Chapter 248 Spirit Tree Silvanthorn E
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Iris, Eryndor, and Lyrisa stood at the outskirts of Eldrilia, gazing in awe at the magnificent city that lay before them. The enchanting architecture and the melding of nature and elven craftsmanship were unlike anything they had ever seen. Their disguised elven appearances allowed them to blend in seamlessly with the surroundings, but their true purpose lay hidden beneath their feigned identities.


With their mission clear in their minds, the trio ventured deeper into the city, their steps light and graceful. They navigated through the winding pathways, taking care not to draw attention to themselves. Eldrilia's residents seemed lost in their own world of tranquility and harmony, unaware of the three infiltrators moving amidst them.


As they walked, Iris observed her surroundings, using her disguised elven eyes to spot any signs of enchantment magic. She noticed the intricate patterns etched into the walls of the buildings, the delicate shimmering of the weapons carried by the elven guards, and the faint hum of magic in the air. These were all clues to the presence of the enchantment magic they sought to unravel.


Meanwhile, Lyrisa extended her senses through her newfound ability to communicate with plants. She gently brushed her hand against the leaves of a nearby flowering shrub, establishing a connection with it. In a silent conversation, the plant shared whispers of conversations it had overheard, snippets of information exchanged among the elves. Lyrisa absorbed every bit, collecting valuable intel to aid their mission.


Eryndor, the Hamadryad, moved through the city with the grace of a swaying willow. She studied the various plants and trees, discerning their unique traits and characteristics. With her ability of plant mimicry, she could transform herself into a vibrant blooming flower, her petals mirroring the flora surrounding her. This would allow her to move unnoticed, eavesdropping on conversations and gathering crucial insights into the elves' enchantment practices.


However, as they delved deeper into the heart of the city, their presence began to draw suspicion. The elves, known for their keen senses, grew wary of the newcomers. It was a matter of time before their true identities were exposed, threatening their mission and potentially their lives.


As Iris, Eryndor, and Lyrisa ventured deeper into the heart of Eldrilia, their disguised elven appearances attracted the attention of a vigilant guard. The elf's hand instinctively moved to the hilt of his weapon as he approached the trio, his eyes narrowed with suspicion.


"Halt!" the guard commanded, his voice firm. "What tribe do you hail from? Access to the city is forbidden to lower elves such as yourselves. Only high elves may enter here."


Lyrisa, thinking quickly, drew upon the information she had gathered from the plants they had communicated with earlier. With a calm demeanor, she stepped forward and addressed the guard. "We come from one of the broader communities on the outskirts of Enia," she said, her voice steady. "Our home was attacked by the dwarven armies just last week. We managed to escape and sought refuge here in Eldrilia."


The guard's stern expression softened slightly as he listened to Lyrisa's explanation. The recent conflict between the elves and dwarves was known throughout the realm, and the plight of their people struck a chord within him.


"You seek refuge in Eldrilia?" the guard asked, his voice carrying a hint of sympathy. "Very well, you shall be placed under arrest for entering the city without proper authorization. You will appear before the council to explain your circumstances."


Understanding the gravity of the situation, Iris, Eryndor, and Lyrisa nodded in agreement. They knew that appearing before the council would provide them with an opportunity to gather even more information about the elves.


The guard escorted them through the city Eldrilia's residents watched with curious gazes as the trio made their way to the jail cell until the council would convene. Placed within the confines of a jail cell, Iris looked to Lyrisa with a questioning gaze. "Lyrisa," she began, her voice filled with curiosity, "can you shed some light on the concept of high elves? The guard mentioned that access to the city is restricted to them."


Lyrisa leaned against the cell wall, contemplating Iris' question. "From what I gathered through my brief interactions with the plants," she explained, "high elves can be seen as the equivalent of human nobles, but their status is not solely based on lineage or wealth. High elves are crowned by their innate magical abilities."


Iris nodded, absorbing the information. The idea of magical prowess being a determining factor in societal hierarchy intrigued her. She urged Lyrisa to continue, wanting to understand the dynamics of Eldrilia and the power structure within the elven society.


Lyrisa paused, her gaze drifting as she recollected the whispers of the plants. "According to what the plants shared, the elven society is ruled by five prominent families," she recounted. "These families possess immense magical capabilities, once said to be capable of splitting the very earth itself and reshaping the map as they pleased."


A sense of awe tinged Iris' expression. The extent of the elven families' power was astounding, even in its diminished state. She couldn't help but wonder what had caused the waning of their magical abilities.


Lyrisa's voice turned somber as she continued, "However, with the disappearance of the world's creator, their power began to dwindle. In an attempt to preserve and concentrate the remaining magical prowess, this city, Eldrilia, was created. It became a haven for those with high magical capabilities, and the families with the highest power established a council to rule over the city."


As the weight of the elven society's history settled upon them, Eryndor spoke up from her position beside the cell bars. "So, our mission is to gather information on their enchantment magic... It not only serves our purpose but also sheds light on the fate of the elven families and the magic that defines them. Also, they will probably have information on this creator. Looks like we hit the jackpot. I wonder if the other 2 teams have stumbled on any such information yet."


Iris exchanged a resolute look, “Don’t worry about the other teams. I’ll contact them later after we deal with this mess.” They were not only uncovering magical secrets but they may have stumbled on the information Zero and the others were potentially looking for.