24. The Fury of on Omega
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The fury of an omega

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Mu Liang felt a strange sulk when he heard the doctor's words. Although, rationally, he should be happy to not have to worry about his chrysanthemum for at least a week.

However, a cold dissatisfaction took over Mu Liang's body, he really wanted to be aggressive with this doctor! The sapphire blue eyes were as cold as the planets' poles. The intention to kill became intense and made the nurses Betas and omegas feel oppressed!

Suddenly a large piece of metal flies towards Doctor Dalma Okorie! 

Nurses: (...)

Was that a piece of the ceiling?

That's scary!

The nurses and the doctor Okorie cower in fear, they could not escape even if they wanted to! 

Mu Liang can feel colorless energy coming out of his free hand, but he didn't know how to contain that energy.

Luckily, the room's intelligent guard system was activated, because of the previous kidnapping attempt on Mu Liang. Therefore, an energy barrier was created and protected doctors and nurses.

Nurses: (...)

We were saved! 

Doctor Okorie: (...)

Omegas are scary!

Even though they were saved by the hospital's guard system, they didn't dare approach the couple in bed. Before they could breathe easily, they heard the terrible noise of metal being twisted!

There were a few dozen metal spears! 

The metal had been torn from the ceiling!

Medical Team: (...)

We are going to die! 

One of the nurses tried to use the emergency code via her quantum communicator, but it is not working!

Quantum Communicator: No signal!

A trainee doctor tried to use the light brain to call the hospital guards, however, the signal from the light brain was blocked by a strong magnetic wave of unknown origin!

Trainee Doctor: (...)

Can magnetic barriers block the light brain system? This is not a magnetic barrier, this is the death barrier!

"Mu Liang, you have to take a deep breath and focus on the power that is coming out of your hand. This energy is similar to when you released Heavenly Qi in your world" Alessandra-066's voice sounded in Mu Liang's mind.

Mu Liang felt a little relieved by the words of the system, so he took a deep breath and concentrated his mind on his free hand and could feel strands of misshapen energy coming from the tips of his delicate fingers.

The energy seemed wild and strong, there was even an icy sensation in Mu Liang's mind. His body started to hurt, mainly, his free hand. Mu Liang's mind seemed to have suffered a severe attack as if small needles were piercing his brain!

“Xiao Liang? Xiao Liang? Mu Liang! ”Odile's voice woke Mu Liang out of his chaotic thoughts. He felt his left hand being squeezed by Odile's warm hand. 

Mu Liang blinked his sapphire blue eyes and looked at Odile, there was a red aura around this general zerg. The Yin aura of his body collided with the Yang aura of Odile's body. 

The smell of Odile's black tea seemed stronger and more intense, which made Mu Liang calm down, the icy feeling in his heart and the feeling of weakening of his body lessened a little. 

Odile hugged Mu Liang tightly, which helped to calm the spirits of this fourth half-elf prince. 

Soon the sound of metal falling on the floor could be heard, Mu Liang, who rested his face on Odile's chest, turned to look at what the sound was, when he saw several items made of special metal alloy, all of them lying on the floor, all looking sharp and dangerous!

Mu Liang looked confused and started to look at the environment better ... He had ripped the metals off the walls and turned them all into a kind of sharp spear ...

"What did I do?" Mu Liang had a shaky voice while looking at his own hand little scared. It would be okay if that was a power he was controlling, but it was something he could barely contain!

“This is not your fault. Doctor Dalma should know that he shouldn't talk to you about it. Omegas are very sensitive in the first month after mating. Denying omega sex after mating is asking for trouble! ”One of the nurses said, pinching another Dalma. 

Dr. Dalma: (...)

Hey, asking for problems is one thing! But throwing iron spears and destroying the room are completely different things!

However, Doctor Dalma being faced by General Drastan, he can only nod and bow to apologize to the new princess of his empire Diablo!

"I'm sorry, doctor" Mu Liang said in a soft voice. He felt bad about attacking the team. 

Mu Liang did not understand the reason for his fury since the doctor said nothing wrong and rationally, he himself wanted to keep a safe distance from Odile, just so that he had space to think about things.

“His soul was fueled by Odile's cosmic and yang energy, so he can be considered his initial source of life. What you did was an instinctive reaction, like if someone tries to take the oxygen out of you, how would you breathe without it? You have become aggressive to maintain your life. Anyway, the effect of that will pass in a few months, when you are diligently cultivating ”Alessandra-066 said in Mu Liang's mind to calm the young half-elf.

“But what about this power? I feel uncomfortable when I channeled the power out of control ”Mu Liang asked doubtfully. He really felt more tired after taking control of his misshapen energy. 

“This is mental power. Telekinesis is in grade (S). With your grade (F) body, it is very normal for you to feel uncomfortable. If it weren't for the tattoos that your grandfather and father Elf put on your body to restrict your power, you would now be passed out in a coma and who knows, maybe that room was blown up ”Alessandra-066 said in a low voice. 

Mu Liang shuddered at the deadly serious words in his system. General zerg felt his bride shudder and had a teary look, he hugged his bride and kissed Mu Liang's forehead. 

“Okay, Xiao Liang. I will be with you all the time, so don't worry that the seven days without sex ”Odile Azikiwe spoke softly with his big hands stroking Mu Liang's slender back. 

Mu Liang's face turned very red, he felt very ashamed now! In his previous world, people didn't speak so directly about sex in front of other people!

"Anyway. It is strongly recommended that you do not have sex for at least 3 days. The other 4 days since the general is not excessive, then everything will be fine ”said Dr. Dalma once again, ignoring the pink bubble that surrounded this new couple. 

"Okay, I'm going to take my medications to be able to resist my handsome Xiao Liang," said Odile kissing the flushed cheek of his half-elf fiance. 

Mu Liang wanted to fight with Odile, but he kept staring at Odile's mouth as if he were very thirsty. His mouth dried and an uncomfortable heat settled in his belly. 

"What's going on with me?" Mu Liang thought a little stunned, as he felt like wishing Odile would kiss him on the mouth. 

“You are a newly mated omega. It is very normal for you to want to be closer to your Alpha. The desires in the first month are intense ”Alessandra-066 explained to the half-elf fool.

"This only lasts for a month, right?" Asked Mu Liang in anguish. It was very strange to feel these needs for intimacy, mainly because he did not know this general zerg so well. 

“Well, anytime you have estrus it can happen. Estrus happens every three months. The appointment takes place again six months after the previous appointment. This serves to renew the mark on the gland and keep the fluctuation of Omega hormones under control…. Now that I remember, you haven't marked your Alpha! ”Alessandra-066 said suddenly. 

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