Chapter 40
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Sorry for the delay. It was supposed to come out earlier but it got delayed due to medical issues regarding eye strain. On the bright side, I have been more active with my writing, the discord server is surely helping out my productivity. I would like to thank all of its members for helping me out. My next novel should be coming out soon (yes, it's also yandere), which you can get early access to it through my discord. That'll be all, enjoy!

~Alex’s PoV~

I wasn’t sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me. Three girls stood in front of me, two of which I had never imagined seeing here right now. I rubbed my eyes to confirm again, but they were still there. Despite everything being real, I was still in a state of disbelief.


“Alex!” Adrian squealed as she lunged at me, resulting in me falling down. Like a pet who had just met their owner again, she squirmed and rubbed herself on me, as if she was marking her presence. Her hands were tightly bound behind my back, with her face pushing into my chest. 


She was the first one to react to my presence. The others were a bit taken aback from her movement. Both of them stood staring. Feon was unwilling to lose out against Adrian, so she similarly rushed at me.


“Alex! I missed you so much!” Feon exclaimed as she hugged into me. Both of them fought for my attention and tried pushing the other out of my embrace. This scene filled my heart with warmth. They were my old party members that I had gotten attached to. I hadn’t expected to meet them anytime soon.


Both of them soon started crying. My parting with them had hit their emotions hard, that too, unannounced. Adrian had become very reliant on my presence while Feon had fostered her feelings for me. It was unimaginable how much torment they went through because of my curse.


“It’s good to have you back,” I said with a slight smile as I wrapped my arms around them. In response, they tightened their grasps, pushing their bodies on me with more vigour. Though they were crying, their smiles looked delighted. 


I looked back at Seris. She was looking at me with an anxious expression. Traces of guilt were shown on her face along with an envious glare. But oddly, she never objected to their actions. It was against my expectations, Seris was quite clear on how possessive she could be with me.


It made little sense. Something smelt odd. I could make out the attack on the mansion was somehow involved in her letting me meet the party members. Even I could make out the commotion going outside in my soundproof room.


Did Seris make a deal with my old party members to protect the mansion? No, she could’ve gotten someone else who wasn’t attached to me. It surely wasn’t because of my wishes, Seris was obstinate in not letting me meet them again. I went through numerous possibilities and cut them down through the process of elimination.


The only plausible explanation I could come up with was that Seris was being forced to do so against her wishes. That much was obvious seeing how reluctant she looked standing at the sidelines, while Adrian and Feon were taking full advantage of me. 


There were only two reasons I could think of that could force Seris into tolerating this. It was either the church extending their control onto Seris, or the girls had some dirt on her. I had known that the Parlene church was extremely influential. If the girls had some connections with the church, then it was possible for them to control Seris through it.


The other option was that Adrian and Feon had something against Seris which they were using to control her to their demands. Maybe they had some object which she desired? Seris was someone who had gained power and influence through the church. It wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities that she had her hands in some shady dealings. 


She had already found out my information through information brokers. I wasn’t sure what all illegal acts she could’ve committed just to reach out to me. I wanted to find out what knowledge they had about Seris or whether it was really the church exerting its pressure.


As I was deep in thought, I was brought back to my senses by a foreign feeling in my mouth. Feon was trying to pry in her slick tongue into my lips. Her soft hands lightly grab my nether region, making me lose my composure. Using that opportunity, her tongue assaults into my mouth while she caresses my cheek with fervent excitement. 


As her tongue started to wrestle with mine, Adrian stared at me with hollowed-out eyes, lacking any emotion. Seris, on the other hand, was suppressing the rage welling in her heart. She bit her lips as her nails dug into her palm. The smile on her face looked anything but calm. I could feel the dreary aura emanating from both maidens. Things were about to get too heated for me to handle.


Adrian forcefully pushed Feon off me and tried to take claim of my mouth. 

“What are you doing Adrian!” Feon scowls at her. Adrian just shrugged off her protests and pushes her trembling soft lips near my face. 


“Alex, you’re mine, okay?” Her voice was like the chilling depths of hell. I involuntarily quivered from how scary she looked. She licks my earlobes while her other hand played with my abs. She rocked her hips, grinding her butt against my now bulging groin. The room’s temperature was reaching a boiling point. 


Feon had already raised her staff while an icy smog started to appear around Seris. I had to stop this before the situation got any worse.

“Stop i-” before I even managed to say anything, Adrian’s small tongue invaded my mouth. Moans started leaking out of her as she applied her shaking body on me with more fervour. 


I couldn’t help but become alert when magic circles were forming, aiming right at Adrian. I hurriedly pushed Adrian off. She lets out a yelp while pouting with dissatisfaction. There was no time to bother about her discontent right now when Feon and Seris looked as if an asura had possessed them. 


“Stop, stop, stop! Why are you guys using magic already!” I reprimand them. They just twitched and looked sideways in response.

“It’s not like I am planning to kill her, maybe freeze a limb or two,” Seris said under her breath.

I glared at her. Both Seris and Feon immediately averted their gaze. I knew they weren’t listening to me. Adrian was busy eyeing me like a predator, looking for another opportune moment. 


I heaved a sigh, seeing this mess; I felt I had been sighing a lot lately.

“If you guys don’t get along, then I’ll go around showing my face to other women,” I warned them. Though I didn’t genuinely mean that, my words were enough to make them attentive.

“Bad Alex! Don’t cheat on me please!” Adrian begged while clinging on me. 


Seris glanced at me and knew where I was coming from. She sighed and goes along with my whims. “Alright, we won’t fight, but don’t get too touchy with those two until I give them their time allotment.”


“Wait, time allotment?” I asked in shock. Just hearing those words made me feel nervous.

“Yeah, we will be sharing how much time we get to spend with you. It was the only agreement we could come down to.” Seris explained to me.


Hearing her reply made my hands sweaty. I quickly turned towards both Feon and Adrian. They both smiled at me, but their gazes were anything but pleasing. 

“Please take care of us, darling,” Feon said with an alluring voice. 

Adrian similarly followed along with her. “Take care of me too, Alex!” 


Wait, they will be living together with us now? I had just realized what problems this will bring me. Just spending half a day with Seris clinging to me was annoying. Whenever she was near I didn’t have any personal space for myself.


Now Seris was practically going to get multiplied with three. That meant no more meals alone, decreased resting time, my training time would be reduced and worst of all… even my bathroom breaks were under jeopardy.


I felt my arms shiver as my knees buckled. Who the hell said he wanted a harem, how do they deal with this shit? What about my free time!