32.1. The truth can be dangerous
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The truth can be dangerous

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Odile thought it was really a coincidence that all this could happen in a short period. All this could be some kind of plan to prevent Mu Liang from completing his marriage to the third imperial prince of the Diablo Empire. At least apparently, didn't anyone want the Zatrara Empire and the Tai-Kai Empire to have ties to the Diablo Empire?

Or would they not want Odile, the third prince, to get a groom with a powerful background?

It cannot be forgotten that the Callahan Dynasty (Elves) has a blood relationship with the imperial family of the Zatrara Empire. The Callahan Dynasty is connected to the High Elves and even has a connection by marriage and direct descendants at various locations in the High Elves government!

Who are the High Elves?

The smartest and most powerful race not only in the Xenon Universe but in other universes too! They are the creators of the genus ABO! Their importance and power are there for all to see.

This leads General Azikiwe to think that the Zatrara Empire is not the only goal of these vampires. Taking into account the situation of the imperial court of the Diablo Empire... Odile began to think of a terrifying possibility...

Was the traitor to the ZEFH Alliance possibly a nobleman of the Diablo Empire?

Was any nobleman afraid that Odile with the support of the Imperial Mu Family would rebel and try to take the rank of Emperor? Of course, Mu Liang's support was not only the Imperial Mu Family of the Tang-Kai Empire but also the Zatrara Empire and the Callahan Dynasty, indirectly, the High Elves.

That was a pretty scary kind of support for other people.

Of course, Odile Azikiwe wasn't interested in any of this. He was already tired until the death of so many military documents and he's just a General Zerg who only had one Brigade of elite fighters... Imagine if he becomes the emperor!

Just thinking about its Odile was already shaking with fear!

He already had a lazy character and was forced to work hard and diligently for his uncle, Marshal Azikiwe. Odile is already reluctant to assume the post of commander in the future... Why couldn't he be like those lazy princes who traveled the world and had fun?

That was just a passing thought in Odile's mind since thinking so wasn't going to change his situation at all like General Zerg. So, Odile can only keep thinking about the frightening possibility that a noble (idiot) of the Diablo Empire is helping the mastermind behind the Vampires of Chaos, or that this noble (imbecile) is the real boss and who has a hidden agenda against the Empire Diablo.

"If that's true..." Odile felt his body freeze and his mind was thrown into chaos.

What did it mean to be a traitor to the ZEFH Alliance?

It meant that this individual or organization was against the most developed and powerful species of the Xenon Universe!

If the traitor were a Zerg of the Demon race and who was part of the nobles of the Diablo Empire... Odile could already imagine what the Sacred Zerg Alliance would want to punish the Devil Zergs... That's if there was no power, like the High Elves or the Angelic Zergs, that interfered directly from the trial... The demon zerg could even be expelled from the Xenon Universe in the worst case!

A nobleman ally with the races of chaos is no joke!

The punishment is severe!

"It's also very strange that vampires who are creatures of Chaos have traveled through the Xenon Universe quietly unnoticed until they reached the quadrant of the Zatrara Empire," Mu Liang said with a tone full of indifference, but his blue eyes shone with Coldness.

Mu Liang did not notice the chaos in the eyes of the sunset color of Odile. The more Mu Liang spoke, the more General Azikiwe's heart suspected of the nobles of his Diablo Empire.

All the soldiers looked at this cute and smooth half-elf, they were surprised by the sharp mind of their General's fiancé.

"Recessive omegas are quite scary!" the soldiers thought at the same time. They had almost forgotten that recessive omegas are the smartest among ABO genres. Recessive omegas may not work with the military, but they worked at the Academy of Science and Technology, were also versed in strategies and construction of new technologies.

Omega Recessive are the geniuses of every species!

So much so that the High Elves had an exclusive award for omegas. The Michael Award for super-intelligent people. This is an award that was given to all omegas that contributed to science, research, and society developing some technology or combat techniques or something that would improve social well-being. This award has been 1000 years away and the ceremony is held every two years.

More than 70% of the winners of this award went to individuals with the genus Omega Recessive.

If the High Elves who were the creators of the ABO genre attested through this Michael Award that recessive Omegas are superior in intelligence than the other ABO genres, what can the rest of the universe say against?

"Yes, it's quite strange how vampires have hidden and are sprouting from everywhere. The Elvish Federation must be investigating this matter, so we will have some answers," Odile said seriously. Although his mind was in chaos, he kept his composure worthy of a zerg general. 

Even if Odile was now afraid of the outcome the Elvish Federation could find if his suspicions were really true.

The Elves are very proud, now that an Elvish Empire was being targeted in this way, there was no way the Elvish Federation did not seriously investigate on this matter.

Of course, for Odile and his imperial family, who desperately needed an heir to the throne, this client was also an enemy of the Demon Zerg, as he tried to prevent the union between Odile and his fiancé, who was specially chosen by the system of intergalactic combination.

That's what the Elvish Federation and the Sacred Zerg Alliance must be thinking right now. Odile thought this was what the individual behind all this confusion wanted these powerful organizations to think.

After all, who would think that someone from the Diablo Empire would act against the imperial family and imply the destruction of another empire on the way? Who would have thought that a demon zerg with a noble title would dare betray the ZEFH Alliance?

No one would think of that!

Because that's crazy!

Only Odile saw behind the scenes of the Diablo Empire more than a few times to know that there were people who were crazy about power... All it was left to know was there was anyone crazy enough to put the whole Species Zerg Demon at risk in a lunatic plan to make a deal with a vampire leader... Starting a catastrophic war that could provoke even the High Elves!

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