25. Don’t stay too far from me
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Don't stay too far from me

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Mu Liang was surprised by the words of his system, but he had a lot to do now and a lot to worry about. At another time he would inquire with the system. 

"Do you want me to kiss you?" Odile's voice was a baritone, Mu Liang felt chilled and restless. He managed to look away, he wanted to ask the medical team for some help, but they were all gone!

Medical Team: (...)

We are all single! We can't stand to see so much affection anymore!

Watching his fiancé act timidly, Odile held Mu Liang's soft chin between his long, strong fingers, pulling the half-elf's handsome face toward him. Odile's breath was warm against the soft skin of the fourth imperial prince of Tang-Kai.

Mu Liang wanted to protest, but he doesn't know what to say ... He really was thirsty and he wanted this general zerg to kiss him.

The kiss was very gentle, Mu Liang's soft lips parted on their own, then the two exchanged caresses with their tongues. Odile was being very slow in his kiss, but no less hungry. 

Mu Liang's heart was beating rapidly, heat spreading throughout his body, but it was not as oppressive and desperate as the moment he woke up. It was a gentle warmth of full satisfaction, which even made the pain disappear from his body and mind. 

Odile hugged Mu Liang's body, even more, the half-elf's warm body was the perfect fit for his embrace. His heart became softer and softer, the more he felt this lovely half-elf relaxing in his embrace. 

This is his omega!

When the kiss ended, Mu Liang's face was slightly flushed and his good moist, his sapphire blue eyes were a little out of focus and his bluish-black hair was a little messy. 

"You need to get ready to go to my Empire," said Odile, contemplating his handsome face. His sunset-colored eyes were soft and his smile was very honest. 

Mu Liang was once again like a fool charmed by the face of his zerg fiancé. The white hair was still tied up in a braid, but the strands of hair that fell on his forehead and a little on his beautiful eyes made a great contrast to his dark chocolate skin of the highest quality. 

“Why are you looking at me like that? Am I weird? ”Odile Azikiwe asked feeling a little strange with his fiance's admiring look. 

For Odile it was normal for people to want him, to feel lust and passion, few people felt admired by a general. Not in times of peace. Usually, people were impressed by his status as an imperial prince, but the look of admiration was rare. Mainly, if they were people who do not participate in the military world or who do not have much information. 

"It's nothing!" Mu Liang said sheepishly. He was acting stupid again. He never thought he would be one of those people who would fall like a fool for beauty. 

Odile: (...)

My fiance is flirting with me!

Odile wanted to spend time interrogating Mu Liang, just to see his fiance's reaction, it would certainly be cute and funny. However, they really had to go back to the Diablo Empire. 

Odile then called in Zatrara's imperial guards and Mu Liang's attendants. Imperial guards guarded the doors and Mu Liang's personal attendants would help him dress. 

"You can't leave!" Mu Liang grabbed Odile's arm tightly ... Of course, Mu Liang's strength wasn't much. After all, he has a body with an FFF note, compared to Odile who has the SSS body… There is a difference like heaven and earth!

However, Odile stopped like a good obedient boy and looked at Mu Liang with eyes full of heat. 

"Okay, I'll stay here in the room, while you go to a shower," said Odile pushing Mu Liang a little bit so he could go to the bathroom. The attendants came in with Mu Liang. 

It was not uncommon for princes and people of high social standing to have people to help them bathe. Odile felt a little jealous, if he had not already taken his medicine to control his hormones, he would have already become aggressive towards the attendants. 

However, taking into account Mu Liang's special physical conditions, Odile closed his eyes to these personal attendants following his omega to the bathroom. 

Approximately 20 minutes later, Mu Liang runs out of the bathroom wearing his prince costumes, a royal blue outfit that was very tight and perfectly marked his beautiful body, also made him look taller. The silver buttons and silver threads gave Mu Liang's sparkling blue eyes an extra charm.

"Fourth Prince, your hair is still wet!" One of the attendants spoke. Her name is Chen Qian, she belongs to an earl's family. She is the third daughter of an earl of the Tang-Kai Empire, after many tests of talents, she was selected to be one of the attendants of the fourth prince of Tang-Kai. 

She was a tall woman, with black hair and brown eyes. She had the skin the color of healthy and beautiful wheat, her features are thin and her mouth is wide, giving an air of tigress to this young lady. 

Mu Liang ignored his attendant Chen Qian, he threw himself into Odile's arms and rubbed his face on General Zerg's chest, like a frightened little puppy. 

Odile hugged his fiance tightly, he was worried about Mu Liang acting like that. It was only a 20-minute shower, what could have happened?

"What happened? Did someone do something to you? Did someone intimidate you in the bath? ”Odile asked softly, lifting his fiance's adorable face. 

Chen Qian: (...)

It was just a shower! We didn't do anything inappropriate!

"I just missed you so much!" Mu Liang said a little embarrassed. Now that he smelled Odile's black tea aroma, he had regained consciousness and at that moment he was ashamed. 

Odile: (...)

My fiance is flirting with me, but we can't have sex! Does anyone know how I can avoid being seduced?

It wasn't his fault that he felt like he was in an ice cave for the time he was away from Odile! That omega body was going to drive him crazy! Mu Liang was sorry in his heart.

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