Chapter 39
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~Feon PoV~

The witch kept staring as if I had gone insane. She was heading to me like she had already won, not bothering to pay any respect to the trump card I had left. Her hands waved as a spell started forming in front of her. I immediately took out my ace in the hole.


After raising it, her casting was put to a halt. Not because of some magical property from the item in my hand but rather due to her own volition. What I had held in my hand was a single strand of hair. She kept staring at me, confused as to what I was planning to do.


“What good will that piece of hair do now?” She laughs at me, mocking my last attempt.

God, I wanted to punch her in the face so badly. I just had to hold it in for now, since the real fun was about to begin.


“It’s not just any hair, you might be quite familiar with this.”

This was a strand of hair I sneakily borrowed without asking from Adrian. It’s for a noble cause so I am sure she won’t mind letting me keep it either. It was a vital piece in dealing with this witch after all. 


A condescending smirk formed on her face. “I already know it is Alex’s hair. Though I have to admit that I am madly in love with him, I am not crazy enough to let you go in exchange for that. Did you really think that hair will do you any good right now.”

Good, keep on with your snobbish act, you bitch.


“Considering how knowledgeable you are in terms of magic, you should be well aware of dark and curse magic I presume,” I asked her with the contempt hidden in my voice.

“Just cut to the chase already.” She replied impatiently.


I could barely hide my nervousness at that point, my grin widened at the thought of her wretched face scowling in anger. The ill intent I had been harbouring so far had finally found its outlet. With this, I could turn the tables once and for all.

“What if I were to curse Alex by using this hair as a medium?” I asked in a frivolous tone, with my other hand playing around with the strand of hair.


She looked at me in bemusement before scoffing at me. “You wouldn’t possibly dare hurt Alex, I know we cherish the same feelings for him. Your goal after all, is to get to be with him.”

“Of course I wouldn’t dare to hurt my darling, but I could still haunt him with a certain message…”


She pauses, her eyes squinch for a second as she furrows her eyebrows for a split second. But it doesn’t last long as she bursts out laughing. Though she hid her expression pretty well, it was too late for her. I had managed to hit the bullseye, that moment of perplexion was enough for me to determine something.


Using that as my basis, I already knew how to lead the conversation to attain my goals.

“Like sending him a message would do you any good? What are you gonna say? “I am being prevented from meeting you?” You make me laugh. Though it might be annoying to persuade Alex, it is still a thousand times better than letting you be and pester our nest again. Stop fooling around, I have had enough of this charade.”


She raised her arms aggressively and started casting a spell.

“What if I were to mention something about a drug…”

The witch seemed to have her composure maintained, but I could make out the slightest of changes in her body language. She did a commendable job in not showing any hints but the slight clenching of her fist gave it away.


It was my turn to be complacent, her mental defences had started faltering.

“I could activate the spell instantly and what if~ I mentioned something about a blue…” She immediately cancelled her spell. Her face was darkened as she scrunched her eyebrows. “How did you…” She was at a loss, it was her defeat and she knew it.

I walked up to her with swagger, unafraid of anything she could pull now. The positions had switched, now I was the one in the dominant role. Watching that little bitch writhe in anger satisfied me to no end. 


“What do you want?” Her voice sounded a lot more suppressed than before, oh how lovely it sounded. I just smirked at her question. Getting closer, my hand reached for her face. I grabbed her chin and lifted it. Her eyes were glaring at me, rage whirling in those gem-like eyes. Her teeth were biting her lips, almost to the point of ripping them apart.


I rejoiced seeing that face, she was feeling the same emotions I went through when I lost Alex. This little witch had the audacity to steal right before I and darling became one, serves her right. Distort that face even more. I love to see this thieving bitch squirming before me.


I came close to her ear and whispered. “What do you think would happen if I informed him about this, sure you can take me down at any moment, but I can similarly “haunt” my message to him by using this hair as a medium. Do you really believe that Alex would stay with you knowing that you drugged and raped him? I don’t think so.” My words got right through her, her body couldn’t stop trembling at all.


Seeing her tremble I finally confirmed all my doubts. Though I was showing a broad grin on the outside, inside I felt like tearing the bitch apart right at this moment. At first, I wasn’t sure how she used the pill and whether she had really raped Alex. It was only a hypothesis at the start which I based on my feelings and ideas regarding him.


Basically, if we had switched positions, it was very likely I would’ve followed the same course of actions as her. At one hand, I dearly hoped for this to not be true as it meant Alex lost his virginity to her but, at the same time, I also needed her to have gone this far to use this knowledge against her.


It was incredibly heart-wrenching after having fished out that information from her, words weren’t enough to express the pain I was feeling, but I had to use this to take advantage at the moment. I had to use the panic she was feeling to get what I wanted, otherwise I won’t get another chance at this.


“What I want is pretty simple. Both I and Adrian will become Alex’s lovers. We will be living here alongside you and the time spent with Alex would be divided equally among ourselves. I also want you to wholeheartedly show approval to this decision. That is unless you want Alex to know our~ little~ secret~.”


I knew that Alex’s sister would be unwilling but the trick to this dealing was knowing her limits. Both this witch and I were quite similar in some regard despite how much I would like to deny it. 

“But-” before she could try to barter, I immediately cut her off by swinging the hair at her face, taunting her with this threat in my hand. A dark spell circle was already whirling around it, ready to activate any second.


“This is my final deal and I won’t stand for any bargaining, it is also my final warning to you. If you don’t accept this then consider this curse activated.” I stared at her threateningly, intimidating her to a stop.

“Fine, you fucking whore.” She gritted her teeth and accepted the conditions I gave her. “Nice to know that the hatred is mutual, you fucking bitch.” I made a vengeful smirk as I held out my hand to finalize the deal. She scowled as she grabbed my hand roughly, clenching it as hard as she could.


With this, our deal was put into action.

Hi guys, Steelz here. Sorry for the delay, I won't sugarcoat it. I have been procrastinating a lot recently.  I have had some ideas on how to combat the issue and so I decided to make a discord server where readers are able to ping me whenever they are to want a chapter. Of course, you won't be delivered a chapter on the silver platter just for pinging but the idea is to create pressure for me so I can be consistent with updating my novel. I personally am someone who performs better under pressure so this idea of mine branched off of it. Will the formula succeed? I don't know. But it's better than sitting around and never trying it out.

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