27. Meeting Lola
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Meeting Lola

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The large group walked to the elevators that led up to the hospital's large dome. Mu Liang has never been in an elevator before, so he kept looking at the view as the elevator went up all the way.

              The elevator was transparent which was perfect for him to see everything and analyze what this new world was like.

              "Do people in this world like everything transparent?" Mu Liang thought since the walkway also had a transparent dome, the dome that protects the entire hospital area is also transparent and now the elevator has transparent walls.

              "The glasses can get dark just access the code and put it on. For example, when emperors and ambassadors come to the hospital, the entire place is closed off so that no one can look. Because of national and intergalactic security. However, you are right on one thing. Civilians like everything transparent since it seems to be the safest, "said Alessandra-066 to Mu Liang, who thought the thinking of these people of the future was a little complicated.

              Since in the ancient world of Mu Liang people liked privacy more!

              "Curious about how the Zergs live?" Odile asked when he saw Mu Liang's excited and curious look looking through the elevator, thus awakening Mu Liang from his conversation with his system.

Odile didn't think it was strange for his fiancé to be curious about the Zerg species, after all, there were at least 10 different sub-races of Zergs. As the two were going to get married soon, it was normal for Mu Liang to observe the Zerg inhabitants with interest and look at the development of their species.

Also, the sharp looks of several Demon Zerg citizens could cause a bad and disconcerting feeling. Odile felt the looks these people were giving their fiancé. Unfortunately, Odile could not act very protective with his omega in public, among the common people there could be spies for the nobles.

Nobles were always mean and liked to have the weakness of others, as Odile is a stellar General and behaved like a monk a lot of the time, this made it difficult for these people to catch any weakness of him.

Mu Liang would be Odile's first weakness, regardless, whether Odile is in love or not. To an extent an Alpha would protect his omega, moreover, Mu Liang's position among the elves was delicate, which made him an interesting target for the nobles' power games.

Odile and the new emperor, who is his older brother, they knew that there would be people who would be relieved by the presence of Mu Liang, who could prevent a crisis of the Diablo Empire and a bloody fight for the throne. However, there would still be part of the people who would protest and even some nobles who will question Odile's choice.

Since Mu Liang was not the only "bride" who appeared on the list of the intergalactic compatibility system for Odile Azikiwe. On that list were Demon Zerg women and men. Of course, Odile had dismissed all these people, before receiving the imperial request to choose an official bride and marry to have little princes or princesses to be heirs to the throne. So, the nobles and part of the imperial council are not going to be in favor of Odile's choice, as the third imperial prince his choice may be questionable.

Odile's thoughts were quite worrying, but looking at the ignorant half-elf in his arms, he dispersed his dark thoughts. Whatever he had to face he would do it head-on, so there was no reason to waste that moment he shared with his omega with stupid thoughts.

              "En," said Mu Liang, not taking his eyes off the landscape outside. It was very fascinating to look at these flying chariots from all sides. Much better than paying attention to the hostile looks of others around you.

              In Mu Liang's past life, he also received that kind of look of envy, admiration, and hostility, so it wasn't like he didn't already know how to deal with it. Of course, it is still like having several small cold needles pricking his skin, that is, not at all comfortable!

              "Here is just a hospital, when we're in the capital, I'll take you for a walk, okay?" Said Odile hugging his omega and kissing Mu Liang's fragrant hair.

              "En," said Mu Liang, feeling his heart race and getting a little flushed. He wondered when he would have control over his own body because he felt odiously safe in the embrace of this dark-skinned man.

              So, Mu Liang's worries were swept away, even though the hostile looks got worse and more numerous, he could only feel Odile's warmth.

              Somehow Mu Liang felt that the world was right and very beautiful!

              The general Zerg's strong arms around his waist and feeling his hot body on his back… Mu Liang felt all melted and satisfied.

              What irritated Mu Liang was that satisfaction!

              Mu Liang wondered all the time what was in his body to be so receptive to Odile's touch or even the voice of this demon zerg, it made him feel warm, satisfied and with many good thoughts about this person.

              'Hangar level 10'

              A female voice announced in the elevator when opening the elevator doors, Mu Liang was distracted by the affection of Odile, who ended up forgetting to look outside anymore!

              "Come on," said Odile, holding Mu Liang's hand, his fingers intertwining, causing waves to Mu Liang's heart.

              Everyone started walking again and Mu Liang was once again shocked when he saw that Hangar level 10. The ships that were on this floor were gigantic machines, which could rival the size of the mansion he lived in in the past!

              "Welcome, Master Odile!" A soft, feminine voice rang out on Hangar level 10. Suddenly a huge ship became active.

              The ship was red and had silver lines, strangely that ship was shaped like a trident. The ship came at high speed over Mu Liang's group, honestly, he was afraid of the size of this trident-shaped ship.

              The ship was so big that Mu Liang compared the size of that spacecraft to the Emperor's Palace that he saw in his past life when he was a child.

              "Lola, this is my fiancé Mu Liang" Odile spoke to the ship that stopped in front of his group. Mu Liang felt a strong pressure from this ship, of course, he did not know that it was the magnetic waves that were used by the spaceships inside the planets.

              Outside the planets, cosmic energy activated by very advanced devices was used to transform the energy of the cosmos into fuel.

              "Finally, the Master is getting married ... Should I activate the resounding party or miracle party mode?" Lola said in a gentle tone, but her words were just mocking.

              Mu Liang had his eyes wide open, looking at the huge trident-shaped spaceship that floated in front of his group.

              If the ship got closer, everyone would be crushed!

              The comparison was between an ant and an elephant!

              Mu Liang shook Odile's hand, seeking safety, he was scared! General Azikiwe felt his omega's tightening grip, so he gently stroked Mu Liang's hand with his thumb, just to be a little more secure.

              In his entire life, Mu Liang had never seen anything as big and scary as this red ship!

              "Very funny Lola, but you're scaring my fiancé with your games!" Odile said hugging the frightened Mu Liang, while defiantly looking at the red interstellar ship.

              "I'm sorry, Prince Mu. I was just playing with Master a little. You know… I didn't expect you to continue with the engagement… Don't get me wrong, but your reputation was not very good "Lola spoke with a sigh as if she were a living being and an older sister worried about the happiness of Zerg' General.

              Mu Liang felt a little disconcerted, after all, this reputation for running wild with several sexual partners was not his! But, yes, from the previous Mu Liang!

              The half-elf also saw no problem with the life of the previous Mu Liang, he was not a bad person and did not ruin anyone's life. All of Mu Liang's partners knew that their relationship was only physical and not emotional. Previous Mu Liang was very sincere when starting a relationship with someone, whether male or female.

              Of course, Mu Liang was unable to say anything to the large spaceship Lola, he can only remain silent. He felt that if he said anything about previous partners and previous relationships, Odile would be very angry.

              "Alphas during the first months of relationships are very territorial. This general will be jealous if you talk about previous relationships with a lot of passion, "said Alessandra-066, confirming Mu Liang's instinctive thoughts.

              "Do not get me wrong. I know that you as the fourth imperial prince were a fair person and always kept your relationships clean. The problem is that Odile is too lazy for many things that don't involve the army. So, I thought this little fool fictionalized in battle, that he couldn't… well… you know… fulfill his role as Alpha correctly "Lola said quickly and looking a little guilty when she saw Mu Liang's angry look.

              "Nonsense! This shameless zerg general not only did the job once but did it several times! My first time was stolen by this shameless general! "Mu Liang thought angrily. It was the first time having sex with a man!

              Of course, Mu Liang said nothing and just looked disdainfully at the Lola spacecraft.

              "Enough! Are you going to stay there talking or are you going to let us board? "Odile said a little angry. Well, he was angry just thinking that Mu Liang could reject him. Mostly, now that they had mated!

              "Sure, welcome to my territory," said Lola, activating teleportation, shedding light on Mu Liang and Odile's group.

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