Chapter 245.5 Announcement
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Announcement: From now on this story will diverge between: the human kingdom, the dwarven kingdom, the elven kingdom, Pia and Torin’s coup against the magic tower and the human kingdom, and Zero’s story. Each chapter will have either an H, D, E, T, or Z following it to help readers keep track of which storyline the chapter will focus on.


H = Human Kingdom of Eoqelon (Follows Ash the Vampire, Andrea the Reaper, and Casandra the Lampad) 

D = Dwarven City Blesas (Follows Eir the Dark Valkyrie and Mist the Chaos Valkyrie) 

E = Elven Empire of Enia (Follows Iris the Auloniad, Eryndor the Hamadryad, and Lyrisa the Anthousai) 

T = Torin’s Coup (Follows Pia, Torin, and Meus’ POV) 

Z = Zero’s Group (Follows Zero and the main god storyline)