33.1. Irrefutable Proposal 
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Irrefutable Proposal 


That was a reasonable question since the previous Mu Liang only knew about the data collected by the realm's informants. However, this did not mean that everyone was true and there was also not much about the real personality of these people, only the personalities they showed before society.  

Isn't it natural to ask your fiancé directly about his family? 

Much better than looking stealthily, after all, it would be bad if someone finds out about it, right?  

He could offend everyone if he acted like a spy! 

"Well, my mom can be a hard woman to deal with," Odile said a little hesitant. He didn't want to speak ill of his mother to his fiancé, this could put him in a strange situation.  

"In fact, Prince Mu, you must beware of Empress Crimson, Odile's mother. She is a very proud Omega Variant and she disdains the Recessive Omegas" Lola's voice sounded inside the ship.  

The soldiers were tense to hear this kind of conversation about the previous Empress, but this matter was no secret in the Diablo Empire. The previous Empress showed her disdain against recessive omegas since the third concubine had been chosen by the previous Emperor.  

The third concubine came from a talented family of intergalactic merchants, she is a Recessive Omega. Some gossip says she is the true love of the previous Emperor.  

"Is she going to make things complicated for me?" Mu Liang asked worried, what made Mu Liang's employees, so how Zatrara's guards feel tense and frown for General Azikiwe.  

The Elves are very proud, how could they let the grandson of the Emperor of Zatrara suffer any complaint? That would be dishonorable to the Elves! 

Of course, Zatrara's guards also thought about the war and the support of the Zerg of the Diablo Empire... there was a possibility that Mu Liang would be blackmailed by the imperial family so that they continue to offer support for the Zatrara Empire! 

Mu Liang's employees and Zatrara's guards were tense, thinking that the future of this prince and half-elf was going to be difficult! 

They had to help Mu Liang endure this ordeal with a tyrannical mother-in-law! That was for the good of their nation! 

Mu Liang did not know that on this 40-minute trip he gained the blind loyalty of all his followers, that these followers had a crazy and fertile imagination! 

Odile sighed to see so many eyes towards him, he wished Lola hadn't said anything, but it wasn't a secret that his imperial mother hated recessive omegas. Then Mu Liang it would be better to have prior knowledge on the subject not to be taken by surprise. A mental preparation was better than being played by their imperial mother at the first meeting or when they met alone. 

"From my analysis... There's a 70% chance that Empress Crimson will cause problems for you..." Lola spoke quietly, interrupting Odile's thoughts. 

"That..." Mu Liang was speechless for a moment, after all, that was very hard. To hear that his future mother-in-law was going to cause problems just because of his gender! 

Should he get away from this engagement? 

Where would he go? 

Mu Liang thought with concern, he did not want to be like the women of his ancient world, who suffered bitterly in the hand of his mother-in-law! 

That's karma, right? 

He remembered that in his past life... his mother was a rather tyrannical woman with his wives. 

But he always defended his wives! 

Only he couldn't be home all the time and couldn't intervene much on the backcourt since it was socially duty of the woman who takes care of the house.  

He remembered that his mother gave him a headache with the cries and shrill cries of how he was not a faithful son and now he only cared about his wives. 

His mother didn't want to hand over domestic power for their wives to share. The domestic power of that time was divided into three, accounting, social performance, and employee management. Which would be ideal since he had three wives... No, they were concubines, but since he didn't have a main wife it made no difference.  

Sometimes his mother yelled at him that he was an unfaithful son, at that time being an unfaithful son was very bad, so often his mother made her way and his wives suffered in silence. 

"Yes, this can only be karma!" thought Mu Liang sad, but already strengthening his heart for the worst. He just didn't know how long he would endure the tyranny of his imperial mother-in-law. 

Like his followers, Mu Liang let his imagination run wild about how complicated things would be from now on. Of course, Odile was going to stand next to his mother and he'd have to deal with this dragon mother-in-law alone! 

It is normal Mu Liang still keep his archaic thoughts about the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, as he came from an ancient world. He hasn't had time to see any series or film to try to understand how the familiar environment of this highly developed world works. 

"Don't worry... I'm going to break into the intelligent system of the Imperial Family of the Diablo Empire. Anything we can cause some explosions to distract Empress Crimson," Alessandra-066 said in Mu Liang's mind. Which somewhat reassured the agitated mind of this half-elf prince.  

 Odile saw Mu Liang close his beautiful eyes as if he were ignoring everyone because of surprise and anger, he was worried about his omega. If Mu Liang gets too angry and decides to leave? 

 They still didn't know if Mu Liang was pregnant or not! Just to imagine that Mu Liang and his future son went far away from him... Odile felt very bad just imagining this kind of situation. 

 "Little Lian, don't be angry! You don't have to worry so much, I'll keep you safe and I'll take good care of you!" said General Azikiwe with an urgent tone of voice. He did not doubt that even in a very bad situation, that Mu Liang's family was now, that his fiancé could simply turn his back and leave. 

 It's not like the Angelic Zerg were going to leave the chance to win the good graces of the Callahan Dynasty, Mu Liang wouldn't be without suitors! Just thinking about it, Odile felt desolate. 

 It cannot be forgotten that the Callahan Dynasty is linked to the High Elves. 

Of course, Odile's second brother is married to the first prince of the Callahan Dynasty, which connects them to the dynasty for marriage. What caused a lot of envy of the other species of Zerg, who didn't want to have the same indirect connection to the High Elves?  

 So, Odile didn't doubt that a line of suitors would go as soon as Mu Liang decided to flee away from him! 

 The Demon Zerg and the Angelic Zerg did not physically fight each other, but they always competed to see which of the two zerg species was more powerful and influential. So, it wouldn't be weird for your rivals to try to take Mu Liang! 

 "Odile, you're going to take care of me, because I may be pregnant with your child? Because of the problems of the Diablo Empire, right?" Mu Liang asked opening his beautiful blue eyes, staring at Odile's sunset-colored eyes. 

 "That..." Odile didn't know what to say. He had not thought about it himself when he spoke the words a short time ago.  

 He had forgotten this important subject by thinking Mu Liang could leave!  

 "You don't have to answer, I understand your position," Mu Liang said quietly. For some strange reason, he felt sad, but also a little relieved. After all, he would have some voice inside the palace of the Diablo Empire, so he would not be oppressed with ease. 

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