Case 48: Catfight, but I’m the one fighting.
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The morning after my birthday, I woke up feeling... Great, actually.

Sure, there are scratches added to the usual hickeys and bite marks on my body, and my abdomen feels kinda numb, but I don't mind, I asked for it after all.

And, I got two whole rings from my lovers! That's a double win right there.

...Actually, my breasts look like a mess right now, is this alright? I don't feel too much pain, but the bright red scratches seem pretty alarming. Eh, whatever, I'll just use the healing bracelet later, I guess. Thanks Anastasia, you're a savior.

This time around, Emy is already up, it seems. I could smell the sweet aroma coming out of the kitchen, I guess she's making desserts again. She's been really into baking recently, I noticed. It's good that she has more hobbies now, I was pretty worried because she seemed uninterested in almost everything.

And then there's this one... Liana... How is she still sleeping with her head completely buried in my boobs like that? And, on an unrelated note, it's pretty trippy sometimes to see Liana with her hair down, actually.

Without her signature twintails and her cheeky attitude, I could only see her as an oversized loli with an extremely delicate and pretty face, and she probably has a gentle personality, too. 

Except, this one is not gentle at all.

Regardless, I think I will procrastinate a bit more today. I raise my arms to hug Liana's head ever deeper into my chest, the morning sunrays pouring onto us.

Ah~ This is joy. Just having someone to cuddle to sleep feels insanely good.


When I was about to fall asleep again with Liana as a hug pillow, I could hear Emy's footsteps coming closer.

Looking over to the sound's direction, Emy, with only a piece of apron on her body, is walking towards us with a tray on her right hand, the Lapis Lazuli ring's blue color deeply contrasts the fair skin of her fingers, highlighting the very existence of the ring.

This... This is the legendary naked apron! I need to learn from this, because the Emy I see right now is the literal epidemy of sex-appeal. Look at those long legs and full thighs, my cock is hard already, though I don't have one. Wait, what's the hard thing between my thighs then? Ah, morning wood from Liana, nevermind.

''You're up.'' Emy said, standing before the bed.

''Um, but Liana is still sleeping.'' I replied.

''Let her sleep more, it's still early.'' Emy puts the tray onto the nightstand. Then she takes out one of the puff creams and hold it before my mouth. ''Say ah~''

''Ah~'' I bite half of the puff cream off.

₍ ˶•⤙•˶ ₎

This is legit good, all hail the Sweetmaster Emy~

Emy then casually tosses the remaining half into her mouth. Noticing the bit of cream stuck on her finger, she smears them onto my one of my bare nipples, then leans over and sucks it like a baby.


After licking all the cream out, she finishes it with a flick to my already battered nipple.


Emy gives me a gentle kiss on the lips following that, then takes out another puff cream... This little game is going to last a while, I think.



Liana delivers a round kick towards Emy, tearing the air apart. Emy ducks below, then does a wide sweep with her left leg, to which Liana responds with a simple jump.

Today is another peaceful day at the academy, except Christina seemed pretty jealous about our rings, but regardless, we were just doing our things, minding our business. Then of course, someone has to ruin it.

I've been noticing those followers of Christina that we met the other day started to appear before us more and more frequently over the last few weeks. And they always bring trouble, to me, their 'rival', of course.

Usually Christina would just shut them off and kick them out of our space, but recently they've been very aggressive. Sometimes they would just ignore Christina's words and come up straight to me.

And I normally don't really care about them very much. You know, it's like fighting with toddlers, you don't want to waste your time trying to deal with them carefully, but you also don't want to dropkick them in the face and get a first-degree murder charge afterward or something. The point is, it's bothersome either way, and I'm too lazy to think of a solution in the middle. Until now, that is.

All I did while Liana and Emy were having a mock battle was feeding Christina her lunch, because she asked for it. It's very wholesome, even the cat priest smiled and sometimes joined in too, so there should be no problem with it.

But now they're making a huge deal out of it.

''I'm telling you, you can't do such inappropriate acts with Her Highness like that!'' The blonde girl said pretty loudly.

''That's right!''

''Know your place!''

Ah~ it's starting to get really annoying.

''Hey girls, would you stop-

''You wouldn't understand, Your Highness! This vixen is blatantly seducing you with her obscene body, she's trying to deceive you and take advantage of you!'' The blonde girl cut Christina off.

But hey, you're not wrong, I AM seducing her with my slutty body, so what? Get bigger breasts, loser.

Regardless though, I think I need to deal with this now. She's being way too extreme with her actions, not only did she interrupt Christina talking, but she'd also interrupted our lunch, it's only going to escalate after this. Christina seems pretty mad already, though, even the usually amicable Anastasia is frowning right now.

Well, let's use my number one tactic, then. When dealing with these typical third-rate villains, we first need to provoke them as much as possible, making them less rational and prone to spit out unfavorable lines for themselves. We then need to absolutely destroy them with our strongest weapons, leaving no escape route.

So, in this case, the most effective role for provoking should be... A green tea bitch. Let's go.

''Aw~ So scary. Christina, they're saying that I'm deceiving you, can you believe it?~'' I said, wrapping my chest around Christina's arm. Yes, wrapping, my breasts are that large, okay?

''E-Eh?! Ah, um, no. You're not deceiving me, I'm sure of that.'' Christina panicked for a second, but then she recovered easily.

''See~ I'm not taking advantage of our beautiful princess at all. Rather than that, I think we can forget about our bad blood and become good friends, what do you think?''

''You- Veins started to appear on the blonde's forehead, I mean, all of their forehead, really.

"Mhmm~ Why are you guys so mad? Let's calm down and have a nice talk, shall we?'' I said with an innocent tone, still clinging onto Christina.

''This bitch- One of them mumbled.

''Ah! Do you guys want some melons? It's very refreshing and delicious, you know~'' I lean my head onto Christina's shoulder.

''...Do it one more time and I'll crush you.'' The blonde looks at me with bloodshot eyes, her tightened fists shaking.

''Eh~ How scary, can you protect me, my dear Tina?~''

The blonde snaps.


The hand travels through the air at an incredible speed, flying towards my cheek. But before the palm could reach its destination, it was caught by two other hands.

''What in the fuck are you trying to do?'' Anastasia asked the girl in a chilling tone, her signature smile nowhere to be seen.

''...I'm mad.'' Christina said quietly, her face darkens in real time, her eyes burning like a volcano.

''A-Ah, no, I didn't mean to...'' The blonde tries to stumble back, but the two refuse to release her wrist.

Needless to say, she's pretty much screwed. I think I saw her once in that party a month ago, so she should have known that I was a high elf, at least. But does she actually know though? I mean, she didn't realize our identities back during our first meeting in the academy somehow. What's going on here?

''Good job.'' Liana said, tapping Christina and Anastasia's shoulder, it seems like they have finished their duel.

Now all five of us are staring these girls down, and they do seem pretty intimidated. Now to finish them off.

''Ah~ What a waste, I thought I could have made more friends... Now I need to kill all of you.''

''U-Uh?! K-K-Kill??''

''What, what are you talking about?''

''Don't you dare touch me...''

I walk towards the blonde, approaching her left ear, then I started to talk while looking straight at the girls behind:

''You lot have just attempted to assault a royal family member. This grudge, our elves will never forget. Until all of your houses are burned down and all of your bloodlines are extinguished, we will hunt you all.'' I said to them slowly and methodically, coupled with a creepy smile and intense pressure from activating my mana, perfect.

In an instant, dots inside their mind seem to be connected, many of the faces are turning blue in horror.

''But you see, I am very merciful, if you guys promise to not interrupt our time at all anymore... Then maybe I'll let you live?''


''P-Please forgive me!''


Well, as expected, most of them are freaking out, except for the blonde girl, who seems to have fainted.

''Well, get this one out, and never appear before us again.'' I said firmly, tossing the blonde to the group. And after that, they scrambled away.

Well, that's done.

''Your acting is really impressive, you know?'' Anastasia said, looking at the girls who's getting farther and farther away.

I mean, thanks for the compliment, I guess.