Chapter 41
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Sorry for the delay. College work being a pain in the ass. Like always, I'll try to make up for the delay. Enjoy.

Tiredly, I woke up from my bed. Last night I barely got a wink of sleep. Glancing around, three buck naked girls were laying in the same bed as me. Their sleeping postures were terrible. Seris was hugging on my right with her legs wrapped around my body. Adrian had clutched my left leg tightly with her drool dripping down on it. And last of all, Feon was cushioning my head with her bosom while wrapping her hands around it.


Though they had yet to do anything extreme yesterday, it was only a matter of time before things went south. With this prison made of soft flesh surrounding me, I couldn’t even sneak out of the bed. Budging them only led to them leaking out murmurs or moans, I almost got fed up of it.


“Seris, Feon, Adrian. Get up, I need to go to the bathroom.” I nudged them, but none of them gave way to me. Instead, my voice only aroused a response from Seris. In her half-asleep state, she neared my face with her puckered lips.


“Wait Seris, I need to go to the bath-,” before I could object, she ignored my pleas and planted her mouth right on top of mine. Her tongue slathered around until it forcefully crept its way in. 

“Mmm-” my muffled cries rang out as she violated my tongue. I knew resisting won’t do any good, so I accommodated with her desires, lest she became even more forceful with her attempts.


Seris relished the opportunity. Our tongues tangled as we exchanged saliva. Her grasp around my body tightened as she pushed harder into me. In turn, I started my attack, playfully twirling her tongue. The liquids within our mouths sloshed with every tiny movement. As we parted, a bridge of saliva was left connecting our lips.


Seris showed a satisfied expression before she laid back again. Her eyes were still tightly shut. Just how deeply embedded were these actions that she would do it in her sleep? She snuggled back right beside me. The situation hadn’t gotten any better, my bladder still needed to be relieved. 


“Guys, move! I need to go to the bathroom!” I shouted this time. Again they replied with some incoherent mumblings. While I was sweating from the dire situation they had placed me, I felt some movement around my legs. It seemed Adrian was up. She gave a cute yawn while rubbing her eyes. There was a trail of drool leaking from the edge of her lips.


“Gweaaad mawrning Alex.” She yawned again as she greeted me. The only thing she pronounced correctly was my name.

“Great, Adrian, you’re up. Help me get these two off of me, please.” I pleaded to her. Her doe-like-eyes looked around, assessing the situation first. 

“What’s wrong, is it something urgent?” She asked innocently while tilting her head.

I gave an awkward smile while looking away. I didn’t want to admit it, but it didn’t seem I was getting anywhere without telling her.


“I need to… take a piss. Sooo, can you get them off of me?” I asked Adrian again. Instead, she stayed quiet for a few seconds. A glimmer of mischievousness flashed in her eyes. I immediately regretted asking for her help.


Her hands grasped on my trousers as she tucked them down. I almost involuntarily kicked due to my reflex action.

“What are you doing, Adrian! I need to go to the bathroom!” I shouted, but words weren’t getting through her. She showed a small smile while looking up to me. Her hand seized my member and gently stroked it.


“If it’s so urgent then… you can do it in my mouth.” I laid frozen still, trying to register her words.

“Adrian, get off.” My tone became deadpan. My face was lacking emotion, trying to express how unfunny the joke was.

“Why don’t you stop me then?” Adrian asked with a defiant smile. I indicated towards the girls surrounding me but she just ignored their presence, too busy playing with my growing member. When did the cute Adrian become so naughty? At this rate, something other than pee was going to come out.


“Seriously, I need to go!”

“If you’re so serious, then just stop me.” Her hands moved with more vigour as she placed the thickened rod right beside her cheek. She started nodding her head, stimulating the tip by nuzzling on it.


I was barely suppressing it, my abdomen was at its limit.

“GET THE FUCK OUT, I NEED TO PISS!” I shouted at them. All of them flinched at my loud voice. Their grips are momentarily loosened. Using this opportunity, I leapt out of the bed and dashed straight to the bathroom. Feon and Seris showed confused expressions while Adrian was sitting there in shock. 


I quickly relieved myself, though I had a hard time getting my boner down, damn it Adrian. As I was about to exit the bathroom, I heard a knock on the door. Opening it, I saw a meek girl standing before me. Her head was facing downwards, often giving glances at my face.


It was Adrian. Her eyes looked teary. She looked as if she was repenting her misdeeds.

“I am sorry,” she said. I scratched my hair as I looked at her.

“Sorry for what?” I asked.

“That…” She mumbled before falling silent. Adrian was now flustered and my tone wasn’t helping her condition. I quickly patted her head to calm her down.


“I won’t stay mad over something that silly.” I consoled her. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of my head rubbing.

“But I still need to take responsibility,” said Adrian. Before I could react, she quickly got on her knees. When she apologized, I knew she was already scheming something else. Her head plants right on my stomach. I could feel her heavy breathing, she was barely holding back her yearnings.


Before the situation progressed any further, Seris quickly entered the scene.

“Stop, what are you doing to brother!” She protested while quickly pulling me to her side.

“What do you mean? Isn’t morning supposed to be my time with Alex?” Rebuked Adrian.

Seris tried to come up with something but couldn’t deny it. Her possessive nature had gotten the better of her.


“Wait, so you guys have already decided the timings?” I quickly changed the topic before they quarrelled like cats and dogs. 

Seris caught on and replied immediately.

“We have decided that Adrian’s time would be allotted in the morning, Feon’s would be in the afternoon and I will take care of you in the night. After midnight, we all get to spend time with you.” 


“Wait, when do I get free time then?” I brought up my biggest concern. They gave uncomfortable glimpses. They didn’t even take into account my free time, did they?

“Does Alex not want to spend time with us?” Feon said as came in out of nowhere. She grinned playfully at me. Seris and Adrian started giving me the puppy eyes. It was only at times like these where they fully cooperated.


“But I need some free time too…” My requests were ignored as they insisted on giving me their cutesy looks. 

“Please Alex, pretty please?” said Seris. Their continued pestering kept faltering my defence until I finally gave in.

“Ugh, fine.” I surrendered. Not like I was getting anywhere even if I tried. They quickly gestured at each other, silently celebrating their success. At least they seemed to be getting along. Or so I thought...