Chapter 44 (18+)
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Sorry for the long delays, college being a bitch plus procrastination. Finally, we can move on to the next arc which I am pretty excited about. I'll try and focus more attention on this series so there's more progress. Anyways, enjoy the chapter.

“Alex ♡,” Adrian lovingly said as she tugged on my arm while laying her head on my shoulder.

“What,” I replied with a sigh.

“Can we… do it? Your ‘training’ made me ache so much down below, it’s your fault I am in this state.” Her steamy breath brushes my ear. I felt my member twitch in response, I couldn’t help it with Adrian acting so cordially. Seeing her cute flushed face as she squirmed and wiggled around from lust was incredibly arousing. Despite having gotten a blowjob just recently, I was already ready for another round.


With a cough, I suppressed those thoughts. Staying with these girls had made my thinking more perverse. It can’t be helped. Having three beautiful women wanting to get down into your pants would turn anyone into a lecherous man.

“Seris and Feon would get angry though if you were to try and steal a march on them,” I said.

She whined like a little puppy, “it’s fine if we do it a little, right? I have been waiting so long for this. Just one quickie, they won’t even notice.” 


Her doe-like-eyes were effective on me. I gave a gulp, thinking of all the acts we could be doing together. Seeing my defence faltering, she lunged into my lips. Her tongue fiercely poked through my mouth as she started twirling it like a typhoon. Her arms wound up around me as we started passionately kissing each other, going at it with wild abandon. 


That moment of weakness was fatal. My thoughts started wavering. Just a little before Feon and Seris join should be enough, right? Convincing myself, I responded to her kiss by grabbing her hips, pulling her closer towards me. Our slimy tongues melted together as she looked at me with eyes craving carnal desire. Her body looked so weak and vulnerable, I couldn’t help but want to do it with her right at that moment.


Like a possessed person, she devoured and savoured every bit of my saliva. She acted restless, trying to push deeper inside me despite it not being physically possible. Even her feet got jumpy while this was going on. After a few long minutes did she give me breathing space, only to seek another request.

“Alex, please do it with me,” she whimpered. It was supposed to be a quick kiss, but I wasn’t in the right state of mind either, the kiss had muddled my thoughts. 


“Alrigh-“ just as I was about to agree, the door thrust open. Both our heads turned towards the source. Feon and Seris were there, leaking out an ominous aura. Seris looked at us with a deadpan smile, one lacking any sort of emotion in her hollow eyes. Feon on the other hand had a face akin to a fox. Her eyes were almost closed shut, but the forced cramping smile was enough to tell what she was feeling right now. Fear wasn’t enough to express what I was feeling at that moment. I was deeply fucked.


“”Alex~"" their voice echoed together, almost eerily so. Adrian clutched on my clothes tightly. She was already shivering because of the frightening duo. 

It is too late, I can’t do anything now. Like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, I gave in to my fate. Adrian, let’s meet each other in our next lives.




Both Adrian and I were sitting down on our knees. Adrian was teary-eyed as she held her head down. She was trembling from the soreness in her legs as she tried to maintain her posture. I wasn’t much better off in comparision, the numbness in my legs was beginning to spread too.


“Care to explain what you both were doing without us?” Feon asked us with an ugly scowl on her face. Seris was there too, carrying a grin that would even make the most malevolent beasts scamper in fright. The atmosphere was really heavy as all the pressure was directed towards us.


Adrian glanced at me before looking at the girls, seeking their forgiveness. But there was no respite for her. They would not let this go by lightly. 

“Adrian?” Feon directed her question to her, seeking a response. Adrian’s shoulders shuddered before she lowered her gaze even further, her feelings of guilt increased by how burdened she felt under their attention. 


She then turned towards me. Her furtive stare had a mischievous glint in them. She was scheming like she always did. “And what about you, Alex? What were you doing behind our backs?”

My response wasn’t any better. My eyes wandered as I thought of a way out of this punishment, I really wanted to get out of this position as my thighs begun to sting, but Seris and Feon obviously won’t allow that. 


“Looks like someone needs to be punished, isn’t that right Seris?” Feon asked which met immediate approval. 

“You’re right, we need to set an example for people who are simply too eager for their own good,” Seris answered. They exchanged glances before they began smirking. Both Adrian and I felt our days were numbered as the two temptresses grinned at each other.


Seris then turned towards me, “don’t you agree too, Alex~?” Their attention was directed at me now. Seris pushed her hand on my chest, seeking a way into my clothes. Feon sat beside me, blowing her heated breath down my neck. 

“Aren’t you excited too? Your member is clearly ready to jump at the opportunity.” Seris continued as she grabbed my bulge, eyeing it with wanton desire.


Soon, Seris began licking my neck while fondling it. Feon accompanied and started licking my other ear simultaneously. It would be a lie if I didn’t feel tempted right then. My member was aching to go at it. Maybe I should just give in... 

Thinking so, I took the initiative. Hoisting up Seris’ face from my neck, I look directly into her eyes. Her face flushed under my intense gaze, weren’t you just going to violate me right now? 


I grab her marshmallow-like breast as she yelped. Her lascivious demeanour had transitioned to one of a coy maiden. Her eyes fluttered like a butterfly as I licked around her own ear. Another moan leaked out as her leg spasmed under my attack. Feon seemed to get jealous of the attention I was giving to Seris as she tugged along my arms while pouting at me.


I smiled as I gave her a few light wet pecks on her lips, which gradually devolved into a sultry kiss. As we part, her expression showed signs of weakness; fragility. Both had become submissive after I played with them. I can fucking finally get out of this knee sitting position.

After I parted with Feon, Seris looked at me with wavering looks, seeking the same treatment. I kissed her too. None of them wanted to give the other the upper hand. Our saliva continued to be exchanged as they both were all too keen on getting a kiss from me.


I turned towards Adrian, who was now twiddling around as her thighs rubbed against each other. Noticing my gaze, she looked at me expectantly.

“What are you waiting for? Come here.” I smiled while ordering her. She practically hops over to my lap, like a jovial little bunny. I put my fingers in her mouth as I pulled out her small tongue. Her scarlet flush deepens. 


“Do you want in?” I smirk while pointing at my mouth. She couldn’t speak or nod, but I could see the yearning ablaze from my simple actions. I direct her tongue to my lips as I suck on it, gradually devolving into a messy, dirty kiss. My foreplay did wonders to her, Adrian was barely holding herself back as she tried to hog every bit of my attention. Then she lunged at me. It was so forceful that I landed straight on my back. 


Like a voracious mutt, she intensely kissed me, grabbing ahold of as tight as she could. It was much worse than before, much more intense. Her hips repeatedly ground my leg during the entire process. It wasn’t long until Seris and Feon joined too. Both of them got between my legs, their soft tongues wetted my crotch, right over the fabric. Soon my member sprung up from the confines of cloth, both the girls eagerly got to sucking it.


I was incredibly aroused at that point. The only thing in my mind was to make love to them right at this moment. I gently pushed away Adrian, who kept wanting to come back. Enough foreplay, time to move on to the real juice of the meat.


“Seris, how badly do you want to fuck me?” I asked while giving a taunting gaze. Her head suddenly raised before she stared at me with a startled look. She snapped out of her daze before giving a roguish grin, her eyes slanted with lewd intent. She realized my play, didn’t she? Her plump thighs slide over as her butt rests on my lap, her torso closes in, bringing her mountainous chest right within the reach of my face.


“I want to rape you so badly, Alex~, I’ve been waiting so long ♡.” She told me with her head looming above mine, taking a more dominant look. But I twirled her around, instantly switching our positions. Her smirking dominatrix act suddenly turned into a flustered mess. She didn’t quite expect this, did she? I appreciate the effort, but it isn’t convincing enough Seris~.


“Looks like things might not go along as you planned.” 

She blushed furiously before smacking my chest, her burning face turned sideways as she said to me in a barely audible tone.

“Idiot brother ♡.”

I gave a slight chuckle before I started stripping her. Her face becomes redder than a tomato as her voice dies off into soft mummerings. Fuck this is fun, I should take the lead more often. 

“Are you ready?” I asked.


“Ah wait,” Seris tried to stall for time, but I wasn’t letting her get ready. I grabbed a handful of her meaty butt and plunged right into her pussy. 

“AAAHNNNN!” She gave an orgasmic groan as her eyes flew into her head and her tongue flailed out. Her honey pot immediately gushed a huge tide even before I got to enjoy it.

“Who said you could cum without me? Someone needs to be punished.” I returned the same words Feon told me while taking out my meat stick. 


“Ah-“ Seris exclaimed in loss, while being deprived of her pleasure. Her expression changed to one of discontentment and undisguised desire. She stared at me with ardent hunger and longing, but I wasn’t going to give her what she wanted just yet.

Seeing an opportunity, Feon hugged onto my arm. 

“Can we do it?” She asked in a kittenish manner. I didn’t need to answer. I grabbed a handful of her breast while laying her down on the gigantic bed.


“Do what?” I asked while fondling her gigantic mounds, my dick teasing the slick slit which had completely drenched her panties.

“Nnnn~ that’s unfair,” she gave me her trademark mature smile while giving me full control.

I pulled her panties to the side and saw her pink fleshy hole in full glory. It quenched and contracted right before my eyes. Her clit was fully erect, she wanted it bad. 


“I am going to fuck you raw in the pussy, that’s what you want, right? You dirty bitch.” Her body quivered from my words. It seemed Feon was a total masochist.

I roughly pulled her hips and struck her butt. It bounced like jelly, I wanted to bite right into them.

“Aaa~,” a moan leaked from her mouth. Her watery eyes begged me to get inside her and I was going to give just what she wanted. I entered my dick inside her vagina. The uterine wall expanded as she let out muffled cries. I could see blood leaking out of it. It seemed painful, but her smile was telling a whole ‘nother story; one of euphoric gratification.


“Alex! Alex! I love you!” She cried while clamping her hands on my back. Gradually, as she got used to it, her hips began moving along with my motions. The rhythmic smacking of meat began to echo around the room along with Feon’s animalistic groans.

Plack, plack, the obscene sound of meat slapping echoed within the room. Adrian and Seris were staring wide-eyed as they gulped from our play. They had even begun to slowly rub their clits as they watched, nectar overflowing from them.


But Feon and I were too busy in a world of our own. She got better at receiving my meat stick with each strike. “Aaaahhhh~ Alex ♡!” Feon’s voice screamed my name as she became corrupted by pleasure. It was like her vocabulary was only limited to those two words.

Suddenly, her back went up like an arc, she was nearing a climax. I had neared my limit too. With a final push, her pussy tightened, a loud moan was released as I could feel her wet meat pie overflowing.

“Alllllleeeeex ♡!” With an intoxicated expression, she cried. Similarly, I held her tightly, her chest pressed against mine, acting like a giant cushion. 




Warm seed started pouring into her pussy, deep inside her womb. Her body convulsed in pleasure. She didn’t let go of her tight grasp until I fully unloaded all of it.

“Hah, hah, I loved it?” Her words came to a questionable halt as I didn’t take out my dick. My thrusting slowly resumed, not waiting for her permission.

“Wai- wait, I just came!” She exclaimed, but I wasn’t listening to her. Though she acted like that, I knew she wanted more. I wanted to be gentle the first time, but this masochistic pig didn’t deserve the same treatment again.


“Who said I cared about what you think? Turn around and show your butt you dirty little pig.” 

Her vagina immediately contracted again. She likes it, doesn’t she?

“Ahhnnn no~,” she tried to act reluctant, but her acting was terrible. As she got on to her knees, her butt was already shaking contrary to her actions. I gave a loud smack, which made Feon elicit a loud moan.


“Ahhh~ ♡!”

“Stop squealing, you fucking pig. I bet you’re like this with any man, right? You fucking whore.”

“T-that’s n-not t-true, ahnnnm~ ♡!” I didn’t give her any opportunity to refute as I repeatedly smacked her ass. She was loving it as far as I could tell. Her pussy was practically leaking out litres.


I go in close to her ear. 

“Dirty little sluts like you deserve to be raped, don’t they? Confess to me your darkest deeds. Otherwise, I am pulling out right now.”

I continued on with our play. Her eyes gave a pleading look, but her smile was entirely contorted. 


She paused for a second, contemplating something, but my humping was turning her into a mumbling idiot. “I am sorry… haan~” she said softly, her voice replaced by another moan.

“Say it properly you bitch,” I kept up the act, pushing her even harder both mentally and physically. 

Silence overwhelms her as she was prepping herself. I didn’t actually mean for her to make actual confessions, but it was too late to back out now. She takes a deep breath and...


“I am sorry I masturbate using your hair! I am sorry I was planning to rape you back then! I am sorry that my dirty ass bitch pussy masturbated to you hundreds of times! I am sorry I played out rape fantasies of you fucking me real good and making me your submissive slave! I am sorry we poured our pussy juices into your food and cum stained your clothes! I am sorry we cum on your face every night without you noticing! I am sorry Alex, please fuck me good! Make me your little naughty bitchy slut!”


It feels like time went still for a second. I felt like dying inside after each confession. Did she really do all of that… I hope it is all part of the act, but why were the others acting so weird suddenly... Wait, did she say ‘we’?


I turned to Seris and Adrian who were giving enviable looks moments ago, only to be replaced with ones that were tormented by guilt as they averted their eyes like a child caught stealing sweets. They even tried to act nonchalant about it. Seris even lowered her head down from the embarrassment. Adrian even tried whistling while facing somewhere else. These fucking bitches…


“Adrian, Seris, get over here!” I shouted. This wasn’t foreplay anymore, I was pissed. I took out my dick from Feon as she whined in disappointment. I knew it was useless to punish her as it would only turn out to be pleasurable, the best course of action was neglect play for her.


Adrian laid down before me as she shivered. I roughly held onto her hips after stripping away the clothes. Then I positioned my dick on her pussy.

“P-please g-go e-easy on me ♡,” Adrian begged, but instead of a cowering expression, her face was filled with anticipation. Don’t tell, is she a masochist too…?


I ram my meat in. Her pussy was super wet and tight, just how many times did she cum already? Her hips began to expertly grind against mine. Blood started seeping out from her vagina, but it did little to bother her. She went hog wild at it.

Like a rabbit in rut, she eagerly moved her body too. 

“Prince, my prince ♡!” She shouted madly, almost with a tint of obsession laden in her voice. I was going at it a bit roughly since this was supposed to be a punishment, but she seemed to enjoy it too much. 


Her lithe body held much more strength than I imagined. She had gradually started taking control.

“Ahhnn ahnn~ ♡” 

Her pace kept accumulating until we had almost reached our limits again. She pushed her entire weight on me, forcing me on the bed and straddling my hips.


“Please marry me after this Alex ♡! Impregnate my womb, give me lots of kids ♡!” Adrian suddenly spoke with a thirsty look. Her pace accumulated even further. I would not let her do what she wanted though. I shoved my dick hard into her, intending to get revenge. It ended up only elicited more moans from her. 


Soon, I could feel my dick trembling inside her. She was the same. Her motions took a sudden stop as she tried to cover the shaft of my dick in its entirety, despite how impossible it seemed. Her vagina tightened, not allowing my dick to escape even if I didn’t want to.

“Alex, make me your bride ♡!” She spasmed as her tide gates opened. I barely outlasted her, but not long before my penis gave in too. Her juices spurted out like a cannon, drowning my abdomen in her womanly concoction.


“Urgh,” I gave a rough cry before pouring copious amounts of my kin into her. As I took out my penis, my overflowing cum and her juices mixed and dripped out of her honey pot. She looked incredibly erotic.

Adrian snuggly laid there, putting her hand above her abdomen. Her breath was laboured, but it seemed she had her fill of fucking for now.

I don’t know how many hours had gone by, but I wanted to take a break. It wasn’t that my lust appeased, but the break of dawn had already appeared.


“Seris, I know I said about punishment, how about we...”

My words were cut short after I took a look at her. She was smiling menacingly, like when she found me with Adrian. Beastly wisps of breathing leaked out that made the air feel stagnant. Her demeanour was like a beast. I sweated in nervousness, don’t tell me...


Her hands quickly gripped my wrists, preventing any form of resistance.

“I know what you are going to say, but no, we aren’t stopping now! Not until I get my chance!” Her words came out laced with intimidation. A sadistic grin formed on her face. Crap, she’s serious this time.


“It’s almost morning Seris, how about we do it-“

“I said I already know, and I am not letting you go until you fill my pussy to the brim. It’s your fault for making me so horny, Alex ♡.”

I am not going anywhere soon, am I?


Seris soon straddled where Adrian was moments ago. As her pussy hovered, I took a peek at her salmon-pink flesh. If you were to compare the wettest pussy among them, Seris was a clear winner. Hers was almost like a waterfall right now, a tsunami in preparation.

“Alex, let’s make some beautiful children ♡. I want some cute kids too ♡.” I gulped from her sultry voice. Maybe it might not be so bad.


Without giving me time to get ready, she plunged right on my dick, just like what I did to her before.

“It’s in, your dick is deep inside me ♡! Make me your bitch too ♡! I’ll be both your naughty submissive bitch as well as your baby machine, you don’t need those two ♡.” Her manic voice leaked out as her bubbly butt bounced on my crotch. She was relentless in her pursuit of my seed. She knew all my sensitive spots and exploited them to their full extent.


“Hah~ hah~, you’re sensitive near the ears, aren’t you?” My body shuddered from her touch. Her experience was too high. But I wasn’t backing down without a fight. I grabbed ahold of her neck before pulling it into a forceful kiss.


Her momentum mellowed out from it, I knew how much she loved it. Using her faltering defence, I broke out from her iron grip and held on to her breast. She wailed in glee. Her humping got faster. I gave her butt another tight squeeze while my other hand was on her chest. It wasn’t long until she came in for another smooch.

“Alex you make me so wet, I am about to cum ♡,” she said while biting her lips. Her eyes were drowning in ecstasy. 


“Ahhhhhhhh~ ♡,” Seris gave me one last tight hug before we came together. My hips gave out as another load was released. Despite the numerous times I had already cum today, the load was still potent and thick. It was more relaxing than my intercourse with Adrian and Feon. It seemed Seris knew me way better than I did myself.


Seris didn’t let go and continued to embrace me. Her palpable lips pouted.

“Pay more attention to me,” she quietly whispered. I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by her captivating features. But that moment was soon broken short.

My skin crawled as I slowly turned back. Feon and Adrian were smiling at me, each of their hands on my shoulder. 


“Our turn.”


May god bless me...




The sun seeped through the windows as it showered us in its orange tint. Our intercourse had finally ended. All girls were hugging onto each part of my body as if claiming their rightful property. Their lascivious curves were on full display as they cosily slept next to me. Ahh, it would’ve made for a wonderful scene if not for my turbulent emotions.