of domination, there was no strong scent of black tea that was the characteristic fragrance of this zerg. 

Mu Liang also did not feel Odile's erection, so he was shocked to realize that Odile was not ready to eat his tofu. 

"Don't you like me?" Mu Liang asked sobbing as he pointed to Odile's pants. 

Everyone who was watching this intimate scene was shocked and then blushed embarrassed by the couple's conversation. They were innocent spectators, who just wanted to take a quiet short trip, but now the couple threw dog food in their faces. 

Single people are crying now and married people miss their wives and husbands!

Odile Azikiwe finally sighed relieved, so it was just a matter of an omega. He had thought he had been very Mu Liang, so he was worried that he had hurt Mu Liang's feelings or dignity. 

"I took the inhibitor remedy so as not to run the risk of me losing control. Like I did now. Without this medicine, I would have already emptied this room and we would have had sex on the same couch, which will not be good for your body" Odile said with a simple explanation. 

"So, do you really wish me to do this to me?" asked Mu Liang sniffing a little, his blue eyes seemed even brighter because of the tears. 

"Of course, I want to do this to you. However, we have to at least go without doing this for 3 days," Odile said a little embarrassed, as he had caused all this.

"So, don't tease me, because it gets too painful! Idiot! Idiot!" Mu Liang said angrily, finally recovering from his omega outbreak, hitting Odile's hand that caressed his back, of course, his hand hurt much more than Odile's hand.

Mu Liang really wanted to bite this shameless fiancé of him!

If he could, he'd turn into a table of so much anger!

Damn omega body!

Damn Odile!

None of Mu Liang's followers said anything, they pretended to see nothing. They didn't want Mu Liang to get mad at them because he was bullied by his fiancé.

The 12 Soldiers Zergs Demons who were there to assist General Azikiwe in filtering information, they were surprised that a recessive omega could curse the General. 

Usually, recessive omegas were calm and gentle, rarely became ferocious or with a sharp tongue. Recessive omegas are known for their high education and soft and charismatic discourse. 

"You're a little ferocious!" the soldiers thought to keep their solemn expressions and pretending to have seen nothing. 

The worst was Odile's smile of satisfaction when he saw Mu Liang act like this... The soldiers were amazed since they never saw the General smile like he was flirting!

"Cough... Mr. Cough... General reports!" a brave Beta soldier spoke to break the pink mood between the general Odile and the general's fiancé.

Odile can only sigh and re-analyze the reports, arguing with captains who were on a video call in his light brain. 

Mu Liang to scare away the warmth in his heart and his shame for being kissed, he can only think again about the things the Alessandra-066 system had shared with him.

Returning to Mu Liang's analysis, he began analyzing the strange situation of the AI chip that never appeared in this technological world, ending up in a weak body of a recessive omega that had the worst body in ABO history, an FFF body. However, this recessive omega had a strong soul and overwhelming mental power, in addition, he also had the blood of elves running through his veins. 

The set of all this would allow the easy integration of chip AI that was created by the High Elves... Still... That was weird unless this recessive omega had some blood connection with the High Elves. However, Mu Liang can only speculate on that last part. Since it made sense if the previous Mu Liang had a connection to the High Elves so that the nanochip AA, which had been created for the High Elves, that this could function properly in the half-elf prince.

Only, was this all a coincidence?

Why did that smell like a conspiracy?

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