32.2. The truth can be dangerous (2) 
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The truth can be dangerous (2) 


The more General Azikiwe thought about it, he felt more distressed. He reflexively embraced even more Mu Liang and again smelled the sweet aroma that came out of the skin of his omega. 

This kept Odile's mood more relaxed and his mind clearer.  

"I wonder if I should go home..." Mu Liang murmured to himself, letting the thoughts of his mind slip away.  

Mu Liang wanted to return home to be able to integrate better into this world, not to mention, that the previous Mu Liang had many interesting resources in his possessions. Wouldn't it be a waste not to use these features?  

Now that his maternal family's situation was in chaos, no one would pay attention to Mu Liang, which would be advantageous for him to grow. 

Odile Azikiwe felt tense to hear Mu Liang's words, while the soldiers around pretended they didn't hear anything and walked away from the couple. Each of the soldiers focused on their holographic screens as if seriously important information were there. 

Soldiers: (...) 

The General's aura got scary! 

Mu Liang followers: (...) 

Does that mean the fourth prince is going to reject the marriage? Right... Are we going to be okay if he does this? 

Mu Liang's attendants were tense, feeling General Azikiwe's oppressive aura, Zatrara's guards were confused by what to do. As the Diablo Empire was supporting the Zatrara Empire in this war, they as citizens of the Zatrara Empire wanted Mu Liang to soon impeach with General Zerg.  

But they didn't want to force Mu Liang to this political marriage either, as the situation was not good and Mu Liang would have no support at that time because of the war. Therefore, Zatrara's guards remained close to the couple, but they also dared not interfere with their conversation. 

Mu Liang couldn't feel that aura since Odile as his Alpha, at least he branded Mu Liang as his. That is, nothing this General Zerg would do would be threatening to this half-elf. 

"Don't you want to go back with me to the palace?" Odile asked with a strange tone in his voice, but Mu Liang didn't notice.  

"Things happened so fast that I don't have any of my stuff and I don't even have money!" Mu Liang said with irritation. What he said was true, he was now a poor person.  

He had a very wealthy family with employees and personal guards but had not had a single penny in his possession and had no personal item.  

"So that's what you meant. Your servants have some of your stuff and there's the Interstellar Bank in the capital, there you can withdraw your money. We Zergs are not controllers, you can even work outside the palace if you want" Odile said with a much better mood and a warm voice. 

Odile himself did not realize how tense he had become with the possibility that Mu Liang did not want to live with him. It was as if the ground had opened under his feet, that was a cold and scary feeling. Which made Odile frown a little, since he didn't like that sort of thing, which made him look controlled by his omega.   

The Elves are proud, but the Demon Zerg are also quite proud, mostly, they were proud under their rationality and coldness when making decisions. Odile pushed away these unpleasant feelings and thought about being under someone else's control of his mind. 

After a few seconds recovering his reason for his chaotic thoughts, Odile understood that Mu Liang really missed his things and was worried about his family. Of course, he didn't know is that Mu Liang was a person from another world and didn't know the ways of life, who also didn't have many feelings for his "family." 

Mu Liang had to stop to study all knowledge about this new world, as he didn't even know there were convenient things like Bank Interstellar that could transfer money from one planet to another.  

Of course, after the first transfer, everything would be recorded in the light brain and transactions would all be carried out over the galactic internet. Which made it very easy for people to access the money without having to worry about the exchange problem. 

"Interstellar Bank, hahaha, I had forgotten that! Only my things, which employees are taking, that's very little," said Mu Liang a little more relaxed, he even supports his head on Odile's shoulder.  

He was glad he wasn't a poor person anymore! 

"All right, we can buy whatever you want. It will be paid for me since I am taking you to my empire", said Odile with very good humor, since his omega was relying on him with confidence.  

"En," said Mu Liang with a gentle and satisfied smile on his beautiful face. Well, how wouldn't he be happy with someone buying everything he wanted without having to worry about paying?! 

Odile couldn't resist Mu Liang's sweet smile, kiss his fiancé's soft, blushing cheek. Mu Liang was surprised and turned to complain, only to have his lips stolen again.  

Mu Liang was lost, how was he going to last three days without having sex with Odile attacking him every few minutes?  

Yes, Mu Liang has already given up on denying that if Odile seduces him, he would not fall into the seduction. Well, the truth is, he was going to fall off his fiancé's seduction and he'd feel very happy about it. 

This time Mu Liang got carried away and embraced Odile's neck, accompanying the tongue that entangled his in a sweet kiss that made his heartbeat very fast as if he had wings.  

Mu Liang's waist hug became stronger, the black tea scent grew more intense, causing Mu Liang to get a little dizzy and feel warm all over his body. The kiss was long, so much so that when the mouths parted there was a silver thread connecting their mouths.  

Odile got hungry and he wanted to devour Mu Liang, so he kissed him once again and again.  

Soldiers: (...) 

Weren't you two going to fight? What's with this dog food thing in front of us?! 

Mu Liang followers: (...) 

Understand! It was just our prince playing tsundere games for his fiancé! 

Everyone was a little surprised and a little shocked by this couple, who one hour seemed to fight and another was already kissing intensely, ignoring everyone around. 

Odile buried his concerns in the back of his mind when the situation between Mu Liang and him became clearer... Wait he couldn't wait for the situation to become clearer! Odile only kept his thoughts of concern away from his mind when he thought he would have to talk to the new emperor on this subject later. 

Yes, Odile was going to throw it all on the back of the new emperor! 

This thought formed by embracing mu Liang's weak body harder, which now had swollen red lips, with a slightly rosy face. Odile's heart vibrated with pride as if Mu Liang's helpless state were some cause for pride! 

Alphas... Sometimes they're a little silly! 

"We're arriving in the capital in five minutes and to the palace in 7 minutes" Lola's hot female voice sounded inside the ship.  

Mu Liang became tense again, he was now going to meet the family of this "groom" of his." In Mu Liang's past life, the parents of a boyfriend or fiancée of a powerful family, they were always quite complicated. He himself had friends who suffered a lot in the hands of his in-laws.  

Although Mu Liang did not think it would be so with him, he had to ask his doubts, after all, this was an Imperial Family. Even if the in-laws liked him... there would be so many schemes here and there that he had to ask about this fiancé's family. 

"Odile, aren't you going to tell me anything about your family?" asked Mu Liang a little nervous. 

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