Chapter 33 (18+)
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~Alex PoV~



“C’mon Seris, it would just be a quick meeting.”

“I said no, I am sure they will do something bad to you.”


As of right now, I had been tugging on Seris’ arm, trying to convince her. Her pouting face was facing the opposite direction, unwilling to budge on her ultimatum. I heaved a sigh seeing how stubborn she could be.


I had been trying to ask for permission to meet my old party members, to make it clear that I could no longer be a part of them due to certain circumstances. Seris obviously wasn’t willing to agree with that. She felt insecure with every action I took, afraid I might try to escape or get caught by another girl.


Though I coaxed her into allowing me to go outside, it was apparent that I had already been overstepping the limit that she could tolerate. Like an overprotective parent, she always wanted me to stick close to her. Truthfully, it felt a bit annoying but the years of separation we went through made it understandable to me.


Problem was, even if I made a mention of my old party, the air itself would get tense around her. Seris was very cautious about the party members I was with before, notwithstanding any suggestions of me meeting them again. I even offered that I wouldn’t be meeting Feon who she was most wary of, though it was similarly met with rejection.

“It’s only a short 5-minute meeting, I just need to say my goodbyes to them.”


“I still can’t take the chances, I know they will try to take advantage of that situation. On your behalf, I can send a letter for resignation instead. I am sure they’ll understand that you got more important matters to attend to.”

“Please can I meet them once? It just doesn’t sit right with me to leave things as it is.”

“Alex this is going nowhere, I am not going to agree to that demand.”


Seris’ face turned serious as she said that the pressure I had been facing suddenly increased. Whenever her mood became like this, it meant that the conversation was over. If I persisted to talk on this topic then she would just ignore my words.

“Fine, but at least I want their response to be delivered to me,” I said reluctantly.

Seris’ mood brightened, her jovial nature returned as she lunged into me. I ended up being buried in her hefty breasts. She firmly held my head in that position with one hand, while the other petted me.


“I thought you were gonna persist on that matter longer. I am glad you agreed to me so soon.”

I made a weak smile hearing that. Seris upon noticing my expression tries to cheer me up.


"Who’s a good brother? You are.” Seris said teasingly.

“Sheesh, I am not a dog,” I said in an unamused manner.

“Who’s a good brother?” She repeats, trying to poke fun at me.

“Is that how it’s going to be?” I said mischievously, unwilling to back down.


I sneaked up my hands to her armpits and started tickling her. I knew it was a sensitive spot for her. 

“Wait, wait, stop!” Seris said while flailing rowdily, trying to suppress her giggles.

Though of course, I didn’t relent. It doesn’t take long for Seris to break into tears as I broke free from her clutches. Her laughter was uproarious, while her defences were rendered useless in front of me.


We continued to playfully mess around with each other but that was just a front. I wanted Seris to make it seem that I gave in to her demands but in fact, I had been thinking of plans on how to sneak out and meet them.

Yeah, it would surely piss off Seris, but I wasn’t willing for my old relationships to end without any parting words. By the time we ended our lively ordeal, we both were sweating like nothing. Seris was completely breathless as her chest heaved continuously.


“Brother, please fuck me,” Seris unexpectedly begged with an aroused expression. I was surprised at how some minimum physical contact managed to make her this horny. She was like a mutt in heat, ready to ravage me at any moment. 

Her tongue hanged out as her pupils seemed to be replaced with hearts for a second. Before I could react, she had already placed her face near my groin. She smiled at me in a cat-like manner.


“I know you’re pent up brother, how about we do it?” Seris said as nuzzled on my bulge. 

“We did it twice already, how about doing something else,” I said, trying to hide the lust that had been welling up. It was true I wanted to do it but half our day had already been spent like that.

Seris ignored my pleas as she unzipped my trousers using her mouth. I could feel her soft breath brushing on my length. My member started straightening itself, waiting for her to please it.


“Don’t resist, I know you want it brother~.”

Seris doesn’t bother undoing my underwear and starts licking on top of it. I could feel the wetness of her tongue transmitting through it. It seemed as if she was tempting me to remove it myself.

It was too late to go back now, I undid my briefs as my dick springs into full glory.


“Big, just like I prefer.”

“It’s not like my penis will shorten by itself.”

“Not unless I put it in my bud,” Seris said while teasing my loins.

“Oh? You wanna bet?” I said while thrusting my member into her face.


As if she couldn’t wait any longer, she stuffs it into her mouth, swirling it with her tongue. The tongue tried to lick around the glans, sucking it as if it was the most delicious thing in the world. She had gotten better at it compared to the first time, the feeling was almost irresistible.


My penis felt like it was heating up inside her slimy mouth as she expertly sucked on it. I placed my hands around her head, forcing it deeper into her. As Seris started deepthroating it, her hand reached down to her dripping pussy.

She started to pleasure herself lewdly as her mouth devoured my thickness in its entirety. As she kept on licking ravenously, I felt like I was reaching my limit. Thrusting it deeper, I was preparing to bust my load.


Realizing that I was about to burst, Seris started to quicken her pace, sucking it in more roughly. Her hand also seemed to move faster as her juices leaked out incessantly. Moans were escaping out of her mouth more quickly than before.

“Seris I am about to cum…”

“Mf-ffme t-too,” Seris said in a muffled voice.


I clamp her head against my nethers as I unleash a torrent of cum inside of her. An ecstatic feeling flows within me. Globs upon globs are released inside of her mouth as she greedily guzzles them. She swallowed down my cum with an audible gulp, it looked incredibly erotic.

I felt a wet hot feeling flowing down on my legs. Looking down I realized Seris similarly ejaculated at the same time. Like a bursting dam, it kept pouring out. One wouldn’t believe this was her fifth time cumming today if they were to not see it for themselves.


“Master, punish this naughty dog.” She whimpers with a wide smile on her face, panting uncontrollably. Her eyes were filled with a deep desire to commit to me.

“Dogs don’t have rig-”


As I was speaking, a booming explosion resounds around the mansion. Seris’ face turns stern, her lustful expression nowhere to be seen excluding the flush on her face. Both of us were left in confusion as to what was going on.

Faint cries of the guards screaming “intruders” could soon be heard, followed by more explosions.

Seris’ face started looking like the demon itself, a deathly aura surrounds her.

“Whoever dared to disturb our private time is dead meat,” Seris announces before solemnly standing up.


It wasn’t hard for me to tell how reluctant she felt after separating herself from me, that feeling just fueled her boiling anger even further.

“Brother, stay here, I am about to deal with some nasty whores.” Seris leaves me after exclaiming so.